Michelle Obama's Speech Proved Barack Is the Man for the Job

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michelle obama dnc speechThe First Lady's speech at the Democratic National Convention was the much anticipated speech of opening night. All weekend I watched the news as political pundits talked about what we could anticipate from the speakers. Although much of the talk centered around the rising Democratic star Julian Castro, one thing was for sure, America could not wait to hear Mrs. Obama's speech (or see what she would wear).

At almost 10:40 p.m., Mrs. Obama took the stage and then literally took over the night. Mrs. Obama spoke from the heart as she shared her personal life story, President Obama's story, and how they grew up with challenges and without much, just like many other American families. We heard Mrs. Obama speak of hardships and challenges faced by their own families, and that of many Americans.

One thing was clear from Mrs. Obama's speech. The personal experiences that Mrs. Obama and President Obama experienced in their own lives and within their own families have been the bedrock for the issues and platforms that President Obama has rallied for these last four years. As Mrs. Obama said, "[T]he issues are not political, they are personal, because President Obama lived it." 

We did not hear Mrs. Obama mention Mitt Romney by name. Instead, Mrs. Obama spoke about integrity, the truth, and avoiding shortcuts or playing by your own set of rules.  

Mrs. Obama also reflected on the last four years and the issues that President Obama has stood for since he took office. Health care, giving women equal pay for equal work, reducing student loan debt, creating more jobs for America, and protecting America's hopes and dreams. And despite the many challenges that the President has faced, Mrs. Obama reminded us that he has not changed. "Being President doesn't change who you are ... it reveals who you are." 

As we heard the story and struggles of many Americans, we heard one clear message, President Obama is still the man for the job to help keep moving our country forward.

As First Lady, wife, and Chief Mom in Charge, Mrs. Obama's convention speech was just what the Democratic party needed to kick off opening night. It was authentic, honest, and effective.  


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cecil... cecilmansmom

Both Michelle Robinson and Barack Obama began their adult lives with a leg up on the rest of America. They attended elite schools: Michelle went to Whitney Young, the public magnet school for Chicago’s upper class, while Barack attended Punahou, the private prep school for the top stratum of Hawaiian society. They were accepted to Ivy League schools despite undistinguished credentials, and both attended Harvard Law School.

nonmember avatar j-dog

huh... I thought that the merits of a man would be the proof that a man was fit for the job... not what his wife has to say about him. Based on Merit... and the state of the union, it's painfully clear that he is not, the man for the job, and you are clearly delusional, for suggesting that his wife's speech, is proof that he is.

Emma Graham

That may be so cecilmansmom, but they were able to get into those "elite schools" because of their hard work and dedication in the classroom, and because they are incredibly intelligent. Not because Mommy and Daddy set up a trust fund insuring them an Ivy League education. Did you miss the part about the student loan debts they were swimming in? So your point is???? 

nonmember avatar Chris

Its interesting listening to Michelles speech about her hard work and being a Mom - then we realize - she was drawing a 300K salary from a hospital - and she still had time to be there 100% for her children...we would all be at home with our children...if we could....but if the hospital was paying 300K for her services....I assume its not part time (agree?) - and if its not part time....she is being less than honest (agree?) - if she is being less than honest...would you agree she and her Carter wannabe husband - should be tossed....sooner than later??

fleur... fleurdelys3110

j-dog, well said. As for this blog, the title is probably the stupidest thing I've ever read on this site, and that says a lot. If you wanted to say that you liked Obama's record and the direction he's taking the country in so that's why you want to vote for him, that's perfectly ok. But this, this is just stupid. And coming from a LOW PROFESSOR?

Xiemeneh Xiemeneh

Extremely intelligent? That's a bit of a stretch, don't you think Emma? Our dear leader can't communicate a simple coherent thought without reading it off a teleprompter - good job Harvard! And I think cecilmansmom's point was that Michelle's sob story about her and Barack's "struggle" wasn't entirely . . . authentic.

Alma313 Alma313

cecilmamsmom, do you live in Chicago? Do you know anything about the city? Whitney Young is a magnet school for those who have near-perfect grades in elementary school, NOT for the upper crust of society. Please don't write about what you don't know about. I thought the First Lady's speech was really heartfelt.

bb510 bb510

Blah....blah...blah...all I hear from this site anymore is "Democrat good, republican bad!".

right... rightside

Mrs. Obama reminded us that he has not changed.

And that's exactly why he'll be handed his walking papers in November.  He was unqualified and incapable in 2008.  He's unqualified and incapable now.  Nice of her to point that out to the holders-on.

nonmember avatar Barry Hussein

The President was not raised by his father or mother. Father ditched him and the mom to be with other women. Mom shipped him off to Hawaii to be raised by the grandparents who hired a communist nanny. Not to mention his "schooling" in a muslim school in Indonesia. So no, his life story is not very American. His failures in leadership have made the cost of EVERYTHING skyrocket. Want to help out a mother? Lower the price of gas so she can take her kids to soccer instead of giving her free birth control. The Romney's gave more in charity than both the Obama's and Bidens combined. Barack is not the man for the job and her speech was as empty as Eastwood's chair.

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