Brave Little Girl Attacked by Raccoon Starts Journey to Get a New Face (VIDEO)

girl attacked by raccoonThe 911 dispatcher says it was the worst call she'd ever gotten, but now, about 10 years later, the baby girl who was mauled in her crib by a pet raccoon has a new lease on life. Earlier this week, Charlotte Ponce of Spring Lake, Michigan, underwent intense microsurgery -- doctors will be working with the 10-year-old over the next two years to reconstruct her nose, ear, and cheek, which were bitten off in the raccoon attack.

Right now, after this first operation, her nose looks brown and bulbous, but when the doctors are done, they hope she'll look 100 percent perfect. Even though the medical treatments she's receiving are extremely inspiring, the best part about this story is Charlotte's attitude. You will not believe how brave she is.

Charlotte's biggest complaint about the invasive, arduous, hours-long surgery? That she's not able to ride her bike right afterward. And what about the fact that she doesn't look like everyone else right now? Eh, no big deal, says her mother -- Char's use to the strange looks and takes it all in stride. And how does she feel? "I'm OK and I have a nose," she told reporters.

This girl has quite the head on her shoulders. She's clearly learned to brush off any long stares and/or let any snide comments roll off her back. It's certainly a tough lesson for any kid, no one wants to be made fun of for being different, but it sounds like Charlotte is thriving regardless of her old nose, or her new nose.

It's awesome that Charlotte has doctors who treat her like their own, and who are dedicated to making her face look like it was never injured in the first place. It's also wonderful that her town raised money for the remaining cost of her surgery that wasn't covered by insurance.

The doctors are really pleased with her first surgery, which makes everyone optimistic that in two years, Charlotte will look unrecognizable ... in a good way.

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nonmember avatar kim

A racoon is not a pet!

nonmember avatar krisha

My heart goes out to this little girl.. I too was maulled in my crib as a baby over 30 years ago by a pet raccoon. I lost my toes and most of my fingers from the attack. I hope all her recovery goes well

nonmember avatar SJ1972

Her biological aunt adopted her. Her bio mom and dad's rights were terminated after the incident 10 years ago.

Rita Curry

 Moniqi, is right. All animals can, & sometimes get violent. It's built into all of them,for thier own protection. As far as having 1 well, we did .My husband brought a wolf pup home, for a pet. He pulled 5 pups out of a den, while the mother was out hunting. We named him WD Wolf Dog,& he made a good, but unpredictable pet. As long as it was ok with us for somebody in the back yard, it was fine with Wolf. But he was very unpredictable. One day, a man from one of the utility cos. came to the front door,& needed to ck.out some lines, or something. My daughter & I both told him, do not go in the back yard, without us being out there. Well he was just lucky my daughter saw him go in, & she ran out just in time to catch, Wolf, in midair,to stop him from jumping on the man. Pretty stupid of the man, but just thought that all dogs liked him,so wolf would to. Wrong!!!!! It scared him half to death,but he,d been warned. In 16 yrs, that was the only time he ever did that. We also ad a ferret, & a skunk with no problems at all. But we also did not have babies, around the house. But that was us,& sure wouldn't advise anyone else to try. All animals can go bad sometime,& for no reason.

Iyisha Oden

here is a link to the full story it is a sad one her story beains a little less the half way down the page with lots of pictures

egrze... egrzesik91

Attacked by a "pet raccoon". There is a reason we don't have wild animals as pets. The parents should be feeling guilty......

baref... barefootmommi

Aw I'm so glad she's doing well

Frank Lipsky

Great for young girl but what happened to  the poor racoon who was stupidly put into the baby's crib

Brandi Nelson

Racoons may look cute and cuddley but are pretty vicious creatures. I remember the first time I found that out. Me and some friends where on a road trip from seattle down to california. We were up in northern cali and some camp ground. We were checking in and the Ranger warned us to watch out for the raccoons and our food etc. I was like oh how cute. He was like really you have to be careful of them because they are pretty mean animals. It sure was a surprise to me. I agree with the wild type animals need to stay wild.

Vicki Mooney

y was she in a crib at 10?

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