GOP Women React to Ann Romney's Speech (VIDEO)

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Ann RomneyCafeMom was at the GOP Convention last night for Ann Romney's speech, and we got reaction from Republican moms afterward.

Check out what they had to say about the woman they hope will be the next First Lady after the jump -- then tell us in the comments what you think of Ann Romney's convention speech.

Republican moms believe Ann Romney effectively humanized her husband and gave him the emotional connection they've been telling us for months that he lacks. Some CafeMom members agreed with the women in our video.

"She gave a wonderful, heartfelt speech!" wrote Marsha. "I don't begrudge them their wealth. They earned it."

"Her JOB is to support her husband, and when a person speaks of their husband and speaks so glowingly after 43 years, then there is more to that marriage than just fluff," wrote DeAnn.

However, many CafeMom members said afterward on our Facebook page that they weren't buying Ann's speech, or her claims to understand what single moms and working class moms were going through.

"They are typical millionaires," wrote Julie on our Moms Matter Facebook page. "Nothing against them, they are out of touch with the middle class families."

"She never had to raise children AND GO OUT AND HOLD A JOB TOO," added Sandy.

What did you think of Ann Romney's speech? Can she understand working women and what they're going through, or is she hopelessly out of touch?


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Beverly Smith

really? and obama know what it is like to be a woman ,daughter, mother, housewife, single mother. that is so lame. people are envious of what the Romneys' have. they have been together 47plus yrs.and worked for what they have. I have more now in my fifties than when I was in my twenties. I worked hard and it took time.nobody seems to want to put the time and work into anything anymore.

Linda Erickson

I am insulted that people would put down Ann Romney as being out of touch because they have "money"...sounds like jealousy pure and simple! You too can be successful if you are willing to make the sacrifice it takes to become successful but most people won't. I grew up in a modest household and my husband had Christmas baskets and his lights and heat turned on by area churches growing a result my husband vowed that it would never happen to him again and went out and worked his ass off as I stayed home to raise our children and provide the support and home life that was needed so he could realize his dream...I will never apologize for what we have and DO understand what people are going through. The Romney's did the same...get over yourselves and your petty I want mentality!...


It's killing me how many people are putting her down today. I think the Dems are scared to death because the polls are really narrowing. LOL! LOL! LOL!!!!!! 

People have always had sour grapes where wealthy people are concerned. Like the Obama's are poor! Give me a break. At least Romney's mother doesn't live with them and steer their ship and raise their family!

RoseMary King

Ann Romney stood on the stage at the convention last night in a Oscar de la Renta dress and tried to identify with Moms across the country. I don't care how much money they have; it's not important. However, please don't call me jealous, Mitt Romney came from wealth. He did not start with nothing and build it himself. She did not raise her children without help and she doesn't know what it means to clip coupons or how to stretch that last dollar. I am not and never will be envious of anyone with money mainly because it is not the Christian way.

nonmember avatar Guest

So, good liberals are supposed to hate Ann Romney because she is rich like the Obama's?

bills... billsfan1104

Rosemary, if you werent jealous, you wouldnt of mentioned her gown, her wealth, her help. You are jealous.

bills... billsfan1104

Jafe, I agree. The hate today towards her is horrible. They know she did well and now they are scared.

Ana Leh

I don't understand the jealousy toward Ann Romney.  I grew up in the midwest during the time George Romney was governor of MI.  I also worked my way through college and continued to work as a single mom.  Yes - I know what it's like to now be unemployed - even with a distinguished career in education - thanks to unions!  The woman who has rarely worked a day in her life is Michelle Obama.  Thanks to Affirmative Action, she has had everything handed to her, including her education!

nonmember avatar kevo.bx

Basically, the world is fully immersed into themselves, thinking that, the economy brings harmony to all. America, loves money it is our god, no man dares to ask, where did all the money go to? It goes to our sins, wants and desires first. Famine is a lack of hearing the words of the Lord (Amos 8:11) I, my and we - are in the last days (1st Timothy 3:2) *Luke 15:14 And when he had spent all, there arose a mighty famine in that land; and he began to be in want.

nonmember avatar Me

When I see a successful person I say, good for them. I never felt a pang of hate or envy towards them. I have no need to. That's why I lol'ed at the jealousy accusations. Bottom line, she and others like her who come from wealth will never truly understand what it's like to financially struggle. That isn't a knock on her, it's just the truth. If you feel personally "insulted" when a valid point about Ann's or Mitt's financial background could possibility make it difficult for the average American to relate to their "struggles", then I say to you it's time to do some self-reflection about your sensitivity issues.

As for Ana Leh, you couldn't come up with a better rationalization than Affirmative Action? I'm pretty sure she didn't have her education "handed" to her. From what I remember, Michelle had to take out student loans to cover her tuition, which I may point out she had to pay back. Would you like to try again?

As for this election, I won't be voting. Neither candidate appeals to me. For one, neither candidate has any real solutions to move this country forward. All I hear from both sides is a bunch of bs party rhetoric that is aimed to appease fanatical followers of their respective parties.

I for one can't wait until this election is over. Who knows maybe in four years there may emerge a true candidate that has real solutions, who is not a puppet of their political party and truly cares about this country and all it's people.

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