Clueless Dude Dresses Like the Joker & Goes to the Movies

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There are certain things you just don't do. Like scream "Fire!" in a crowded area when there's no fire. Or joke about "bombs" on a plane. Or dye your hair pink, put on Joker makeup, and pace around in front of a movie theater. Because, you know, a guy dyed his hair pink, called himself the Joker, and killed a bunch of people in a movie theater. 'Memba? And your get-up might be a tad, oh, alarming? But one guy failed to get this memo and was arrested outside a movie theater after concerned moviegoers noticed his eye-catching look.

Christopher Alex Sides, 21, was reportedly pacing in front of a movie theater in Melbourne, Florida, with dyed pink hair, black Joker makeup, and a leather jacket and boots, when he drew the attention of moviegoers, who, I don't know, found this a little scary?!

But Sides claims he was totally unaware of the Aurora, Colorado Dark Knight Rises movie massacre and he had no clue why his outfit might have put folks on edge. Plus, he was going to see The Expendables 2, not Dark Knight Rises. So there's that.

Since dressing up like the Joker at a theater isn't exactly illegal -- just a really, really bad idea -- police didn't arrest him for that. But he was arrested on an outstanding warrant for a misdemeanor drug charge. He had no weapons on him.

Was Sides actually clueless about the massacre that was blared over every single news source for at least a month? Was he just trying to get a rise of people? I don't know. But if he truly was ignorant, then he's in for a rough life, what with going around unintentionally alarming and offending people wherever he goes.

So, Sides, if you're reading this, here are a few suggestions:

- Don't go to a children's playground dressed as Honey Boo Boo and attempt to hand out Mountain Dew to newborns.

- Don't visit Harlem with a white sheet over your head.

- Don't stand in the middle of an airplane ride and shout, "Let's roll!"

- Don't dye your hair blonde, call yourself "Amanda Bynes," and get behind the wheel of the car.

- Don't show up on a date with a video camera and tell the woman she's making a training film for a very "hush hush mission."

- Don't meet up with Robert Pattinson and ask, "So, you in a relationship?"

Just some thoughts. You can take 'em or leave 'em. I suspect you'll leave 'em.

Do you think this guy really knew about the Aurora massacre? What else should he avoid doing?


Image via Melbourne Police Dept.

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Mary Cimino

I wanted to put "Occupy Wall Street" signs in front of the TWILIGHT line and see what would happen, still tempted to do it this year. And I'm going to New York around that time... Hmmm...

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

Um, that guy does NOT look like the Joker, but I can understand people's unease about it. What's stupid is making yourself so noticable if you know you have an outstanding charge...

cmjaz cmjaz

B.s. ...he knew. Why dress up in costume to see the expendables? He's just being an asshole.

nonmember avatar phaedra

oh, come on. you have no idea of knowing what his intentions were. people dress up all the time, he probably dresses up every day.

also, although I knew about the aurora massacres, r-patz and why wearing a white sheet over your head in Harlem would be a bad idea, I didn't get any of the other references. I mean, some people just spend their time doing other things than reading celebrity web news all day.

Doomy234 Doomy234

I think he must have known. Since the Joker in the Batman series has GREEN hair and the guy at the Aurora shooting dyed his hair a orange/pink color. Plus, unless he has no tv, no phone, no computer and absolutely no friends there is no way he couldnt have heard about the shooting in Aurora. Plus, who the hell paces in front of the screen?!

Too many coincidences to be "unintentional" IMO.

nonmember avatar phoenix

Okay, pink hair and black makeup in now way shape or form resembles "the joker." Okay, so that guy in aurora with pink hair CALLED himself the joker, but he didn't look like him

Pink hair and black makeup is goth, people. He wasn't dressed up as the joker, and with the makeup he wasn't dressed up like that other guy either.

According to idiots like this blogger, PINK was dressed up like the joker.

nonmember avatar MO Mom

Of course he knew! I'm glad the police had a reason to arrest him. Luckily he had no weapons. Its hard to tell though if he is crazy or just extremely stupid.

Jesse T Carey

ALL OF YOU ARE FUCKING RETARDED not any one of you even know this guy and your ganna judge him like you do. yall need to get a life on the real... he ment no harm he dresses that way everyday and just because he was at a movie theater people shit a brick believe me if he knew that was ganna cause an alarm he would have toned it down...but still have pink hair and still where his makeup because he doesnt care what yall think because thats who he is... so for the record yall are the reason humanity is turning to shit because nobody takes the time to find out who people really are ...(so quick to jump to conclutions)
very sad owll wish you luch criss may GOD be with you through this bullshit....

Jesse T Carey

i wish you luck criss ... stupid auto


Leslie Moyer Carey

Chris did not know about the shooting why he does not know is no ones damn business. If you knew him like we do you would understand. He is a very sweet person with a loving caring heart. I really pity the fact that my friend is gonna be judged for a long time to come. He does not deserve this at all.

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