Husband & Wife Drown in Pond Trying to Save Dog ... Who Lives (VIDEO)

hampton ponds
Hampton Ponds, Westfield, Mass.
I'm sure Daniel Cyr and wife Patrica were having a great time on their pontoon boat in Hampton Pond near Westfield, Massachusetts when things took a horrible turn. Their small dog leaped off the boat and into the water, and Daniel, 64, jumped in to save their family pet. After a while in the water, the man started to struggle to stay afloat, so his wife, 61, got in the pond to try and help him. That's when an unthinkable tragedy struck.

The couple became distressed, and after hearing the woman scream, a nearby jet-skier alerted a boat to help the woman from the water. A person on a jet ski plucked the husband from the pond and took him to shore.

Unfortunately, there was nothing that could be done. When the ambulance arrived, Daniel and Patricia were taken to a hospital where they were pronounced dead.

An investigation is underway, because naturally, everyone is kind of wondering what the hell happened out there. How does a couple in their 60s drown in a pond? Why did the husband jump in to save the dog? Where were the life vests? Why did the wife jump in instead of throwing her husband some floatation aid? Their family members think that Daniel may have suffered an aneurysm while in the water, prompting his wife, who wasn't a good swimmer, to try and save him.

Their daughter told the Boston Globe that her parents couldn't live without each other, and that they were about to celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. So sad. A neighbor said that the couple did everything together, and that it's a "saving grace" they passed at the same time. 

There is no real silver lining when it comes to this story -- the only thing we might be able to take away is that you can never be too safe. Even when you're on a calm pond on a lovely summer evening, it's never a bad idea to have a life preserver on board in case you need to use it.

To make matters worse, or ... better (can't tell), Sadie, the couple's West Highland terrier puppy, was found alive and well by police and will be handed over to family members.

What do you think?

Couple that drowned at Hampton Ponds in Westfield identified

Photo via Rusty Clark/Flickr



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nonmember avatar Lilac

Um...the actually new video about this states he went into the water an appeared to have a heart attack or something else leading to distress and his wife, who could not swim and not wearing a life jacket supposedly jumped in to save him. The investigation is ongoing because it seems fishy to the police.

Ben Larsen

I live in Westfield and the city is saddened by this loss. A scary number of people go in to Hampton Ponds and never make their way back. It's like our own version of Derry Maine...

poppy... poppymuffin

Umm, did you get your info from Yahoo! News!?

They were NOT rescuing the dog. The man was swimming with it, had what they think was a heart attack and his wife of 40 years could not stand by and watch him die so she tried to help!

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