Man Shot After He Admits Impregnating His Girlfriend's 11-Year-Old Daughter

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So imagine your 11-year-old daughter has stomach pains. You and your boyfriend decide to take her to the hospital. After some tests, the cause of the stomach pain is revealed: Your 11-year-old daughter doesn't have the flu nor food poisoning. Nope. She's pregnant. So, just as you're trying to adjust to this astounding news, your 42-year-old boyfriend asks for the keys to the car so he can run an errand. And he never returns. This story gets much, much, much worse before it's over.

When it turns out your 11-year-old daughter is pregnant and your middle-aged boyfriend suddenly disappears, it doesn't take a genius to put two and two together. But then the boyfriend saves you the trouble by calling you and apologizing for knocking up your 11-year-old kid.

And it gets worse. The man, Gregory Johns, then robs a couple at knife-point. There, he reportedly leaves a note also apologizing to the 11-year-old girl for sexually assaulting her.

And it gets worse. Then the guy breaks into the home of an elderly woman, and allegedly gags her and ties her up for 12 hours. He also calls his girlfriend and tells her that the cops will have to kill him before he goes back to jail. Oh yes, did I mention? He'd been in jail 10 times already -- on charges ranging from aggravated assault to armed robbery.

Eventually, the dude holes up in a hotel in Florida, where the cops find him. He reportedly comes out of the bathroom with a knife in hand, threatens the police, and they fatally shoot him.

While we're all pondering why this mother let her 11-year-old girl around her criminal boyfriend (because this is no doubt what everyone will focus on), let's consider some other facts: We now reportedly have an 11-year-old girl impregnated by her mother's dead middle-aged boyfriend. Who is going to say this is a blessing? 

I hope the mother does what is right for this little girl for a change and that does not include forcing her to have her dead criminal boyfriend's baby.

What would you do as a mother in this situation?


Image via Treasure Island Sheriff's Dept.

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CPN322 CPN322

Also, I am 26 and if I became pregnant tomorrow, yes, I would be happy because I've been with my man for 5 years, I want children and have even started doing research(came to this site to get a better feel for parents today), but I would be terrified!! I, a 26 year old grown ass woman, would be absolutely terrified. I can barely even begin to imagine how awful an 11 year old would feel :(

nonmember avatar LizzieBorden

This is exactly why abortion needs to remain legal.

wamom223 wamom223

I'm sorry I thought it was called Pro choice not Pro force.  The mother messed up big time and now she needs to  have a grown up conversation with her daughter and LET HER DAUGHTER DECIDE.  I know someone who was forced by her parents to have an abortion and things have not turned out well for that family at all.  The mother and a Doctor need to sit down and tell the daughter all the information and risks  of carrying her baby to term and let her decide.  If the daughter decides to keep it, the mother should support the child since she got her daughter into the situation. If the daughter decides to abort the mother should pay for that.  After its all said and done someone should sit down and explain to the mother her responsibilities as a parent.  Bottom line whether your pro choice or pro life it is the 11 year old that has to live with this so she should get to decide.  I am pro life but would never presume to think I know what is best for every victim in circumstances like this.  By the way, I still think every child born is a blessing.  I wont condemn this girl for whatever choice she makes but I will never stop believing babies are blessings, ever.  After all none of us are responsible for our parents choices.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Oh my god. If that was my daughter, I can honestly say I would drag her to the abortion clinic by her hair if it was necessary. An 11 year old's body is not meant to and cannot carry a baby safely. But then again, that would never be my daughter because I would never date a disgrace such as this.

Amand... AmandaSnyder

@CPN322 Did the child that the baby is is carrying commit a crime? NO! Yeah its gunna be tough for the girl.  But do you expect her to take murdering a BABY WITH A HEARTBEAT AND BRAIN very well? I think not. I would NEVER NEVER EVER blame the rape victim at all.  I have been hurt by guys sexually but if they would have impregnanted me I would have carried the baby and gave it up for adpotion.  This poor baby is gunna need years upon years of treatment.  As for the mother I wont judge her.  It took me a long time for me to tell my mother about how I was treated.  Then it took me even longer for me to tell her I was not a virgin.  So I think we all need to lay off the mom for goodness sakes and start praying for the family for those of us who pray.

Juliet Jeske

And this makes me very happy that I am single!  And that I do background checks on any man that I am involved with and make no apologizes for it.  Not that I am putting all the blame on this mother, she may have known she may not have known about his criminal past.  She might have one as well.  We don't know enough about it.  I would take this poor child to a doctor and have the pregnancy terminated, as long as the doctor thought it was safe.  What a horrible situation, my heart goes out to the 11 year-old.  And lets hope her mother makes better choices in the next guy she brings home...what a disaster. 


nonmember avatar blh

Uhhh....well idk why the mom would be that shocked considering he's a criminal. Mom really dropped the ball there. But his forbid if I ever had a pregnant 11 year old she'd get an abortion and that's that.

nonmember avatar blh

Oh and its very dangerous for an eleven year old to be pregnant and give birth. For all the people who are pro life, I'm sure if that was your daughter you'd make her abort it. And if you'd really make your young child carry a rapists child you are the worst parent ever. I would not ask my daughters opinion on the matter either bc she's a child and has no idea what all it would entail.

mleil... mleilanim

If she's having pain, I would imagine its due to uterine growth and if due to such, she's beyond killing the fetus. Way to go mom! Im just thinking, a mom who's HALF into her kids business would SHOULD have noticed "hmm why isn't my 11 year old asking for menstrual cycle supplies?" This mom sucks from the day she birthed this poor child. Sigh.

nonmember avatar RC

Oh my God, that child would be in an abortion clinic so fast her head would spin! How can you say "leave the decision up to the child????" She's a CHILD, for God's sake!!!

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