Toddler Hogs the Karaoke Mic & People Die -- Literally

Don't you hate spoiled children? Like when one is running around the restaurant, wreaking havoc, and the parents just grin like the kid is working on the cure for cancer? Or when the kid won't give up the karaoke microphone after warbling his pee-wee version of "My Way" for the 20th time, and the parents refuse to take it away? Don't you just want to, like, grab a meat cleaver and kill some people? No? Well, this happened. In China. They take their karaoke verrrrrry seriously, my friends.


It all started when Mr. Yun, the owner of a noodle shop, decided to throw a little karaoke party. 'Cause this stuff happens in China. He invited his friends and family. One of the karaoke-ers, Mr. Yun's 4-year-old son, began hogging the microphone. And his parents totally thought it was sooooo cute.

But some other people, including the toddler's two uncles, didn't find it so charming. This isn't China's Got Talent, people! The uncles began chastizing Mr. Yun and his wife for raising a "Little Emperor," which is Mandarin for "brat."

This is where things get deadly -- and I don't mean the toddler's pitchy rendition of "Don't Stop Believin'." A fight broke out and the uncles began pushing and punching Mr. Yun. Reportedly Mr. Yun's nephew (who also worked in the shop) then ran out of the store and came back with -- a bigger microphone? No, a meat cleaver! Oy yi yi. You know this ain't gonna end well.

The nephew then proceeded to hack the two uncles to death! He's been arrested. And he did not get a turn at the mic. I keed because this is so horrific. It's karaoke! Just take the damn mic from the kid and put on some Meatloaf. WTF?!

Commenters are blaming China's culture of "spoiled children," who are raised on China's one child policy and are, shall we say, a bit indulged. Others are noting that Asia, which takes karaoke as seriously as Texas takes football, has seen other karaoke-related killings.

I'm going to guess there was more going on with this nephew than a deep desire to keep hearing the toddler warble. He sounds nutso. And perhaps the uncles could have expressed their displeasure with the tyke without attacking his father. Perhaps that last bottle of sake was a bad idea! Who knows. All sounds kara-cray-cray-oke to me.

Would you take the mic away from your karaoke obsessed toddler?


Image via HeatherH/Flickr

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