Mitt Romney's Awkward Chat With Gay Veteran Shows the Kind of President He'd Be (VIDEO)

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bob garon mitt romneyWhile traveling all over the U.S., both President Obama and his GOP opponent Mitt Romney have met -- and before November, will meet -- countless Americans of all different backgrounds, some of whom are still unsure about for whom they'll cast their vote. But a 63-year-old military veteran named Bob Garon who met Romney made up his mind back in December 2011 after the two got into a civil conversation about same-sex marriage at a campaign stop in New Hampshire.

A video of their photo-op and chat is making the rounds now, in part because what went down was so AWKWARD. Apparently, Romney thought it would be a good call to cozy up to Garon, what with him being a vet and all. Little did he know, though, Garon was sitting with his husband, whom he had married just a few months earlier. And he wanted to know just how Romney feels about his relationship and his rights. What a must-watch!

Check it out ...

Wow, right? I love when Garon broke it down for the media after Romney walked away. "I went and I fought for my country. I did my thing. And I think that my spouse should be entitled to the same entitlements that if I was married to a woman. What the hell's the difference?!" No. Kidding!!

It also bears noting that back in December, Garon said he appreciated how Obama would "at least entertain the idea" of same-sex marriage, I'm sure he's even more satisfied with the President's stance. Given many DNC speeches -- from Michelle Obama's to LGBT activist Zach Wahls' -- and the revised Democratic platform (which opposes "federal and state constitutional amendments and other attempts to deny equal protection under the law" to same-sex couples), it couldn't be clearer where our POTUS and the Democrats stand on the issue of same-sex marriage versus how Mitt Romney and the Republican party feels.

What's more, no matter how you feel about same-sex marriage, it should be disconcerting to ANY voter how closed-minded, unyielding, and robotic Romney appeared in this video. No matter what issue we're considering, are those really the qualities we want in a leader? Or do we want someone who is willing to listen to the people, identify an opportunity for progress, and finally acknowledge that his position has evolved? There's no question that Americans like Garon DESERVE the latter.

How do you feel about Garon's convo with Romney?


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I didn't see anything wrong or "awkward" about this. While I don't agree, many do. My husband and I go round and round on this issue. I'm for it, he's not. This is such a personal issue that I can't really even talk about it. My godfather and best friend are gay and I hate that others can't see that love is love but that's their right. I think Romney's honesty was brave.

Wendy Warren

I didn't feel it was a bit awkward, Mitt at least has the courage of his convictions.

Tamara DeWiggins

How is this "akward" - just because Romney answered the question in a way that you or the gentlemen doesn't prefer?  Come-on now....the conversation goes both ways.

MNMOr... MNMOrange

I'm confused. Because he said his viewpoint and didn't change it he's unyielding and close minded? Yet if someone changes their view or entertains an idea they are flip flopping? Political posts drive me crazy on all sides.

Tamara DeWiggins

@MNMOrange - Right???  It is better to have your convictions and stick with them as you believe them, than to go here and there based off of popular convictions or what you feel is going to get you elected/re-elected.   What is akward is this post itself!

Newle... Newleaf32

I agree. I think Romney showed courage by not changing his mind or making it seem like he would just to avoid insulting this man. Not that that was his intention at all, to insult I mean, but clearly this man was insulted. That's a tough conversation and I think Romney handled it gracefully.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

While I won't be voting for Mr. Romney, I hope the same belief on same-sex marriage and I didn't find his answer to be awkward at all. MNMOrange hit the nail on the head - If you don't change your view point you're close-minded, but if you do you're a flip-flopper.

nonmember avatar Jackie

I agree with the above comments... just because Mitt is a man of conviction doesn't make him awkward. Thank God someone is willing to be honest with his values and beliefs instead of pandering to the PC police! I am so tired of politicians kissing the *sses of the media to placate the nation. Seems like 'The Stir' and 'I love someone in the military' (FB page) are not non political pages I thought they were...

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Love how when Romney changes his mind - he's flip flopping. When Obama does it, he's evolving...........

Same sex marriage is a states issue.

Karla C. Mulrenan

They both were very honest and strong to stick By their beliefs. I respect that. Here is one thing, Romney doesnt have my support. If by his belief of "when the constitutional rights were written" then there should still be slavery around because when the constitution was written it was legal and They had no rights. Is this the type of man we want running this country? Whos ideas are hundreds of years old? Gay or not you are a person and who you love shouldnt strip your rights away.

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