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The political conventions are over and but a blip on our collective memory at this point. News of other events have replaced convention coverage, 9/11 tributes have us reconsidering our priorities, and life has carried on. I watched parts of the Republican National Convention, the main events at least. I think it’s important to know what all sides are talking about so I can make decisions based on facts, my own experiences, and the paradigm I come from. I admittedly watched the RNC with skepticism and found myself yelling at the television a lot. My political counterparts would likely say the same thing. See, we do have things in common! I was fortunate to go to the Democratic National Convention, so my personal experience certainly skews my perspective on both affairs.

While in Charlotte I was wrapped in the folds of shared sensibilities. It was refreshing to be among so many like-minded people, fierce advocates, risk takers, and regular people who simply want to be heard. I was admittedly a bit smitten when I saw Chris Matthews, Barbara Mikulski (who has been my hero since I was a teenager), fellow mothers on a mission, and of course, the President and First Lady themselves. It’s a trifle embarrassing to geek out over political figures, right? What floored me the most at the DNC was the diversity in the crowd, on the streets, in the stadium, at every single venue. I saw men in turbans, women in red hats, gentlemen in seersucker suits, young mothers, grandfathers, veterans, college students, and people of every shade in the Crayola box of multicultural crayons. The faces represented the kaleidoscope of people that make up America. To be in a sea of people from all walks of life was profound, especially since I am often the one brown face everywhere I go in my corner of the world.

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The RNC lacked diversity on so many levels. I found it unnerving when the camera panned the crowd. I even heard some foreign correspondents from Europe talking about this very thing. They too were alarmed at the lack of diversity in Tampa. Their vision of America was different than what they saw. Based on visuals alone, I cannot help but wonder if the Republican party really is the party to govern, lead, and represent all Americans. My sense is that it has become a party for the white and wealthy. Many who identify themselves as Republican are going to vote against their own best interests. Party affiliation and convention hoopla aside, we should be examining both parties based on issues, not just the branding of the party.

Republicans are faced with showing Americans that they truly are the party of inclusiveness rather than exclusivity. If it’s not a genuine assertion, this shall prove difficult. Democrats need to stick a steel rod in their backbones and speak authoritatively on the issues that weigh down America. Jobs. Economic growth. Military support and veteran services. Education. Health care. Equal rights. We don’t need cheerleading as much as we need leadership.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see Which Convention 'Won'?

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bills... billsfan1104

Unless you went to the RNC convention, you have no opinion to make. There is no equal playing field. The media showed you, what they wanted you to see. They made it look that there was no diversity. Did you actually listen to the very diverse speakers at the RNC? I doubt that you did. I bet you watched the last night and you formed your opinion on that.

bills... billsfan1104

And dont lecture us on voting against our best interests and we should look at both parties. You didnt and you wont. Everything is about voting for your Messiah. You will never vote for anyone else, because Obama can sing "Lets stay together".

Nunya... NunyaBizness

Oh so since you have such a big opinion, billsfan, you must have actually gone to the RNC, right????

nonmember avatar Guest

Thank you Nunya!

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Ilina, I have a question for you. Your articles often seem to echo (read parrot) the same sentiments that your colleague's articles do, and you are always the last (read late) to report on important events. Do you just read their articles and base your opinion solely on those while neglecting reality? That's what it seems like. Not only do I find this article to be presumptive and offensive, but it's just incorrect. In fact, more people in this country identify as conservative and moderate rather than liberal. The latest numbers on this on politifact are 40%, 35%, and 21% respectively. If you want to write an article about how you think the Democrats are more diverse based on your one experience, then go ahead. But do not presume to write an article that the Democrats represent America and most Americans, because they don't.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

The GOP has more multicultural elected officials - Nikki Haley, Susanna Martinez, Rubio, Jindal, Rice, Mia Love, etc. The democrats have ONE latino senator. And, how is voting republican = voting against ones own interest? If you consider having massive debt, record high unemployment, and an all around awful economy as being in my best interest, then yes - count me in as voting against it.

Obama is the most divisive president of all time. But pieces like this and the media in general perpetuate the whole us vs them mentality. With our country is in this bad shape, we need to step out of the political party mentality. We need to consider who we feel is capable of leading our country and bringing it back to prosperity. The whole dem vs republican hatred isn't getting us anywhere.

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Nunya, once again, do you have anything constructive to add / comment on the article (the article being by Ilina)? Trust me, we all get it - you often disagree with Billsfan. But is it really necessary to make snarky / nasty comments in response to (and within 5 minutes of) every one of her comments??? Good GRIEF!!!!


Do you think we expected less? You wouldn't have liked the RNC no matter what. You didn't like it before it happened. And that's okay but don't act like you gave it a try. 

nonmember avatar Bev85

I don't understand why every republican skewed article on here is "allowed" to have opinions on these things but that democrats aren't? These are OPINION pieces. It's not factual. Also in my opinion , if most of the american republicans are getting their "facts" from foxnews - I am scared for America!


You know Bev, I've never watched fox news ONCE in my life. Why do all you dems say things like that? I also feel these writers are very unfair. All they did was pick on and make fun of every single thing that went on at the RNC. They even stooped so low as to make fun of Ann Romney's miscarriage. And they call themselves "women?" It's just unfair and after a while it gets to a person.

Whether they're "opinions" or not, have you seen the way people speak and treat Jenny Erickson? Isn't what she says an "opinion piece?" Or fair really isn't really fair is it? Only if you're a dem!

Also, why isn't billsfan allowed to state her opinion without everyone jumping on her @ss? She said nothing bad to anyone and two people throttle her. Very nice behavior "ladies."

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