Bride Drowns in Wedding Gown During Trendy 'Trash the Dress' Photo Shoot

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A 30-year-old Canadian newlywed should be enjoying her honeymoon days right now, but instead she is tragically being laid to rest, all because of a new trend called "Trash the Dress." Maria Pantazopoulos was married recently but didn't want her wedding dress just hanging in the closet gathering dust, so she decided to have some fun, artsy photos taken of herself in her bridal gown. She posed on some rocks near a Canadian waterfall, with her feet in the water. Horribly, as the trim of her dress got wet and began to absorb more water, and get heavier and heavier, Maria was pulled under the river and drowned.

The photographer reported that Maria was standing in about six inches of water when her dress started to become soaked, dragging her down into the raging torrent. The photographer and another person tried to pull her out, but her dress was too heavy by that point. Said the photographer:

She went in and her dress got heavy, I tried everything I could to save her.

When word came that this tragedy was the result of something called "Trash the Dress," which I'd never heard of, I looked up the custom. Posing in water seems to be one of the more popular ways of "trashing" a wedding gown. In this ABC News article on the trend, one bride is completely underwater in her gown. Another bride wears her dress while a huge plume of fire shoots out from the back of it. I guess hanging the dress in the closet with some moth balls really is out of vogue!

I can't think of anything more horrible than dying in your wedding dress during what should be a custom celebrating the beginning of your marriage. No doubt Maria and the photographer never imagined they were in any danger. This is six inches of water, not a bride jumping out of a plane.

But Maria's tragedy can bring attention to the unintended consequences of this bridal trend. And hopefully it can save more lives by making women aware of the dangers of combining bridal gowns and water. If you don't want to have your dress gather dust, maybe "trash" it, in a fun but safe way. Like with condiments or something.

Have you ever done a Trash the Dress photo shoot or know someone who has?

Image via EpSosDe/Flickr

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Radarma Radarma

Well, I sure can't say I have heard this before. How awful, and how horrible that no one could save her! :(

navyw... navywife0204

Tragic... I guess I don't understand why someone would pay thousands of dollars for a wedding dress only to "trash" it.

zombi... zombiemommy916

I know a girl who splattered paint all over hers for an avant-garde "trash the dress" photo shoot...I was horrified...this is so sad...I've heard of girls doing it lake-side and even in the pool...but never a river...

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

What a senseless and tragic way to die. This sounds like a ridiculous trend O.o

mompam mompam

What a crazy trend! What about saving it for your daughter to wear? I'd like to make something out of mine for my daughter to wear on her wedding day, like a garter or a pillow for the rings.

AniAngel AniAngel

Really donate your dress to the local thrift store if you don't want it... How sad

capta... captain..

I had a friend that just recently did "trash the dress" photoshoot

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

The version I read said she was swimming when she was pulled under, I think that was on BBC news. I expect she'll be up for a Darwin award this year.

Shandi80 Shandi80

What a moronic idea...let's destroy a dress that we spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on, for fun! Whee, isn't wasting money great?!


nonmember avatar sarah

there are lots of brides in poor countries around the world - not to mention in our own western rich countries, who would be very grateful to have a wedding dress donated to them! why trash what you can give away and reuse?
what kind of waste.
a life wasted thanks to a culture and mentality that celebrates waste on a grand scale.

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