Man Shot After He Admits Impregnating His Girlfriend's 11-Year-Old Daughter

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So imagine your 11-year-old daughter has stomach pains. You and your boyfriend decide to take her to the hospital. After some tests, the cause of the stomach pain is revealed: Your 11-year-old daughter doesn't have the flu nor food poisoning. Nope. She's pregnant. So, just as you're trying to adjust to this astounding news, your 42-year-old boyfriend asks for the keys to the car so he can run an errand. And he never returns. This story gets much, much, much worse before it's over.

When it turns out your 11-year-old daughter is pregnant and your middle-aged boyfriend suddenly disappears, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. But then the boyfriend saves you the trouble by calling you and apologizing for knocking up your 11-year-old kid.

And it gets worse. The man, Gregory Johns, then robs a couple at knife-point. There, he reportedly leaves a note also apologizing to the 11-year-old girl for sexually assaulting her.

And it gets worse. Then the guy breaks into the home of an elderly woman, and allegedly gags her and ties her up for 12 hours. He also calls his girlfriend and tells her that the cops will have to kill him before he goes back to jail. Oh yes, did I mention? He'd been in jail 10 times already -- on charges ranging from aggravated assault to armed robbery.

Eventually, the dude holes up in a hotel in Florida, where the cops find him. He reportedly comes out of the bathroom with a knife in hand, threatens the police, and they fatally shoot him.

While we're all pondering why this mother let her 11-year-old girl around her criminal boyfriend (because this is no doubt what everyone will focus on), let's consider some other facts: We now reportedly have an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her mother's dead middle-aged boyfriend. Who is going to say this is a blessing? 

I hope the mother does what is right for this little girl for a change and that does not include forcing her to have her dead criminal boyfriend's baby.

What would you do as a mother in this situation?


Image via Treasure Island Sheriff's Dept.

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nonmember avatar soij

Are you nuts? An 11 year old would put her life in jeopardy trying to delivery a baby. And the 'let it be her choice' voices - REALLY? At 11 years old...her choice? Show up, parents.

nonmember avatar Jimmy Stewart

What did the baby do to be aborted. It's a horrible situation for the 11 year old girl, the mother and so forth. But I've never understood how you can ever justify committing another horrible act because of the original horrible act? If you or I were the baby wouldn't you want to live? Can't the baby be given up for adoption? No matter what its a horrible situation that cannot be denied.

Adrienne Elizabeth Crawford

All of this aside, we are not in this little girl's position or her mother's. We literally know nothing about them. We can assume but we don't know. She may be 11, but how do we know how she feels about what has happened to her? We can't presume to know how she feels about having her virginity taken (even though it may be possibly she wasn't a virgin) and HOW it was taken and then find out she's pregnant. That in itself is enough. Add on to that you are told you are getting an abortion and forced to the clinic. Think about it, she is 11 but she still has a mind to think with. How do we know that years later she wont regret being forced to do that or that she won't forever blame her mother for it all. She may already blame her for her poor choice in men. What if she decides to carry that baby and give it up for adoption? Abortion is not a fix-all. No matter what happens she will always have to deal with this horrific event in her life. I agree that she get the counseling she needs and her voice is heard. In my prayers.

nonmember avatar Delray Beach

How could any of you even think an 11 year old child is capable of making this type of decision. I hope none of you are parents because if you are you are going to fail miserably. As a parent you make choices for what is best for your child every day knowing difficulties of life. How could you possibly think an 11 year old should even consider carrying a child? The physical and mental reprecussions are far too risky. Now would be a good time for this mother to start protecting her CHILD!! When I read comments like this, it's no wonder our country is the way it is. We have a bunch of idiots raising children. Knuckleheads!

nonmember avatar sarah

How are some of you people making judgements against the mother? Yes, it could turn out she was a "POS" mother, but it could also turn out HE put on the perfect front. How many of you have dated someone and thought to run a background check? How many of you have actually ran one?

nonmember avatar LaDonna

This is beyond sad, but my child would definitely get a abortion along with intense therapy for her as well as myself. I couldn't help but question my parenting skills and decision making. I would have to know how I could have made the decisions that I did and make sure it never happened again!

nonmember avatar lori

pathetic that people think a 11 year old can make a decision... about having a child, raising a child, and becoming a mother at age 11?

I would support the abortion and giving the child some psychological support
and protect from any future boyfriends.

nonmember avatar ronimc

Well, for all you pro-choice people...I'm assuming that you think is better to have this child have an abortion and then have a worse life because of the PTSD from the rape, and for killing a baby.... only the liberals...

nonmember avatar Steven NYC

The poor baby inside the poor little girl didn't choose how he or she was conceived. What a shame - so many people declaring him or her not worthy and ready to be thrown in a trash can.

nonmember avatar veryangry

What would I do??? There would no jail that could protect him from what I would do. There is no what in he** that he would EVER get the chance to even ponder the slighest thought of doing that to anyone else. I feel so sorry for this "baby" that was raped but this fool. While I do not believe in abortion personally; there are some cases (such as this) where it is without a doubt the right thing to do. There is no way that child should be forced to have a child or to be reminded over and over again what this useless piece of maggot food did to her.

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