5 Moving September 11th Quotes

9/11I have to admit I'm saddened by the run-up to September 11th this year. Just a year ago we were caught up in the hoopla over the 10th anniversary of 9/11. Today is like the polar opposite. It's as if this was just another fall week. There's a quiet we in America haven't had about this day in, well, 11 years.

One decade and one year after September 11, 2001, we may not have forgotten the tragic attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the plane that went down in that Pennsylvania field. We can't forget. And yet, the quiet is unsettling, isn't it?

I have been wondering if it's because we don't know what to say. So I looked around for the quotes about September 11th that say it for us.

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These are the words said in that horrific week that stood out the most and the words said since that have best wrapped up what it is we've thought. They're quotes from presidents both past and present.

Feel free to pin them to Pinterest (check out The Stir while you're there!) or share them to Facebook to help ensure that 9/11 is a day that is never forgotten.

Which quote speaks to your feelings about September 11?


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bills... billsfan1104

My favorite was Bush was talking to those firefighter and said "I can hear you, we all can hear you and pretty soon, those who brought down those towers, will be hearing from all of us". I hope Igot most of it right.

And Toby Keith "we'll put a boot in your ass, thats the American way".

Patricia Frymyer

I noticed the quiet also today...and in the days leading up to today.  Have we forgotten that it occurred?  I don't think so.  Have we forgotten to remember?  Yes, sadly...I hope it doesn't take another terrorist act just as bad or worse to force us to unite as Americans again...

Debbie Gordon

I so remember this day.When the first plane hit I thought it was by accident.I was coming out of a store when I heard about the second plane.I looked around everywhere and must have looked stuned when my daught in law asked what was wrong.I told her it couldn't be the end of time because I'm still here.I will never forget that she told me well you can't leave me here I want to go to.This was such a tragedy I was so upset about all the innocent people looseing there lifes and being hurt for no reason.I think this brought our country to it's knees.God bless america and all the wonderful men and women who fight to keep us safe.

tammy... tammyc1106

I remember that day so vividly from what I ate that morning until when I went to bed early the next morning. I was driving to work and the radio show i was listening to was interrupted with breaking new about the first plane hitting. There was so much confusion in the first few minutes. I pulled into work 5 minutes later and the Dr I worked for had the news story playing on the t.v.'s in the office, and in the waiting room and we watched as tragically the 2nd plane hit. I don't think it is that we as Americans have forgotten; I think that as time goes on; yes we will talk about it and it will be replayed on t.v. every anniversary; but i think that we as Americans are trying to focus on the positive. I was driving into work today and on the radio they dedicated the first half of the morning show to 9/11. And then the national anthem played and I started to cry. My mother lost one of her best friends in the plane that crashed into the pentagon and I cried today not only for her but for all of the victims and their families and in disbelief that it has been 11 years already and it still tugs on my heart. I think while yes there are news shows and 9/11 coverage today; a lot of  people are remembering in their own way quietly today with prayers or tears but we will always remember and never forget.

Candi... CandiceCorner

It didn't seem that way to me this year. At a little after 9:00 this morning I tuned into channel 4 when they were reading the names, they were up to "C" last names at the time. When my dad came over at about 10:00, he watched with me up until the end at about 12:15. Well, I was back and forth with my daughter and chores but I caught a good amount of it. We're New Yorkers and needless to say it hits home with us, especially my dad who was working a couple blocks away from the towers.

Then I learned that this year, no politicians spoke at this time, it was only the names being read and to me, that is much more appropriate. My newspapers today were filled with 9/11 stories including how it's now being taught in schools, especially to children not old enough or even alive yet on that day. Later on in the day, my local park had a decent vigil and I was able to reflect a bit on me then, me now, and NY then, NY now. Then facebook ofc had a lot of posts from friends and family so I would say this 9/11 was not a bad one.

nonmember avatar Zuri

I remember this day, but because of my age, I remember it like it was a nightmare. I was sitting in my high chair trying to write my name with spilled applesauce when my mom got a phone call from my grandma saying "Turn on the TV! Planes just crashed into the World Trade Center!" I watched in horror, trying to make sense of the burning building and the words I couldn't even begin to understand. Then the second plane went in. My parents realized it wasn't an accident and started to panic. I was crying. My ordinary little life had somersaulted in a second. What was happening? People were jumping out the windows and running every which way, and I was terrified. Then the screen cut to another burning building shaped like a pentagon (I'm wording this like I thought at the time. I know what it is.) The two buildings with the smoking craters came back into focus. Then one building collapsed onto itself and turned to dust in seconds. I screamed as I saw it coming down. Where was this happening? Could we be affected here at home? The second building fell to ground, and then they were gone. It would be nine years of crying, confusion, and questions before I finally got the story of what happened. But eleven years later, the story is still coming together.
I would like to offer my condolences to anyone who lost a family member in the attacks. That must be very hard for them even now. God Bless America.

Kari Hardman McCune

We all have different thoughts and feelings regarding 9/11/2001. I was 37, almost 38 years old, single, with one son, engaged to be married. My heart broke that day for the victims, their families, and our country. I was so very, very, relieved President Bush was our President. His leadership made me feel safe. He basked the country to fight terrorism with him. He said the fight would be long, and difficult. I think America gave out, gave up on the fight and here we are in 2014 with a President very few trust facing ISIL. Oh, how I wish the country had been stronger.

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