GOP Women Want the Focus Off Abortion (VIDEO)

Republican Convention
The Republican Party platform adopted on Monday at the GOP convention includes some very strong wording against abortion: "The unborn child has a fundamental individual right to life which cannot be infringed."

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum received a standing ovation at last night's convention when he said, “I thank God that one party lifts up its hands to raise children, born and unborn.”

But most women we've talked to at the GOP convention don't want to talk about abortion, and they don't really want their president or their party talking about it either. Check out our video interviews on the subject after the jump -- then tell us what you think in the comments.

It's safe to say that a vast number of Republican women are personally opposed to abortion.

Yet a surprising number of GOP moms we spoke with at the Republican Convention added that they wouldn't want to tell another woman what choice she should make regarding abortion, and they don't necessarily believe that their party or their president should, either.

All of the Republican women we talked to agreed that abortion is not what the nation should be talking about now. Instead, they want the media -- and the candidates -- to focus on the economy and the creation of jobs.

The issue of abortion, many GOP women told us, has already been determined by the Supreme Court. It appears that Mitt Romney agrees with them. In a Monday night interview, he told CBS News: “This is a matter of the courts. It’s been settled for some time by the courts.”

Maybe the Republican Party should take note.

What do you think of the GOP's position on abortion?

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nonmember avatar Momknowsbest

Geez- you guys here are relentless and really appear desperate in your attacks on Romney and the GOP.

jagam... jagamama0710

I think Santorum is an asshat for his little comment there, by implying anyone who isn't a republican doesn't care about children. I am SO happy he's not a potential president. 

jagam... jagamama0710

Momknowsbest - Actually, she's saying that maybe the Republicans should listen to Romney. This wasn't an attack on him. 

fleur... fleurdelys3110

The attention is not ONLY on abortion here because Republican men and women realize that there are more dire issues right trying to keep Obama from running this country into the ground for 4 more years. Sometimes, social issues need to take a back seat for a bit when this country's prosperity and well-being is at stake. This is something the stir bloggers are not intelligent enough to realize.

nonmember avatar KJ

momknowsbest, where is the attack? This is just a report of what women are saying at the GOP convention. There was no opinion, or any bias, just a reporting of the news. I know in this day and age it's rare, but it is possible to write an unbiased news story...

The GOP has taken an interesting stance, in my opinion. If they did indeed concentrate on the economy, rather than spend all their time blathering on about social issues, I think their chances in this election would be better. Appealing to the lunatic fringe won't win an election. While I consider myself a financial conservative, the Republican stance on many social issues leaves such a bad taste in my mouth I don't think I could ever bring myself to vote for them. Their focus on restricting access to abortion, preventing the gays from marrying, and ignoring the need for sustainable, clean energy scares me away.

calim... calimom73

I like Romney's response.  I am pro-choice and I agree that this was decided by the courts long ago and shouldn't be the hot topic right now with the economy as poor as it is. 


I agree that it should be in the courts. It should have NOTHING to do with politics. 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

If you were a republican woman would you want to admit that you support a party who wants to prevent woman from getting health care?

fave82 fave82

An abortion isn't always for "health" purposes.

nonmember avatar Guest

It is an issue that HAS been settled in the courts.

Abortion is NOT going to go away. The ONLY way that could possibly happen would be through a constitutional amendment. In order for that to happen, a Constitutional Amendment would have to be passed by congress, and then be ratified by 3/4th of all of the state legislatures! Simply NOT going to happen. Period. It should be noted, the president does NOT play a role in that process.

The reason for all of the shrieking about abortion by the left is that it is a distraction that they desperately need to draw attention away from the issues and their record.

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