Moms Matter 2012

We often think of military moms as Republicans -- but Democratic military moms were at the DNC this week, hoping to get the attention of legislators, and they've got issues at the top of their list that non-military moms may not have thought twice about.

See what those issues are in our video report after the jump.

Before I talked to these military moms, I had never thought about how incredibly important mental health and suicide prevention services might be for their spouses. And they're absolutely right -- It only makes sense that a soldier coming home from a tour of duty would benefit from some form of counseling or mental health assessment.

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Talking to these moms, I also was reminded of how difficult it is for them to live for so much time without their spouses. Childcare becomes a major issue in these cases. So does maternity leave. These issues are major for moms in general, but for military moms, they're magnified.

Are you a military mom? Do you know one? Are you surprised by some of the issues that are at the top of their agenda? Tell us what you think in the comments!