Mom Charged With Killing 8-Year-Old Son Says It Was a Mercy Killing

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crime sceneWhen Jude, an 8-year-old boy with special needs, was found in a hotel room in February, foaming at the mouth after apparently ingesting a fatal dose of pills, cops said his mother was responsible for the child's death. Now Gigi Jordan is admitting it. The wealthy Manhattan mom told the Daily News in a lengthy exclusive that she killed her own child, but she wants the world to forgive her ... because it was a "mercy killing."

I know. You're thinking what I thought. How is killing an 8-year-old boy merciful? Was he dying of some horrific disease or something?

The answer is no. Jude had an autism diagnosis, which his mom says wasn't quite right, but otherwise he was physically OK.

It's his mom who seems off her rocker -- or at least seems to want us to think she is. Gigi Jordan told the newspaper that the boy's father, her second husband, Emil Tzekov, had been sexually abusing Jude since he was a baby. Cops say there is nothing to back up her claims, but that's Gigi's story, and she's sticking to it. She also says her first husband, Ray Mirra, was trying to have her killed. She needed to protect Jude.

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So what's a gal to do? Run away and start a new life with her child in some godforsaken town where no one knows you? Get some therapy for herself and her child? Tell the cops her good-for-nothing ex-husband wants to have her killed?

Any of those would have made good sense here. Any of them would have been better alternatives than what Gigi Jordan says she did -- which is kill Jude and plan her suicide (which, obviously didn't happen). Any of them would have been MERCIFUL.

And yet, the story Gigi Jordan tells this week just blows the mind. Here we have a woman confessing that she killed her own child, and she actually wants America to believe she did it for his own sake. I know I'm not buying it ... how about you?

Is there ever a time when killing a child is "merciful?"


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peanu... peanutsmommy1

I don't believe that this case was "merciful", but we allow people to "put down" their pets who are suffering, but we don't even allow someone who is dying to have the right to end their pain and suffering.

Billie Jo Evans

Her story would only be believable had she wrote all of it down in her suicide note for the world to find along with her dead body. I don't believe her for a second.

Jennifer Ramirez

My 5 year old son has Autism and that story of hers doesnt even make sense!! Ending his life?? How is that merciful?!! Since shes such a horrible mother/person ...we should put her outta her misery!! I hope she gets the death penalty and then we can call it a merciful death too!

Tina Smith Bellanca

She's a miserable excuse for a human being. My 9 year old son is on the Autism Spectrum and I would never DREAM of ending his life! He is a complete joy! I hope she rots in jail for a long, long time. Death penalty is the easy way out.

Maria Bonokollie

the most insane thing ever !!!!!!!!!!! this mom has no clue the joys that autism can bring ! yes their are hard times !

joyfu... joyfulmum

This story makes me sick!!  She better rot in jail.  Autism is far from a death sentence.  I think she was a coward and couldn't handle it.  Yes it's not always easy and there is a lot of heartache that goes along with a child on the spectrum but to end their life!??  She should've reached out for help! 

marie... mariesmama

 my hubby has apergers and except for social issues that keep losing him jobs hesa great dad! our 3 yr old may also be autistic at any rate shes at least barely verbal with sensory issues   special needs or not its never ok to hurt a child may she rot in hell for hurting somebody your supposed to advocate for and protect

tuffy... tuffymama

She's a pig. I hope she has a monogrammed spit waiting to roast her ass in hell.

Venae Venae

Of's merciful to abort them before they come into the world, right?


Lance Abney

A dear friend did this years ago with her child and they both made it out of this crazy world. Do I approve, NO! A loving gift to this world was removed before her time by a over challenged Mom that was overwhelmed by the health care system and her Daughters special needs. Yes the Mom needed help and the media helped to kill both of them. After curing my three boys of their autism challenges and almost dieing to get them through to a self sustaining life, I would do it again and die doing it if that was what was needed. I have seen some very severe challenges overcome and my son is mostly normal from being supposed to be institutionalized. This Mom had the money to try, now I think she needs to think about how it is to fry.

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