Todd Akin Does Not Speak for Republican Women

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todd akinLet me begin by saying that Todd Akin has acted like a total tool recently. First he made a completely asinine comment about the female body and ‘legitimate rape.’ Then he made it worse by refusing to drop out of the Senate race in Missouri against Democratic incumbent Claire McCaskill.

Akin needed to take one for the team and step down, in order to avoid painting all Republicans with the out-of-touch, we-don’t-care-about-rape-victims brush. Even though most of us (including our presidential candidate Mitt Romney!) have firmly stated our opposition to his insensitive, science-bending comment, there are those that don’t take us seriously.

Listen up, one and all: Todd Akin does not speak for my party or my gender on this matter. No, I don’t believe that women’s bodies have the ability to recognize that sperm from rape is different from sperm from lovemaking. I certainly don’t think that women that get pregnant after a rape deserved to be marginalized to the point of being accused by the likes of Akin saying that ‘legitimate’ rapes don’t result in pregnancy. 

I have long been an advocate for the unborn, and I believe that the choice in regard to our bodies comes before conception, when a woman decides whether or not to have sex. I have neither stated nor ever believed that women should be denied access to health care, birth control, or prenatal care. I believe that women should decide for themselves when and how to become sexually active, and I believe we are strong enough to live through any consequences that occur from that decision.

Rape is different. Rape takes away the choice; it forces the victim into a nightmarish situation that will change the course of her life, regardless of whether or not a pregnancy occurs. I can’t begin to fathom what a women goes through finding out she’s carrying her rapist’s child, so I’m not even going to try, let alone make any blanket statements as to how she should handle it.

What I can talk about is Todd Akin, and how he completely and totally blew it. He lost the election with his comment, and he lost his opportunity to show some real remorse when he refused to step down. He damaged his own career and public image, but he did not damage the party. Of course there will be fringe people that will still support him, but the rest of us will move on to other winnable Senate seats, not to mention support Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan. 

Now can we please talk about the sixteen trillion dollars of debt we’re going to have to figure out how to pay back?

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Flori... Floridamom96

I'm totally pro-choice. I'm for your choice to have sex or not have sex, and then to take responsibility for your choice.

cecil... cecilmansmom

Floridamom I am so stealin that.

Sara Power

What he said is no different than the republican platform except for his (and others) blatent insensitivity.  The republican platform wants to ban all abortions.

Not that they're pro-life.  If they were really pro-life they wouldn't pass legislation that hurts actual children. 

nonmember avatar suebradley

@floridamom, does that include married couples? Because I'm married, with as many children as I can afford. I'm done. Should I refrain from having sex with my husband on the off chance that my birth control could fail?

NatAndCo NatAndCo

Yes, suebradley, that's exactly what she said... smh.

Get your tubes tied, make your husband get a vasectomy. Bc is 99% effective if done right. Double up and use bc and a condom if you're so worried.

Littl... LittleFrogsMA

So you are saying that in normal situations you are denying women access to abortion to punish them for being sluts?  


Jenny... life isn't cut and dry.  I was told at 12 weeks pregnant that I likely had lymphona and thyroid cancer.    And for the two days while I waited for biopsy results, i knew that if the biopsy came back as cancer I would have to abort because my living child needed his mother more than he needed a sibling.  I got lucky.  Not all women do.    


The Republican position on abortion would endanger one innocent life in order to save a possible life.

The Republican position on abortion would force women to continue pregnancies that are not viable.

The Republcian position on abortion would eliminate the ability to end pregancy after fetal death.
The Republican position on abortion would eliminate access to morning after and birth control pills.

The Republcian position on abortion puts GOVERNMENT between a woman and her doctor.

I guess Republicans really like government small... so small it is in my uterus. 


It's spelled right in the title.

If you're not ready to become a mother, don't become pregnant. As a woman, it's that your choice?

Flori... Floridamom96

Ah, ladies, way to selectively read what I wrote. Let me quote myself "I'm totally pro-choice. I'm for your choice to have sex or not have sex, and then to take responsibility for your choice." If you are responsible enough to have sex (married or not) then you are responsbile enough to find a solution for any new life you create as a result of your chice to have sex.

LittleFrogsMA, nothing you've said is true. If it were you would provide proof. It is, in fact, the democrats via Obamacare who would put the government between everyone and their doctor, not just women (or are women the only people you care about?).


This is going to sound like such a bizarre concept BUT...I have 2 kids. We were done. Our family was complete. I got my tubes tied. My husband got a vasectomy. Why is that so hard to comprehend? If you don't want more children, don't get pregnant! It doesn't just happen by SURPRISE or accident. Unless of course by rape or abuse. That's completely different.

Is it easier for you to "get rid" of a child than to go and have a 15 minute procedure???? Seriously??? If you don't want and/or can't afford more children, you can't afford not to have your tubes tied or have your husband go in. It's the only responsible thing to do.

nonmember avatar defiance

floridamom, look it up yourself. All a matter of public record. Besides if LittleFrogs did post links, you would deem them not good enough, no matter where they came from.

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