Brave Little Girl Attacked by Raccoon Starts Journey to Get a New Face (VIDEO)

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girl attacked by raccoonThe 911 dispatcher says it was the worst call she'd ever gotten, but now, about 10 years later, the baby girl who was mauled in her crib by a pet raccoon has a new lease on life. Earlier this week, Charlotte Ponce of Spring Lake, Michigan, underwent intense microsurgery -- doctors will be working with the 10-year-old over the next two years to reconstruct her nose, ear, and cheek, which were bitten off in the raccoon attack.

Right now, after this first operation, her nose looks brown and bulbous, but when the doctors are done, they hope she'll look 100 percent perfect. Even though the medical treatments she's receiving are extremely inspiring, the best part about this story is Charlotte's attitude. You will not believe how brave she is.

Charlotte's biggest complaint about the invasive, arduous, hours-long surgery? That she's not able to ride her bike right afterward. And what about the fact that she doesn't look like everyone else right now? Eh, no big deal, says her mother -- Char's use to the strange looks and takes it all in stride. And how does she feel? "I'm OK and I have a nose," she told reporters.

This girl has quite the head on her shoulders. She's clearly learned to brush off any long stares and/or let any snide comments roll off her back. It's certainly a tough lesson for any kid, no one wants to be made fun of for being different, but it sounds like Charlotte is thriving regardless of her old nose, or her new nose.

It's awesome that Charlotte has doctors who treat her like their own, and who are dedicated to making her face look like it was never injured in the first place. It's also wonderful that her town raised money for the remaining cost of her surgery that wasn't covered by insurance.

The doctors are really pleased with her first surgery, which makes everyone optimistic that in two years, Charlotte will look unrecognizable ... in a good way.

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jessi... jessicasmom1

aww poor child I hope this all works for her .

Billie Jo Evans

Why people keep animals that clearly belong in the wild as pets is beyond me. So irresponsible to have wild animals in the house with children, this poor girl.

Janet Hamilton Seidlitz

I was thinking the same thing Billie, but I am sure they've learned that the hard way.


This is what most of us were trying to say in the "cute" little "Baby Raccoon Invasion Is So Ridiculously Cute I Can't Stand It" post. Wild animals do NOT belong inside. What were these people thinking about???

Thank God this little girl has persevered and has the good and positive attitude she has. Bless her.

Sierr... SierraLynn

JAFE, thank you.

brigh... brighteyes1986

I think Ppl keep wild animals as pets out of curiosity.... I don't think this girls parents ever wished or intended ill harm towards their child.... but I know as a child us kids (3 siblings and I) always brought home crazy animals and reptiles... even a pig...and most of the time we were allowed to keep them for some time...we learned about that particular animal or reptile and then eventually we would take it to a place ment for it or back into the wild. But to go.... "WHAT WERE THEY THINKING" ...REALLY???? They were prolly thinking it was cute and harmless bcuz it was a baby....and did realize the extent of the natural wildness, they prolly thought that if they grew it in a home that it would rid the wildness, as do most ppl who are uneducated about wild animals. I doubt they thought " lets keep this cute raccoon and hope it mauls our baby's face off. yea lets do that and learn the hard way about wild animals" give these parents a break. its a tragic accident with a happy ending and a girl with a better outlook then most adults I know, and a lesson learned by the family and others. Nobody is perfect. people make mistakes. this is all to common because of curiosity and lack of education and understanding about wild animals and the fact that no matter how little it is or how much u train it. u can't take the wild out of the animal. Not everyone knows that off the bat or realizes how important that statement is....until they learn the hard way!!**GOOD LUCK CHARLOTTE!!!**


Sorry, I meant to link this.

Mommi... MommietoJB

Who keeps a damn racoon as a pet in their house with a baby?! Wreckless parenting. Lucky for those parents they have a strong and brave little girl.

Cori Register

A raccoon is a wild animal not a family pet and should be treated as such. I'm really sorry this happened,very sad.

nonmember avatar Bgmama

I strongly believe the parents should be ashamed of themselves raccoons are vicious why risk her life god bless the girl

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