Are We Better Off Now Than We Were Four Years Ago? (VIDEO)

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Moms Matter 2012It's the trending question of the week, and one Republicans are using to try to persuade voters to give Mitt Romney a chance:

Are we better off now than we were four years ago?

We posed the question to moms at the Democratic convention. Check out our video after the jump and find out what they had to say, then tell us in the comments whether you're think we're better off now.

As a staunch independent voter myself, I'd have to say we are better off now than we were four years ago, although like most everyone else, I would have liked to see even more improvement.

Today, though, my family is doing better financially than we were four years ago, and so are most of the families we know. I'm no longer quite so afraid of hearing news of massive layoffs, and I'm seeing families move in to the houses around us that has foreclosure notices on them four years ago. I'm not hearing as many stories from my friends of losing their jobs or their homes. And I'm seeing construction pick back up on projects in my area that stalled during the recession.

We're not out of the woods yet, but I think we're headed in the right direction. And I won't speculate as to why that's the case, or who would keep things headed that way -- I'll leave that to you!

So what do you think?

Are we better off now than we were four years ago?


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We won't be better off until the stock market evens out and the banks start borrowing again. Once spending starts back up, we should pick up but nobody is building and I NEVER bashed anyone!

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

Zuri, the Obama administration has seen a NET gain of jobs of only 300,000. The private jobs was at 111 million in Jan 09 when he took office, and its at 111.3 million now. There has also been a loss of 1 million public sector jobs.

Nicole Vaughn Bessinger

the interviews appeared overtly scripted to me. and no our country is not better off under this administration! and it will get infinately worse for all of us in 2013 and beyond due to obama's devastating policies- foreign and domestic. my family is going to be personally very hard hit by the huge tax increases imposed by obamacare taxes and I know small businesses will be sunk!

nonmember avatar kevobx

This is our government? *John 3:30 He must increase, but I must decrease. (Isaiah 9:7)

miss_... miss_lisa

Hmmm, well are we losing 2.8 million jobs a year? Nope. Is our stock market hitting record lows? Nope. Are major banks and other major industries folding or on the brink of closing? Not anymore.

If we look strictly at the numbers then no, we're not as bad off as we were 4 years ago.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

If you start out with ZERO, you don't miss it when it's gone................................ ^^^^^^^^^^

Jaime Swift Sundin

Hmm i am going with a big resounding NO, millions of people are homeless and starving...  SO how are we better off. Well as one Obama support told me THEY CHOOSE to be homeless.

Linda Hall

Ummm, NO! Definetly not better off than we were four years ago. And wow, I had to stop watching when the woman said , "From a military family's view, yes we are better off." What??? No pay raises for soldiers, we didn't even know if we were getting paid at one point, and Obama and his guys have done everything in their power to take away from soldiers and their families health care and benefits!!

Linda Hall

And out of curiosity, I see cafemom attended the DNC, did anybody attend the RNC and do a similar interview?


I have news for you miss lisa, banks are NOT borrowing money to people yet like they used to. Maybe for a new fridge or car but not to buy a house. And the stock market isn't crashing as much as it was but it's nowhere near steady and a lot of that has to do with Europe. Do you watch the news? When was the last time you tried to get a loan? Or where did you get your facts? Did you read anyone else's comments? There was a banker on the first page.


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