Wearing a Pink Vagina Will Definitely Get You Noticed (VIDEO)

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CODEPINK VaginasWhen it comes to protest groups, large signage can be effective. You know what's potentially more effective, though? Wearing a larger-than-life vagina and dancing around. I nearly fell off of my feet here in Charlotte at the Democratic National Convention when I saw my first dancing lady part representing CODEPINK, a women-initiated peace and social justice movement. Because hey, nothing says, "I'm here to stand up for what I believe in" like some dancing lady parts, right!?

They were big, in all different color schemes with all different bedazzling, and happier than I've ever seen them before. Boasting signs saying, "Read my lips," you have to hand it to the CODEPINK crew, this is some seriously effective marketing. A little awkward? Yeah. But seriously entertaining.

Naturally, I just had to know HOW to make one of my own. Trust me, the lesson from one of the CODEPINK protesters and the results that follow are absolutely hilarious.

I felt like the zebra print really added a touch of Snooki pizazz, don't you agree? Yeah, I may not have been courageous enough to wear the large lady part in public, but hey -- at least now I know I have the talents to make one in the first place.

Would you have put on the costume? What do you think about CODEPINK's strategy to get their message out?

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Caera Caera

Gross and classless.


Oh no.  Aren't we trying hard to NOT be looked at as just giant vaginas?  I'm going to check this group out to see what they stand for before I agree or disagree with them, but at first glance it's not looking good.

nonmember avatar Shannon

Oh, yes, my dream for my daughter... To dress up like a giant vagina in public. What has happened to decency, modesty, and virtue? They seem like punch lines these days.

bb510 bb510

Quite trashy if you ask me.

bb510 bb510

Btw...is it just me, or do they look like bacon strips?

nonmember avatar Guest

Good to see the liberals are keeping up their high standards of taste and class.


Pretty "family friendly" there.

"Mommy, what are those people wearing?"

nonmember avatar Guest

@MENSAmamma, they were a group that ran around shrieking extremely disgusting and despicable "Bush-hate" using the excuse that they were some sort of "war protest" group during the early 2000s. Once OWEbama was elected, they became strangely silent about that issue. This is the first I have seen of them since then.

cmjaz cmjaz

A bunch of nutcases. Especially when you see some of the dumb shit they believe.

zandh... zandhmom2

It actually makes me feel embarrassed to be the same sex as these women.  I've said it before and I'll keep saying it...I AM MORE THAN MY VAGINA!!!

Flori... Floridamom96

Resorting to vulgarity shows a complete inability to communicate as an adult. I am so disappointed that Cafe Mom is such a base, vapid site. You had the potential to be so much more, but have flittered it away. You are rapidly throwing away even a shred of credibility by embracing extremity.

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