Republicans May Talk About the 'American Dream' But They Don't Know What It Means (VIDEO)


Politicians have always loved talking about The American Dream. How much we deserve it, how much we should fight for it, how much more likely we are to get it if THEY are in office.

Well, this year's Republican National Convention is no different. That phrase has popped up in speech after speech. Well, it used to mean pretty much the same thing to all Americans -- a century ago! Today, interests are so divided and needs are so diverse, it's impossible to find consensus on the subject. So I think politicians should just stop using it until they ask everyday citizens (rich and poor) what it means to them.

If they want a clue, I suggest they start here with this eye-opening CafeMom Studios video. Our RNC correspondent Lindsay Ferrier asked regular woman about hopes and dreams for their families and it's exactly what these politicians need to hear.

Watch moms weigh in here:

Do you think there is really still an American Dream? If so, what's yours?

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nonmember avatar kevobx

The Gop is talking about a great America, but they fail to ever mention the people of America. All eyes are on the economy, but will it bring harmony to all? If God is not first, expect the worst. Ask questions, do not be afraid of truth. Be strong, be brave


I listened to this clip and found all these women to be very smart and knowledgeable and like they are really interested in the election. Why then did you title this what you did? No party was mentioned. Did it feel good to insult the republicans just for shits and giggles? Or what? Is is so hard to write something while keeping your dignity in tact? 

The better "we" do, the worse the posts over here get so this tickles me.


Allis... AllisonWD

I bet, and I'm just going out on a limb here, it was probably titled this way because it was at the REPUBLICAN National Convention. Just a guess, though.

Flori... Floridamom96

What relationship does your blog have to the actual words spoken by the women interviewed? These women described the American Dream exactly as Republicans define it. I did not hear mixed feelings. In fact, I heard a central theme in all the answers, freedom. It seems to me that CafeMom has gone out of it's way to shape the way we hear what these women are saying rather than letting their words stand as they were spoken.

momof... momof030404

HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEY Cafe mom admins. Are you THERE?!?! This is getting freakin ridiculous. Has this site ever even HEARD of the word BALANCE?! How about you at least TRY and look like you are giving it a shot?

zandh... zandhmom2

Well, since you know and apparently millions of people (republicans) are wrong, please tell me what is the American dream? I listened to Condi Rice speech last night and she seems to know what it is. Her speech was awesome!!! As a women, I am so proud of this well spoken, intelligent women who should be held up as a great role model to our young girls. I'm still waiting for all the women bloggers on this site to come out and congratulate know the whole "sisterhood" thing or maybe that's only applies if you are democrat.  

Hocke... HockeyMomNJ

The American dream is dying, and does need to be brought back. The dream can be put into one word, opportunity. Every citizen of this country should have the opportunity to succeed how they see fit. Remember the land of opportunity? What kind of opportunity is there for children who have worked their asses off all through school, only to come out of college and not be able to find a job? Here in NJ, we have unemployment at 9.8% - the highest in 35 years. We lost thousands of jobs in July, we aren't adding them. People need to step up and put the real issues first now. Abortion isn't going anywhere people, if you want equal pay - demand it. Women should not be considered some kind of federally protected species. The biggest threat to womens rights is ourselves. Stop falling for the division. The American dream doesn't mean abortion rights or entitlements. Is that what we are fighting for our children to have? As long as your daughter can have an abortion, that's all that matters here? Bringing this country back to the land of opportunity should be number 1 on our priority list. And that should be for all people, no matter what gender, race, age, or political party.

nonmember avatar Guest

Just because Ericka Sóuter has no idea what the 'American Dream' is does not mean that Republicans do not, as demonstrated by the women in the video.

Guess if this is the best spin the left can come up with, the convention was a resounding success.

nonmember avatar Sarah.S.

What does this title have to do with the post? You state that NO political party understands 'the American dream' and then use a title directed only at republicans.

FYI, if they are American then their dream is the American dream. Just because it isn't YOUR American dream doesn't mean it is any less legitimate.

mustb... mustbeGRACE

I just received my Bowflex  XP home gym.

I am going to get lunch in my black Chevy Tahoe  ( We're looking around for an Escalade ESV).

13 yrs. ago I was driving a sardine can with a hole in the back floor board. You could see the ground quite nicely. I kept the window down, fumes.

I'll return home today  and may do some housework. Maybe not. There's always tomorrow, since I haven't had to work in 5 yrs.

13 yrs. ago my huband was driving all night to trade shows in another state. I worried so much I couldn't sleep, but he insisted it had to be done. If he fell asleep for 1 second, he'd be gone.

We had a baby on the way, thus his determination, sleepy or not.

I helped him in the office. Now the products he creates are sold at your local Cabela's and Bass Pro as well as in hundreds of indepenedent shops around the country and in some foreign countries.

I could eat boxed macncheese again if I had to, my kid insists that we do. Because love and family are all that's important. Everything alse is gravy.  Don't Libs know that?

Don't dare to tell me what Republicans are made of. You have NO clue!

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