Brave Little Girl Attacked by Raccoon Starts Journey to Get a New Face (VIDEO)

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girl attacked by raccoonThe 911 dispatcher says it was the worst call she'd ever gotten, but now, about 10 years later, the baby girl who was mauled in her crib by a pet raccoon has a new lease on life. Earlier this week, Charlotte Ponce of Spring Lake, Michigan, underwent intense microsurgery -- doctors will be working with the 10-year-old over the next two years to reconstruct her nose, ear, and cheek, which were bitten off in the raccoon attack.

Right now, after this first operation, her nose looks brown and bulbous, but when the doctors are done, they hope she'll look 100 percent perfect. Even though the medical treatments she's receiving are extremely inspiring, the best part about this story is Charlotte's attitude. You will not believe how brave she is.

Charlotte's biggest complaint about the invasive, arduous, hours-long surgery? That she's not able to ride her bike right afterward. And what about the fact that she doesn't look like everyone else right now? Eh, no big deal, says her mother -- Char's use to the strange looks and takes it all in stride. And how does she feel? "I'm OK and I have a nose," she told reporters.

This girl has quite the head on her shoulders. She's clearly learned to brush off any long stares and/or let any snide comments roll off her back. It's certainly a tough lesson for any kid, no one wants to be made fun of for being different, but it sounds like Charlotte is thriving regardless of her old nose, or her new nose.

It's awesome that Charlotte has doctors who treat her like their own, and who are dedicated to making her face look like it was never injured in the first place. It's also wonderful that her town raised money for the remaining cost of her surgery that wasn't covered by insurance.

The doctors are really pleased with her first surgery, which makes everyone optimistic that in two years, Charlotte will look unrecognizable ... in a good way.

What do you think about this story?

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nonmember avatar sandra

As I person terriffed of raccoons possums birds squirrels just about every animal that isn't a cat, this story instrested can u keep a raccoon as a pet is beyond. Mi...if a cat resembles a raccoon ill run the other way.... So sorry this happened but not i have proof I'm not crazy

Kathy Abramson

I have to agree with Billie Jo and Janet, the parents had to be reallly stupid to have a pet racoon in the first place. And even if you must have such a pet, what was it doing anywhere near the babies crib!! Or inside the house at all! Cats have been rumored to nibble on a babies lips because of the smell of milk on their breath, maybe racoons do too. Stupid, stupid, stupid!!! Rough way to learn a lesson.

Aphro... Aphrodisiac

Poor little girl, her parents are fucking stupid for letting a raccoon in the home as a pet. They are not domestic animals and should not be treated like one.

nonmember avatar Melissa

What the hell were these parents thinking? I know it was not intentional but did they not even think of the diseases it carries?? I wish this little girl all the luck!

lasombrs lasombrs

Why only do surgery 10 years later? Is it because her face has probably reached a point it wont grow and strech any more?

Kim Worsham-Horton

What a bunch of idiots. Racoons aren't domestic pets.

nonmember avatar KristiC.

Raccoons are not monstrous animals as many people seem to think. They are simply animals. The parents should not have let it have access to their baby, but raccoons should not be killed because they are viewed as a menace. They are simply doing what all animals do, look for food. They don't understand that we don't want them in our garbage, bird feeders, etc. They don't think "haha, this will REALLY make those humans mad!" I raised 3 orphan coons, & they were wonderful pets & never hurt anyone. But would I have left them loose around a child? Certainly not. This was just bad judgement on the parents part, & they are the ones that need to take the blame.

Monique Williams

I think all animals are capable of harming babies ...wild or domesticated.

MokaM... MokaMommy

Her biological parents are the ones who had the pet raccoon. Their parental rights were terminated and her adoptive parents are the ones doing the surgery.

nonmember avatar Sandy Murphy

wild animals don't belong in the house with children

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