Teen Girl Allegedly Gang Raped on Cruise Vacation Knew Just How to Punish Her Abusers

cruise shipWhen you think of cruising to the Bahamas, you think of sun, electric blue drinks, and fighting for lounge chairs on the lido deck. Unfortunately, after reading this story, you may never look at cruises the same again. A 15-year-old girl aboard a four-day Carnival cruise from Miami was allegedly raped by 31-year-old Casey Dickerson and a room full of teenage boys. The details are, well, horrifying. It's the kind of case that makes you want all the wrong-doers to be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and then some.

The girl, whose identity and reason for being on the ship has not yet been released, claims that she went to a room with a 15-year-old male friend that turned out to be a spare room that Dickerson had keys to. Once inside the cabin, the girl's friend was locked in the bathroom while Dickerson and four teenage boys raped her. She claims that they were encouraging each other to switch positions while they had their way with her. When they were done, the girl got dressed and was allowed to leave.

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And thank goodness she knew what to do once she was released. Sounds like she headed straight for the doctor's office, spoke up about what happened, and was given a rape kit. Carnival then contacted the FBI. 

While this is a tragedy beyond words, it's heartening to know that this young 15-year-old girl who was just gang raped had the wherewithal and the knowledge to seek help, and the resources with which to do so. Had she not spoken up about the horror she endured, Dickerson may never have been caught and been placed behind bars in a Florida cell. The girl knew just what to do in order to punish her abusers -- get help and get evidence.

When 54 percent of sexual assault cases go unreported, it's encouraging to hear that this brave girl stood up for herself. She could have easily been in the majority and kept the brutal assault to herself, but I'm so happy, for her sake, that she did the right thing and sought aid.

The teenage boys allege that Dickerson forced them to have sex with the girl, but so far, no charges have been brought against them. Dickerson says that he was drunk and passed out in that cabin and that nothing sexual happened in there. However, he does admit to having sex on the boat with other women who were not his wife.

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Flori... Floridamom96

Deanna was responding to the blantant idiocy of RiverRat. I find it profoundly disgusting that some women are so hell bent on hanging onto their rabid feminism that they flat out refuse to be educated, act wisely, or encourage other women to become educated and act wisely.

nonmember avatar SickOfMorons

Know what's disgusting? Blaming the victim. That's disgusting. And no, asking 'where were the parents?' of the teenager or questioning "why was she going where she was going with that boy?" is not educating people. It's reiterating the stereotype that women do things to bring these things on themselves.

Regina Karonika

put  the  bastards  in  prison  so  they  can feel  how  it  is  to  get  gang  raped...pray  for  the  child  and  her  family........

nonmember avatar Peter Grobin

I really don't bealive the validity of this story at all. How many guys where there? Any man will tell you nobody just decides a gang bang is a good idea ever, and she was allowed to leave?? WHATT she she banged a bunch of guys and then decided to go to a hospital first and NOT the POLICE. HMMMMMMM HMMMMMM and ps if your a 15 year old boy most often your a vergin and affraid of sex the first time and with other guys as well and and older gross dude, THAT just would not happen on this planet, and how convenient, thay just happend to lock her friend in the bathroom? So she had no cell phone, what nobody on a cruise ship of 4000 people heard any screams. I mean do people have brains? THINK shes justs wants a law suite because shes thought she can get away it it. I mean sure awful if thats the way it happend, but i doubt it.

nonmember avatar April

I was rapped by my Uncle Jose three years ago and was ashamed and embarrassed. I am happy this girl did the right thing.

nonmember avatar Karen H.

I am shocked at the people blaming the girl and/or her parents. They were on a cruise, and according to the story, she went with a boy whom she thought was her friend. Do you honestly expect a teen on a cruise to stay at her parents' side every minute??
I agree with the writer, the girl is to be commended for her courage and presence of mind to go right to the ship's medical officer. And I am glad the ship's md did not try to cover it up, but contacted the FBI. I hope those boys also get arrested.

nonmember avatar Ares Alexander

As a concerned father of 4 daughters, it is crimes like this that angers me to no end. I know I have done my best to teach my girls from right and wrong and as well as to stand up for themselves. I have cared and nurtured them inside a loving home, but I know that once they walk out that front door they are on their own and I can only hope that my teachings will help guide them through any difficulties. It's a sad world that we live in when criminals who carry out such crimes will receive an attorney that will defend them and do everything possible to discredit what this young ladie had to endure. No matter how short of time it took to carry out such a horrible act, this will have a life long effect on this young ladie and my heart goes out to her and all those who have had to endure such violent acts. I believe it is up to us,the masses to elect officials who can make the punishment fit the crime and do justice to all those unsung victims and maybe then, they will all have the confidence to stand up against their assailants and be heard. Until this change occurs, the number of victims will continue to rise.

Ravyn Skye

@natalia - Wow. Just WOW. You did NOT just try to blame the girl's parents for her rape. In a rape case, there is always ONE person at fault - THE RAPIST. Asking where her parents were (she's FIFTEEN! You let your 15 year old wander around alone in a closed enviroment like a cruise ship, that has tons of staff! What do you expect a 15 year old to do? Hang out with her parents the entire time she's on vacation?!? You are obviously NOT a parent, or if you are, your children are nowhere NEAR teenagers) is just about half a step away from asking what she was wearing. She didn't go off with a 31 year old man, she went with another 15 year old BOY. I really, REALLY can't effing STAND people like you... You're the type of person that would blame my mother for the fact that my stepfather raped me, when really, without my mother's unwavering support, I would never have had the strength to prosecute my case and put him in prison. IT IS NEVER THE VICTIM'S, OR ANYONE ASSOCIATED WITH THE VICTIM, LIKE THEIR PARENT'S FAULT. I blame victim-blaming culture that promotes things like "Rape prevention tips", which usually subtly place blame on the victim for their behavior, instead of placing the blame where it belongs, on the rapist. It always reads something like 'don't walk alone in a dark alley'. REAL 'rape prevention tips' should be geared not toward the victim's behavior, but toward's the offenders; they should read like, 'If you see a woman walking alone in a dark alley, DON'T RAPE HER.'

Annette Damiano Byrne

just too  bad  she  didnt  hit him over  the  head  and  throw  him  over  board  the  dam  sicko .they  never  get  better  just  worst ,  jail  is  too   good  for  any  of  them   . put  them  away  for  life , thats  how  i  feel. a  senior

Tara Paisley

I do wonder about this story. For example, if it was a spare room that the rapist had keys to, how did they know they could get into it.... were they just trying random doors to see if they were unlocked? It hasn't been said who she was with on the ship, but no, I wouldn't be letting my 15 year old girl wander a ship alone with a boy. Not only will I teach her that she should wait until she is married, but I won't give her opportunities to have her reputation questioned. I will do THE SAME for my son. I will also teach them to respect themselves and the person they are with.

As for 15 year olds driving, working, etc..... You have to SIXTEEN to drive alone at the youngest and the places around do not hire 15 year olds. Also, wandering alone on a cruise ship IS NOT the same as wandering around the town you live in.

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