'World's Worst Art Restoration' Makes Jesus Look Like a Cheeky Monkey (VIDEO)

ecce homo jesus frescoYou've got to feel for the 81-year-old grandma in Borja, Spain, who took it upon herself to restore a 120-year-old fresco on the wall of her local church. I mean, Jesus was starting to look a little worse for wear, what with the chipped paint and cracks in the wall. Another 100 years and "Ecce Homo" (which means "Behold the Man") would've looked more like Shower Mold Jesus.

So Cecilia Gimenez, who fancies herself an amateur painter, went to work giving Jesus a makeover. And, uh ... well, the painting's new nickname among parishioners: "Ecce Mono" (Behold the Monkey). Whoops.


In her defense, Gimenez says she "wasn't finished" with the painting (also in her defense, she's an 81-year-old Jesus-lovin' grandma! Don't be hating on an 81-year-old Jesus-lovin' grandma!). But she won't have the chance, as authorities are currently trying to determine if there's any way to return the painting to its pre-restoration state. (There's some question as to whether or not the priest gave Gimenez permission to alter the fresco in the first place.)

But is that really What Jesus Would Do? He's the one who said, "Judge not amateur attempts at art restoration, lest ye yourself be judged," and "Let the little old ladies come unto me," after all. (Or something like that.) No, I think Jesus would sign the online petition to leave the updated fresco as is. That's right, Gimenez has become something of an overnight folk art heroine -- over 10,000 people have signed that petition already!

Hey, I'd sign it. Even if the lofty language of the petition, which compares the restoration to the work of Goya and Munch, does go a little overboard:

The daring work of the artist spontaneously in Ecce Homo Mercy Shrine of Borja is endearing and a loving act, a clever reflection of [the] political and social situation of our time.

Ummm ... okay. Or how 'bout just: "Don't be hating on an 82-year-old Jesus-loving grandma!"

Do you think the Jesus fresco should be left as is?

Image via CBS

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