DNC vs. RNC: And the Winner Is ...


So, I would say the real winner in terms of the Democratic versus Republican National Conventions was probably the voter, especially if that voter happened to be a minority. Even though I tilt Republican, and I do think the Republicans came on stronger than the Democrats this time around, the truth is if you watched closely, both sides seemed to be responding to some changing forces in the electorate.

If you look at the Republicans, it was practically a rainbow of diversity compared to years past. Condi Rice was featured prominently, Mitt Romney's son gave a speech in Spanish, Marco Rubio talked about the fact that his Dad worked the bar in rooms like the one he was now a headlining speaker in, Mia Love (I love that name!) is a Haitian-American female Republican and Mormon from Utah. ('Nuf said!) Yes, cynics will say it was window dressing but I don't think so. I think it was a sign that change, while moving slowly, is afoot in the Republican Party. I felt reassured that the Republicans can restore our country's fiscal health based on Romney's experience and Paul Ryan passion about reigning in spending. And it is clear from his speech, even though he is young, he is no "Johnny come lately" to the idea of fiscal reform. Now, if we could only get our Republicans to loosen up a little on social issues! That would be a dream convention!

As far as the Democrats, the trotting out of Bill Clinton was a huge acknowledgement that voters want to hear more about the economy than they've been hearing from the current occupant of the White House. Bill Clinton was a true centrist in many ways. And President Barack Obama appeared to be one when he was running for office. It's hard to imagine that Obama would have taken the line Clinton did on welfare, a bold move for a Democrat. (Yes, I know he was motivated by the Republicans. But still, he showed the ability to work with the other party and make tough cuts in programs that are sacred cows for the Democrats.) Unfortunately for Obama, I'm not sure Clinton helped in the long run. He made Obama look even further to the left and less experienced.

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Pinkmani Pinkmani

Was it ever a competiiton? I don't think so. Both conventions had good parts and some not so good parts. 


I thought both conventions were pretty good even though I didn't buy very many of the dems speeches. It also floored me that Clinton was called upon even though he's the one who started the ball rolling for our housing collapse. He's a good talker though. I guess that's how he beat the perjury rap.

shesl... shesliketx

The RNC was full of diversity?

Because of a speech in Spanish, Condileeza Rice, marcio rubio and a Haitian woman.

You're joking. The people who matter in my opinion are the attendees. All I saw was a sea of white. And Ann Romney was very creepy looking and forced in her speaking I felt.

wamom223 wamom223

shesliketx I am sorry you saw what the media wanted you to see.  Had you watched the RNC on a couple different channels you would have seen how much diversity there was.  Also I am offended by the way you down play Rice's speech as well as Mia Love, and your remark about Ann Romney.  Again I think you see what you want to see.  When I watched the DNC attendees I saw mostly elderly or older people, what should that mean to me?

shesl... shesliketx

I didn't say a word about Condaleeza Rice's speech, or Mia Love. I remain by my stance that Ann Romney seemed forced and fake. The speech I was referring to in my original comment was the speech given in Spanish.

When I watched the DNC I saw a great mixture of young, old, white, black, Hispanic, veterans (btw, why didn't the RNC touch on veterans or the war?), different family makeups, etc.

wamom223 wamom223

Again I say you saw what you wanted to see.  I don't know why they didn't touch on the war but it doesn't bother me that they didn't.  It was offensive the way you worded your sentence as though Rice and Love's speeches were just for show, and they weren't.  These are up and coming women in the Republican party and they aren't going away and it wont be the last time you see them.  Like I said, you saw what you wanted and what the media wanted you to see.  There are all sorts of people in the Republican party too, just because you don't know about it, doesn't mean its not out there.  Also from what you wrote it shows you didn't watch the RNC because there was more diversity than what you listed.  

Again when I watched the DNC I saw a lot of people over fifty.  More over fifty than under.  So what does that say?

Waltz... WaltzingMtilda

Oh, but wamaom, Condi Rice anf Mia Love are the wrong kind of women/minorities. They've stepped off the Democrat plantation, and therefor their opinions don't count to liberals. And Ann Romney is an abomination in liberal eyes...a woman who is happy to be a wife and mother, married to a succesful man! We can't have that, now, can we?

wamom223 wamom223

Just cuz they act that way doesn't mean it doesn't piss me off WaltzingMtilda.  Its amazing that these people have no idea how ignorant they sound when they say all Republicans are white people.   I really hate it when they play down Condi Rice.  She was the first woman ever to have that position and she kicked ass at it.  And calling playing Mia Love down as just a Haitian woman is so offensive it makes my head spin, especially after what was done to her.  Sad to know so many people are being used as useful idiots and they are so dumb that they are condescending as they are being used as useful idiot.

Algeria Touchshriek

Going by the public reaction, the DNC was the clear winner of the two.  Obama's speech wasn't the greatest, but Romney's fell completely flat, and other than Rice and Rubio, nobody really shined at the RNC.  In retrospect, the warmongering in the second half of Romney's speech looks even worse given the past several days.  As for the first half of his speech, one of the problems is that his handlers assumed humanizing Romney (which they did) would automatically make him look more presidential.  They failed, and it's beginning to show.

bills... billsfan1104

I think by far this was the best opinion piece on the conventions.

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