Michelle Obama's Speech Proved Barack Is the Man for the Job

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michelle obama dnc speechThe First Lady's speech at the Democratic National Convention was the much anticipated speech of opening night. All weekend I watched the news as political pundits talked about what we could anticipate from the speakers. Although much of the talk centered around the rising Democratic star Julian Castro, one thing was for sure, America could not wait to hear Mrs. Obama's speech (or see what she would wear).

At almost 10:40 p.m., Mrs. Obama took the stage and then literally took over the night. Mrs. Obama spoke from the heart as she shared her personal life story, President Obama's story, and how they grew up with challenges and without much, just like many other American families. We heard Mrs. Obama speak of hardships and challenges faced by their own families, and that of many Americans.

One thing was clear from Mrs. Obama's speech. The personal experiences that Mrs. Obama and President Obama experienced in their own lives and within their own families have been the bedrock for the issues and platforms that President Obama has rallied for these last four years. As Mrs. Obama said, "[T]he issues are not political, they are personal, because President Obama lived it." 

We did not hear Mrs. Obama mention Mitt Romney by name. Instead, Mrs. Obama spoke about integrity, the truth, and avoiding shortcuts or playing by your own set of rules.  

Mrs. Obama also reflected on the last four years and the issues that President Obama has stood for since he took office. Health care, giving women equal pay for equal work, reducing student loan debt, creating more jobs for America, and protecting America's hopes and dreams. And despite the many challenges that the President has faced, Mrs. Obama reminded us that he has not changed. "Being President doesn't change who you are ... it reveals who you are." 

As we heard the story and struggles of many Americans, we heard one clear message, President Obama is still the man for the job to help keep moving our country forward.

As First Lady, wife, and Chief Mom in Charge, Mrs. Obama's convention speech was just what the Democratic party needed to kick off opening night. It was authentic, honest, and effective.  


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nonmember avatar Guest

$16,034,153,866,070!!,!!!,!!!,!!!,!!! in DEBT!!!

$3,699,744,466 in new debt EVERY DAY!!!

Unemployment 8.3% and rising!!!

Unemployment over 8% for 41 straight months!!!

Slowest job growth in a HALF CENTURY!!!

Highest Debt to GDP ratio since WWII!!! (prior to WWI to WWII, about 1/4th of current, prior to WWI, about 1/10th of current)

Weakest "recovery" (aka "barely treading water") since the last Great Depression!!!

Yes, President Obama is still the man for the job to help keep moving our country... um... "forward"!!!

BubbsJNL BubbsJNL

Just as Ann Romney's opinion of her husband does not qualify HIM for president, neither does Michelle Obama's opinion qualify hers.  Since when do we elect the "leader of the free world" based upon the public speaking ability, fashion choices or qualifications of his/her significant other??

nonmember avatar meghan

Xiemeneh, get a new line.

Zamaria Zamaria

Her speech was "heartfelt"?!?! Please. She is every bit as much a politician as her husband. And Mitt Romney. Since when has anything a politician ever said been "heartfelt?" if Barak Obama or his wife have ever been sincere in any of their speeches, they would be the first sincere politicians in a long time. Politicians lie. They say whatever they think will get them elected. Their records are what show the truth. I personally don't think Obama or Romney should be president. If there was someone running with no political background, I'd vote for them in a heartbeat.

DritaF DritaF


The truth about Obama stings a bit, doesn't it? But something tells me you aren't interested in truth.

Torra... TorranceMom

Obama's abysmal attempt at leading this country and his utter disregard for human life prove (to me) that he wasn't, isn't and never will be the man for the job. Obama makes Jimmy Carter look good.


Thanks for the numbers. Those facts are pesky little things aren't they?


Watch out girl! I think you have a stalker. ;)

Lola Gonzales

hey my husband was a very good man but that does not make him presidential material!! damn , thats what is wrong with this country you get someone to give you a song and dance and he's the best thing since cocacola, she should have talked about why he lied to America and didnt do one not ONE thing he promised to do, now that would have been a better speech i want to know what kept him from delivering on his promises!!

nonmember avatar kevobx

God does everything perfectly, who is the birth mother of Israel? Rebekah, the Syrian who gave birth to twins Esau, the elder and Jacob the younger. What is happening to Damascus? *Isaiah 17:1 THE burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from a being a city, and it shall a ruinous heap. *Isaiah 20:6 And the inhabitant of this isle shall say in that day, Behold, such is our expectation, whither we flee for help to be delivered from the king of Assyria: and how shall we escape? *1st Thessalonians 5:3 and they shall not escape. (Genesis 32:17 Esau, art thou, the white man, with the different shades of red: his blood is in the facial features.) Jacob, his twelve sons are the different shades of black.

wamom223 wamom223

Nadia I disagree with the tittle of your blog but understand you may not have written it.  I disagree with you on all of your points, but this is the first time I've read a blog of yours with out hate towards the other side.  Thank you for that.  I still think its telling that those of you on the left wont talk about his record and play games about his numbers.  I also don't like how the left is acting like they are holding the one percent responsible for pitching in, yet they start taxing at $250,000 of your gross income.  That is not fair and its not right.  Personally, though I am willing to admit nothing anyone could say would make me vote for Obama.  We are a small business and we are living his policies and they are killing us.  Business isn't the problem its the solution.  When you say not extending the Bush tax cuts we are losing money, you say that based on the fact that the government is spending money they don't have yet, and doesn't technically belong to them.  I would like a speech about the American Government living with in its means.

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