It's National Grandparents Day: Let's Adopt Me a Grandma! (PHOTOS)

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we love grandma plaque signToday is National Grandparents Day, and my dear Grandmas are no longer with us. I was closest with my maternal Grandma and she's been gone now for more than eight years, and I miss her soft, white hair and her always-painted fingernails and her hugs, which she called "loves."

So sometimes I admit I think about adopting a grandma. To get me through the times when I miss my own. I mean, think about it? There are some incredibly cool options out there in the grandma department. So many wonderful shapes and sizes and features from which to choose. 

Oh, but let's get one thing straight. NO ONE, no matter how cool her Scrabble skills or how dreamy her microwave reheats, can ever replace my Grandma. NO ONE. However, I am seeking a super special runner up for friendship and love and homemade cookies. Here are some traits I hope to find in my adopted grandma.

Hi. Will you be my Grandma?


Image via Block Paper Scissors

  • 1. She's bigger than life.


    Image via A_of_DooM/Flickr

  • 2. She decorates just right.


    Image via thisreidwrites/Flickr

  • 3. She loves to chat.


    Image via jessicafm/Flickr

  • 4. And chat and chat.


    Image via jessicafm/Flickr

  • 5. And sometimes she even naps with a cat.


    Image via jessicafm/Flickr

  • 6. She might drive a cool orange car.


    Image via hummanna/Flickr

  • 7. She might dress like a movie star.


    Image via zoetnet/Flickr

  • 8. Triplet grannies would make my heart grow.


    Image via Blude/Flickr

  • 9. Of course, all that matters is she loves me so.


    Image via virgi777/Flickr

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