GOP Women Want the Focus Off Abortion (VIDEO)

Republican Convention
The Republican Party platform adopted on Monday at the GOP convention includes some very strong wording against abortion: "The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed."

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum received a standing ovation at last night's convention when he said, “I thank God that one party lifts up its hands to raise children, born and unborn.”

But most women we've talked to at the GOP convention don't want to talk about abortion, and they don't really want their president or their party talking about it either. Check out our video interviews on the subject after the jump -- then tell us what you think in the comments.

It's safe to say that a vast number of Republican women are personally opposed to abortion.

Yet a surprising number of GOP moms we spoke with at the Republican Convention added that they wouldn't want to tell another woman what choice she should make regarding abortion, and they don't necessarily believe that their party or their president should, either.

All of the Republican women we talked to agreed that abortion is not what the nation should be talking about now. Instead, they want the media -- and the candidates -- to focus on the economy and the creation of jobs.

The issue of abortion, many GOP women told us, has already been determined by the Supreme Court. It appears that Mitt Romney agrees with them. In a Monday night interview, he told CBS News: “This is a matter of the courts. It’s been settled for some time by the courts.”

Maybe the Republican Party should take note.

What do you think of the GOP's position on abortion?

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An abortion is NOT health-care Rhonda. It's a medical procedure to kill a child. For whatever reason. It's not health-care.

jagam... jagamama0710

JAFE - I'm not getting into an abortion debate but I have to ask you this...What of the instances of medical necessary abortions? Ones in which the mother's life is in danger or the baby has a terribly birth defect (I'm talking serious defect here, not something like down's)? Is that not health-care? Are those inexcusable as well? 

Torra... TorranceMom

Rhonda, abortion is not a healthcare issue . . .


I'm not getting into abortion either. I don't believe in it. I think it should be a legal medical procedure and I think it should be between you and your spouse and your doctor but lets call it what it is. It is killing a baby because if you didn't have one, you'd have a real live walking, talking breastfeeding baby.

Don't gloss over it and it's NOT health-care. It's a procedure. 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

JAFE -- while I do not agree with your opinion, I think it is great that you show some of these one track mind liberals how Republicans can simultaneously be pro-life and pro-choice. Your comment wonderfully shows that just because something is not right for you doesn't mean other people shouldn't have the option. If only more liberals (and some conservatives) would realize it is possible to be both!


Thank you Fleur. I don't talk about it much. I feel it's a personal issue and one between the people I mentioned above. I have two grandchildren who were "supposedly" badly damaged. My grandson was supposed to be born with trisonomy18. Thank god for the sons and daughter in laws I have that they made that choice to love their child no.matter.what. And both of them were born spanking healthy. 

But what I feel is just what I feel and I'd never tell anyone else what to do. I honestly don't feel abortion has anything to do with politics.

nonmember avatar Sirens

Jafe, I'd like to draw your attention to the fact that legally, a fetus is not a person and calling one a "baby" is politically incorrect on so many levels.

jagam... jagamama0710

 If only more liberals (and some conservatives) would realize it is possible to be both!

Uh...most people I know, including me, feel the same way she stated. I am pro-life for myself, unless my life was in danger or baby was simply not going to survive outside the womb. I am pro-choice for everyone else. That doesn't mean I "like" abortion. 

Sirens - I am pro-choice and I have to eyeroll at that. Abortion is what it is. Women who have miscarriages don't say "I lost the embryo/fetus". Medically speaking, yes, it is a fetus. But it's also a baby. You're still taking life.  

nonmember avatar MDmom

I think so many GOP women have a problem with this issue, is because it is not being decided by women. This issue is being debated by men like Rep. Akin (who is on the Science Comm.) and think prehistoric things about women. The GOP remains a very male populated party in Congress and GOP women should be embarrassed and not want to talk about it when the men they are supporting for elections speak as if women and abortions are from the 1800's. Its like a gay republican, there are some, but it has to be tough to try and defend a party that thinks so negative of who you are.

In the eyes of most people at the convention, there is no "pro-life & pro-choice" at the same time, all there is is extremism views of what women are able to do to their bodies.
I take people like Santorum and Huckabee at their words and the party platform for what it is. If you think you are "pro-choice & pro-life" then you are outside the modern GOP norms in todays politics. The party of Reagan is dead.


I could really care less what your opinion is Sirens. This is my belief and if you don't like it you can go suck an egg. People love to sugar coat this and I just won't. It is what it is and if you left it, you wouldn't give birth to a fetus. Would you call people and say "my fetus is here?"

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