Military Moms Share Their Political Concerns at DNC (VIDEO)

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Moms Matter 2012

We often think of military moms as Republicans -- but Democratic military moms were at the DNC this week, hoping to get the attention of legislators, and they've got issues at the top of their list that non-military moms may not have thought twice about.

See what those issues are in our video report after the jump.

Before I talked to these military moms, I had never thought about how incredibly important mental health and suicide prevention services might be for their spouses. And they're absolutely right -- It only makes sense that a soldier coming home from a tour of duty would benefit from some form of counseling or mental health assessment.

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Talking to these moms, I also was reminded of how difficult it is for them to live for so much time without their spouses. Childcare becomes a major issue in these cases. So does maternity leave. These issues are major for moms in general, but for military moms, they're magnified.

Are you a military mom? Do you know one? Are you surprised by some of the issues that are at the top of their agenda? Tell us what you think in the comments!

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nonmember avatar Lisa

"Here is a quote from an Army wife: "The troops' mental healthcare is beyond ridiculous. To make a long story short my husband's providers do not
make notes regarding his sessions so according to the Army those sessions never happened. How's that for taking care of our troops with PTSD?
Those sessions are needed and so aren't the records of them to help with disability when he retires. It's all very disturbing and quite maddening. He has served for 24 years and man he just can't get a break."
My question is...What The Hell is going on?????"

Danielle Jett

Seriously? "We will always have your back?" Really? Please explain that to the 2946 families that were asked to leave MID CONTRACT. Those 2946 families, including ours, that found out just before Christmas that their services was no longer needed, and you have until Sept 1st. Decorated sailors who have outstanding records. These were not just 4 year sailors. These are sailors who were in it for the long haul. 10-15 years down the drain. Have our backs? I think not.

Elysia Stout

As a military mom/spouse this is my thought. Yes the moving and having to start all over sucks. But I do not think we have it harder than a single mom. Those single moms have NOBODY to provide for them. They get their maternity leave, and that is it. When they take a day off of work to be home with a sick child because they cannot afford child care, rent, food, insurance, whatever on their one pay check and have to rely on family to help them out, how is that less difficult than being a stay at home mom? Yes, moving and starting over constantly really bites the big one. But that is what you chose to do when you decided to marry someone who is in the military.

Kerri Negron

Michelle Obama is fake, her speech was fake and to think that she will always be there to support you is a bit naive. She or her husband hasn't done a single thing to support military families, except the occasional photo shoot with a solider who lost his arm or leg. What about the almost 3,000 sailors her husband had a hand in firing, due to no fault of their own, mid-contract and mid-career, preventing these service members from collecting their EARNED retirement. After all these men and women do for this country, I find it insulting that anyone military or not would think that this woman has done anything productive for the military or their families.

Xxxgrl Xxxgrl

I am active duty Navy with 23 years in. I have lost so many good sailors to this down sizing our administration has enacted. During the Clinton post war down size, we kicked out people who were overweight, had non-judicial punishments, poor Evals, etc. Now, you could be a poster boy/girl sailor and they send you home anyway because they just don't need you anymore. We definitely need to cut the fat--this duel front war we've been battling for 10 years has killed our economy. Send the dirtbags home, not the superstars! And in regards to health care, any issues a service member brings up to their doc, if recorded properly, can lead to a service connected disability. You think our gov't really wants that type of pay out? Research the victims of Angent Orange and see how many decades and dead soldiers before our gov't compensated them. I love my nation and my Navy, our service comes with a price.

nonmember avatar OohRah Mama

It makes me sad to see Kerri's post; she seems to be sorely fact-challenged & spilling with unfounded, unreasonable hatred. Kerri, before Obama even took office, a great many of we military family members were contacted, asked if we would want to share our input, concerns & opinions so that Michelle, Jill (Biden) and their team could begin to formulate how they can help our families. Many hours were also spent on phone conferences as well. We got to know much more than you about Michelle Obama and her concern & commitment to us - and I know what I'm saying when I tell you all that she is a kind, considerate, citizen & First Lady; committed to making our lives better. You have the right to state your opinion - I actually know from firsthand experience you are wrong, you are suffering from a lack of truthful information and you simply don't know from whence you speak.

Michelle Fowler

OohRah Mama...looks like you are out number 5 to 1, and I know there are many more out there just like these other families.  Looks to me like you are belittling the challenges that these other posters have faced.  Thank You for your family's service and sacrifice.

Michelle Fowler

btw, where are the interviews from the RNC military moms..I'm pretty sure they outnumber the DNC.  The Stir has always had a liber/left leaning bias to it though.  So no surprise the praises the DNC is getting.  How come there is no mention about the God and Israel fiasco?

Polly... PollyCShafer

My husband is a Navy chaplain and he knows what a lot of sailors are going through with the Obama administration's down-sizing. There has been a spike in suicide attempts in the past few years. Everyone is worried about being booted out. Plus, with the down-sizing comes the added pressure on those who remain to pick up the slack. The military is still being asked to provide the same amount of work but with fewer people. He sees sleep depravation as a big concern.

Lady_... Lady_StarLight

Being the wife of an ARMY Veteran, here is how I see matter who is elected as President, they are ALL full of poo!! While they talk a good game of reform, and make many empty promises, NOT ONE is going to actually do anything to make things better for our troops, their families or our Veterans!! Our troops & Vets give or have given their selfless service to this nation, and what do they get in return? Not much!! How about a significant pay raise across the board, so that the families of our service members do not have to get extra welfare help just to feed themselves! How about ensuring that the services provided to veterans is actually done in a timely mannor, and that services for veterans are for life for all who have served, rather than lifetime services to those who have retired after 20 yrs or more?!! If you have served for let's say 6yrs, you are a veteran, and should be taken care of....just because....

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