Janna Ryan's Nerves Make Us Want to Give Her a Hug (VIDEO)

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Janna Ryan

Picture this.

It's the morning after Ann Romney's triumphant convention speech and you're set to make your debut as the wife of Mitt Romney's Vice Presidential candidate.

Who can blame Paul Ryan's wife Janna for getting a case of the nerves in front of the media this morning? CafeMom was there to see her debut -- check out our video after the jump, and then tell us in the comments what you think of Janna Ryan.

Awwwww, Janna.

Don't you just want to give the girl a reassuring arm squeeze?

I think the fact that Ann Romney clearly tried to console her on stage was probably even more embarrassing for her. When something like that happens in front of a bunch of people, you try to convince yourself afterward that it wasn't that bad.

Ann's reaction made it pretty clear that, yes, Janna. It was that bad.

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However, I have to say that I love this all-too-real moment in a convention week filled with canned soundbites and carefully rehearsed speeches. I'm guessing many of you would have stumbled through that speech as well. I know I would have. We can all relate, right?

Whether or not you agree with Paul Ryan's politics, perhaps we should consider joining Team Janna right now. She's not the one running for Vice President, after all, and despite her history as a Washington lobbyist before becoming a stay-at-home mom to three children, she's probably not quite ready for the national spotlight.

Let's all give Janna a big Internet hug. It's going to be okay, Janna.


It's going to be okay.


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cmjaz cmjaz

I'd strangle my husband if he went into politics. It is way too cutthroat and everything you say and do is displayed. No way.

nonmember avatar Cass

No, it's really not okay. Everything she says and her entire background will be run through with a fine-toothed comb to look for any offense worthy of the front page. It does seem a bit worse for conservative women, though. Neither side seems to understand that the husband's politics are all that matters. In the case of the first lady, her cause de célèbre while in office is worth discussing briefly, but the candidate is more important. Continuing the nasty, vicious mudslinging will only serve to embarrass and encourage all but the most egocentric, arrogant wackos with a chip on their shoulder to stay out of politics. I don't fit into either party particularly well, and the environment of hostility and general nastiness certainly doesn't make me feel welcome anywhere.

nonmember avatar Gretta

Cass! Your last sentence pinpointed how I feel exactly!

AniAngel AniAngel

Cass, I so so agree

Abbi Lee Rogers

I understand your opinions regarding the media attention, but "different strokes for different folks" applies to this matter. The wife of a candidate has to be "tough skinned". However, Jackie Kennedy was respected as a first lady and admired for her fashion. Peronally,I was a young woman in business and had to fit in with the "Boy's Club" made of men old enough to be my father. I would welcome the media challenge and set the record straight from the beginning with my knowledge, wit and a smile. End of story.

onefo... onefootcutiepie

Um. Her little speech wasn't that bad. And Ann Romney didn't say anything too terrible.

mamivon2 mamivon2

I think we all need a hug

nonmember avatar Guest

I am sure that the left will of course, as usual, use this as some sort of excuse for their customary barrages of hate and name calling...

nonmember avatar kevobx

When one tells the truth, it exposes those that lack the grace of God. The world is transforming like Satan, is an angel of light. I, my and we are in the congregation of the dead, the lovers of themselves first, so opinionated (1st Kings 18:21) see their works in these last days *2nd Timothy 3:2

nonmember avatar JCarman

I agree with Mrs. Romney that Mrs. Ryan should have been prepared better (or better prepared for that matter). OK so I put words in her mouth but she all-but said it. I've never been given talking points to give in front of the media but shoot how hard can it be to read a teleprompter, after all she is an abnormally intelligent women (being an attorney). I respect Mrs. Ryan as a person and as a mother. Hopefully the Ryan family will add so real conservative cred to the Romney camp.
I agree with Cass as well, unfortunately civility in Washington went the way of the moderate politician and is now just a fond memory.

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