Real-Life '50 Shades of Grey' Sex Club Found Under Historic Building Isn't So Strange (VIDEO)


painting from subterranean bdsm clubIt seems like thanks to Fifty Shades of Grey, people are suddenly so fascinated by sado-masochistic sex. It's as if they've never heard about it before reading the story of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Funny, because BDSM play dates waaaaay back. And construction workers in Louisville, Kentucky found proof of it recently while preparing historic Whiskey Row buildings for interior demolition ...

They came across remnants of a subterranean BDSM swingers club that has been abandoned for decades. What they found sounds downright freaky at first ...

There were reportedly a series of oil paintings depicting a series of "sexual and violent" images, sheets of plastic presumed to have separated the area into different rooms, candles, a couch, and a "torture chamber"-esque piece of equipment that sounds like something that would fit right into Christian's Red Room of Pain.

Needless to say, workers at the site were definitely not expecting to come upon any of this! And yeah, I could see how some might be "disturbed" by it. But the truth of the matter is that the club -- which local news station WHAS reports opened in the 1970s and closed sometime in the '90s -- was founded by "to promote and teach people about safe ways to practice sadomasochism," according to an unidentified former member. Apparently, "there were a few professional dominatrixes, a few that were in committed BDSM relationships, some gay, some straight."

One of the club's founders spoke anonymously as well and explained that although they once had over a dozen bondage and torture devices, safety was always a priority.

That said, it sounds like all in all, they were running a class-act show. Good for them! And being that Fifty Shades has really brought this world out into the open, hopefully there are similar places today where people can learn about -- and yes, practice BDSM -- in a safe way.

Here's the local news report on the secret sex club ...


What's your take on underground sex clubs like this?

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jessi... jessicasmom1

oohhh how eerie ... and 50 shades of grey everywhere 

Christina Lang

These types of places are everywhere and not always underground.  The whole thing is about safety...people who practiceDom/Sub relationships need to learn their roles properly. You can't just fly into this without knowing the rules and the right and wrong ways. There are even schools that teach Subs how to be Subs and Doms how to be Doms properly.  This isn't just some fly-by-night idea.  It is a practiced and true lifestyle.  And it is not tawdry or is about pleasure and trust. It is obviously not for everyone, but for those who do want this lifestyle it is serious and taken seriously.

tuffy... tuffymama

Thank you, Jeebus, for not burdening me with crazy urges to have sex that involves RULES and roles and wearing some crazy get-up in front of random people. I like my freaky deaky with my fine man to stay between me and my fine man. And while I get a little smack on the ass sometimes in the heat of the moment, if I see a whip, a chain, a paddle or nipple clamps, trust me when I say that I won't be the one feeling the pain.

brand... brandspanknnew

I live right down the street from Whiskey Row in Louisville, KY. Actually, this type of thing found beneath buildings that have been abandoned for SO long does not surprise me. We are an eccentric town, with some very experimental people. I actually once I saw the pictures kind of wondered what it would have been like down there when it was open. It was evidently very safe, with security staff and regular officers to make sure no one was experiencing anything they did not want to. They hired pro dominatrix's and all.

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