DNC vs. RNC: And the Winner Is ...


So, I would say the real winner in terms of the Democratic versus Republican National Conventions was probably the voter, especially if that voter happened to be a minority. Even though I tilt Republican, and I do think the Republicans came on stronger than the Democrats this time around, the truth is if you watched closely, both sides seemed to be responding to some changing forces in the electorate.

If you look at the Republicans, it was practically a rainbow of diversity compared to years past. Condi Rice was featured prominently, Mitt Romney's son gave a speech in Spanish, Marco Rubio talked about the fact that his Dad worked the bar in rooms like the one he was now a headlining speaker in, Mia Love (I love that name!) is a Haitian-American female Republican and Mormon from Utah. ('Nuf said!) Yes, cynics will say it was window dressing but I don't think so. I think it was a sign that change, while moving slowly, is afoot in the Republican Party. I felt reassured that the Republicans can restore our country's fiscal health based on Romney's experience and Paul Ryan passion about reigning in spending. And it is clear from his speech, even though he is young, he is no "Johnny come lately" to the idea of fiscal reform. Now, if we could only get our Republicans to loosen up a little on social issues! That would be a dream convention!

As far as the Democrats, the trotting out of Bill Clinton was a huge acknowledgement that voters want to hear more about the economy than they've been hearing from the current occupant of the White House. Bill Clinton was a true centrist in many ways. And President Barack Obama appeared to be one when he was running for office. It's hard to imagine that Obama would have taken the line Clinton did on welfare, a bold move for a Democrat. (Yes, I know he was motivated by the Republicans. But still, he showed the ability to work with the other party and make tough cuts in programs that are sacred cows for the Democrats.) Unfortunately for Obama, I'm not sure Clinton helped in the long run. He made Obama look even further to the left and less experienced.

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nonmember avatar Zuri

Since when was the convention a competition? In both of them, I saw some good speeches (e.g. RNC Ann Romney and DNC Michelle Obama) and some awkward, embarrassing ones (e.g. RNC Clint Eastwood- talking to a chair, really? and DNC Bill Clinton- did you really need an hour to make your pont?)
The American voter 'won' at the conventions. End of story.

momof... momof2boyz2912

"The current occupant of the white house" He's the President of the United States. I just don't get how you people expect someone to come in one term and make miracles happen from what the last sorry excuse for a President messed up. I tell you about Rich Republicans.

PonyC... PonyChaser

Hey Momof2boys... IF Obama is reelected, who are you all going to blame? Obama (and you followers) have been yelling "it's all Bush's Fault!!!" for four years now. If he's re-elected, whose fault is the crap-hole going to be?


NOTHING will every be King Obama's fault Pony! Silly you!

nonmember avatar Zuri

"Who's fault is the crap-hole going to be?" If we don't get out of the crap-hole by Obama's 2nd term, then yes it will be his fault.

nonmember avatar Kodok

Yesterday, sunshine Jim ptosed a link to a story on how Norway got out from under the 1%'s rule. Today, on that same site, I read an article titled, social justice quiz:13 questions question #7 states that $620 million will be spent on old age social security benefits, compared to $836 Billion on defense. The figures I find for ss is $761B, not $620m. Could the article just have a clerical error? Or is my figure wrong?

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