It's National Grandparents Day: Let's Adopt Me a Grandma! (PHOTOS)

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we love grandma plaque signToday is National Grandparents Day, and my dear Grandmas are no longer with us. I was closest with my maternal Grandma and she's been gone now for more than eight years, and I miss her soft, white hair and her always-painted fingernails and her hugs, which she called "loves."

So sometimes I admit I think about adopting a grandma. To get me through the times when I miss my own. I mean, think about it? There are some incredibly cool options out there in the grandma department. So many wonderful shapes and sizes and features from which to choose. 

Oh, but let's get one thing straight. NO ONE, no matter how cool her Scrabble skills or how dreamy her microwave reheats, can ever replace my Grandma. NO ONE. However, I am seeking a super special runner up for friendship and love and homemade cookies. Here are some traits I hope to find in my adopted grandma.

Hi. Will you be my Grandma?


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nonmember avatar kevobx

All this talk about God and Jerusalem, and no man dares to mention the name Jesus Christ, why rabbi, who is the Father?

nonmember avatar HS

Hi Sherri,

I didn't want to leave your sweet blog about grandma's blank besides that one cryptic message above. I never had a grandma but thankfully my son has amazing ones who make me look forward to being one one day too :)

jmama... jmama0307

Aww my grandparents passed away when I was young but I wish my mom the best. She is the best grandmom

nonmember avatar kevobx

Grandma, do the scriptures lie, will God tell a lie? Then why do you call yourself a Jew and pray in the synagogues, after reading about revelation 2:9? She said shut up, that our little secret, an aha moment.

Mindy... Mindymama

I love my grandmoms. My moms mom and my dads mom. I m so happy I still have them both. They ve been such a blessing to me. May they never die.

mamivon2 mamivon2

awww. didnt even know that..

Trans Trans

I recently lost my grandpa on 19thNovember 2011, I still miss him. He was a guide, mentor and my very good friend, I still cannot forget him and I am getting goosebumps while I am writing this post. Oh Jesus, please provide all the comforts to my grandpa, because life long he provided us all the luxuries and comforts. May his soul rest in a peace.

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