The Romney/Ryan Plan Is Bad for Seniors & Children

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TRomney Ryan Plan for Americahe Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan Medicare plan is bad news for everyone. We are facing the toughest economic times in the history of this country with 23 million Americans out of work, struggling to make ends meet. A plan that increases the rising cost of health care only perpetuates the problems that our country faces and further cripples America. The plan is to cut over $800 billion in Medicare but does not provide a solution as to what seniors are to do with the remaining gap in expenses. What Romney and Ryan propose to do is to replace the current medicare plan with a fixed voucher system. The voucher will decrease over time ultimately shifting the continued increase in rising health care costs to seniors. 

If the Affordable Health Care Act is repealed, your average senior today can expect to experience medical costs to rise even more, on average, by $11,000 per eligible senior. And that is just the beginning.  

The voucher that senior citizens would receive would decrease over time while health care costs would rise. The result? By 2023, future retirees could see an increase in medical expenses by almost $60,000.    

It's not just Democrats that oppose the Romney/Ryan plan. According to a recent Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation poll, more than half of Republicans would prefer to keep Medicare running as it is than to adopt the Romney/Ryan plan.  Non-partisan organizations also agree this plan is bad news. The Center for American Progress Action Fund states that any way you put it, medicare under the Romney plan will increase for both future and current seniors.  

What really makes the Romney/Ryan plan bad for everyone is how it will affect our children. The plan will not only result in a negative impact to Medicare recipients, but will negatively affect Medicaid and 1/3 of American children that benefit from it. With over 30 million children on some form of Medicaid today, the plan delivers more bad news for yet another segment of America that will risk having their health-care expenses uncovered. 

My final thoughts: The Romney/Ryan Medicare plan threatens to affect two fragile segments of our country, which makes it bad for our health.

This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see Should Medicare Be Replaced by Subsidies?

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momof... momof030404

Here's a THOUGHT how about we address the COST of health care instead of the over hyped, unable to sustain insanity that is Obama care, What do you think those 30 million children are going to do when our already broke country can NO LONGER cover the COSTS?? Yeah.....nothing like playing SCARE tactics and not dealing in reality.

nonmember avatar Guest

Momof, right now we aren't sustaining Obamacare, it doesn't even go into full effect until 2014. Think before you speak. Also, intermittent caps make a person less sane looking. Finally, they aren't pure scare tactics,they're facts, mathematical projections. Sarah Palin and her "death panel" bullshit, that was a scare tactic with no proof.

Flori... Floridamom96

Four of your six links lead to progressive (newest word for leftist) PACs, one links to your own blog post, and one is a Washington Post link to nothingness. Not a single unbissued source, nor any right leaning sources to balance out the claims of the left. You're not actually educating or informing anyone, you are pushing an agenda. I have no problem with people pushing their own agenda as long as they are nor deceptive about what they're doing.

Loretta Williford

What a joke. They try and make you think that she is a mom who will be honest with you till you read about the author segment and it states -

Jonesie has volunteered for Obama for America & as a Voter Protection Attorney in ‘08.

The truth is  under Obama's Affordable Care Act, between now and 2019, there will be $716 billiion dollars raided from Medicare to pay for the Affordable Care Act .The deepest cuts will be in the area of reimbursement rates to doctors, hospitals and nursing homes to the tune of $415 billion dollars. Another $150 Billion dollars over the next 10 years would be taken out of Medicare Advantage which will affect about 47% of enrollees - many of them lower income seniors making less than $20,000 a year. Now tell me how Romney and Ryan are trying to hurt the old and young when Obama has already started to destroy medicare.

Jennifer Brazell Bumgardner

Once Obamacare puts every private insurance company out of business and we are all forced to go on the Governmen'ts plan, let me know how you like your healthcare.  Let me know how long it will take you to get an appointment, how you will get the absolute least amount of care possible and still be legal.  Let me know how you like not being able to choose to best doctor for a specialty but be told who you can see.  Let me know how socialized medicine goes for you.  Do some research into other countries who have socialized medicine and see how GREAT the care is there.  We can't continue to pay out more than we bring in.  Medicare must be reformed so that there is Medicare for our children, heck even for me.  Going on a budget sucks for everyone involved. But it's the only way to get our debt under controll.  If we don't, I don't even want to think of the country we will be leaving to our children

count... countrygirl670

"The truth is  under Obama's Affordable Care Act....Another $150 Billion dollars over the next 10 years would be taken out of Medicare Advantage ..."

The truth is, it was the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008 that was the genesis of the cuts to Medicare Advantage (MA) Plans.  Of course, Obama was not the President then.  Interesting aside, he wasn't even present for the vote that day.   Another interesting point- Medicare Advantage is for all practical purposes Medicare, except administered by private insurance companies who- in addition to a generous amount of dollars per person each month- received a generous subsidy to administer this health insurance.  Congress voted to end the subsidies because MA is a money loser.  Over time, it was seen that MA plans did nothing to decrease cost of care.  In fact, cost of care was higher for Medicare because (1) MA plans are too numerous and small to negotiate lower rates with hospitals and doctors and (2) That sweet little subsidy resulted in those folks actually costing Medicare itself about 15% more than folks who just used plain old Medicare.  Naturally older folks liked their MA plan because the premiums are low for them and they got all these sweet little benefits like gym memberships "for free".  But nothing is free.  They got more because taxpayers paid more.  

count... countrygirl670

"Let me know how long it will take you to get an appointment, how you will get the absolute least amount of care possible and still be legal.  Let me know how you like not being able to choose to best doctor for a specialty but be told who you can see."

LOL!  This is what health care looked like when HMOs were all the rage!

count... countrygirl670

Can we please dispense with the fallacy that healthcare is not already rationed in this country?   There is not an unlimited amount of health care providers in this country.  People who have what they consider to be "good" health insurance aren't waiting in line because there are millions of people with no coverage at all who cannot even get in line.  Further, there are also millions of people with such nominal coverage (Medicaid) that physicians will only take on so many of these patients at a time because they're bad for the bottom line due to low reimbursement rates.  And of course, there are millions of folks on Medicare, which many doctors will also limit this amount of patients in their practice due to lower reimbursement rates.  This is rationing- its rationing along money lines.  Undoubtedly, if you're a  "winner" in this form of rationing, you might think this is the best way to do it.  And of course you're right.  But the "losers" in this system disagree.  And of course, they're right, too.

While we're at it, let's also stop pretending that health insurance is the same thing as health care.

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