Off-Duty Cop Crashes Motorcycle Into Little Girl Then Kills Her Enraged Dad

It wasn't that long ago that people were "cheering" the "hero dad" in Texas who beat off his daughter's alleged child molester, killing him in the process. We tend to like these stories for the obvious reason: It sets a terrible situation right. A child is being hurt. A parent rushes to the rescue. The parent gets revenge on the child's attacker. All is well with the world again. But what if that scenario goes horribly awry? What if the person who hurt the child genuinely did it by accident? What if the father who rushes to the rescue is overcome with the understandable desire to beat the bejesus out of the person who hurt his child? And what if the person who hurt the child just happened to be a cop who was carrying a gun? There's no "happy" ending to this story. But it might teach everyone a lesson about using fists instead of the law.

Saturday night, an off-duty police officer was riding down the street on his motorcycle when apparently a little girl darted out from nowhere in front of his bike. He intentionally "ditched" the bike in an effort to avoid hitting her, but it was too late. His bike slammed into 4-year-old Taniyah Middleton, as well as her 18-year-old cousin, who had run out to help her.

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The cop, despite being injured himself, reportedly began trying to help the little girl. This is when the girl's father, Christopher Middleton, ran out of a nearby restaurant, saw the scene, and began taking out his fury on the man who had hurt his daughter.

Reportedly the man identified himself as a police officer, but the infuriated man just kept pummeling. Then the 18-year-old cousin joined in. About to lose consciousness from the beating, the cop pulled out his gun and fired, killing the father.

This horrible scenario brings up a whole lot of questions: How did the little girl get out of the restaurant? Why was she running across the street? Why would the cop feel his life was so in danger that he had to fire into the father to get the fight to stop? What about firing into the air? Or, at the most, his leg?

The little girl is recovering from her injuries, as is the police officer. The tragedy is being investigated. But it does make you wonder if this all could have been avoided if the father had called police rather than begun lashing out physically. When it comes to our kids, it's not easy to let our heads, not our hands, be in charge. But it might be for the best.

What do you think the father should have done?


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noneya79 noneya79

wow. It was clearly an accident.. the father had no right to behave like that.. and it's sad he lost his life in the process. But I dont think the cop was in the wrong, he did what he had to do. Maybe when pulling his gun out, he didn't have time to aim it at a leg, his only concern was to get this man off of him.. not, point and aim so he don't kill him. 

But all in all, it's a tragic story. I think intense therapy will be in the future of that little girl! :( 

i.hea... i.heart.nerds

You answered your own question! He fired as he was about to lose consciousness. He feared for his safety.

The father over reacted. Do I blame him? Maybe not, but if you let a four year old near a busy road you need to take the consequences.

nonmember avatar olivia

Obviously the guy was getting beaten to death, if he hadn't shot the guy he wouldn't have stopped. I doubt a 'warning shot' would have done much good either.

nonmember avatar anon

The unfortunate reality about some areas in and around chicago, where I live, is that there are many attacks like this after ACCIDENTS. There is a case of on duty police office Densey Cole who was in a serious accident which was a hit and run. As he lay injured in his police car, savages robbed him and moved or assaulted him, causing permanent damage to his spine and he is now paralyzed. It is common knowledge that if you get into an accident in certain areas, you better hope you are well enough to FLEE to the nearest safe police station to report the accident, as you will most likely be attacked and beaten and robbed. Luckily, this officer is allowed to carry a gun to protect himself, bc most of us in Chicagoland are not so lucky.

engle... englert1482

We will never know what is wrong or right unless we're in the same situation and that was our baby!!! Don't pass judgment unless you can say that you've been in his shoes

nonmember avatar Michelle

Uh, two words: self defense.

cmjaz cmjaz

The father sounds like a thug. When he started beating someone who was activily trying to help his child and he identified himself as a cop. It always makes me wonder on how good of a parent that would attack someone that hurt their child by accident rather than try to help their child survive their injuries.

wjbra... wjbrady2011

Sad. I feel bad for the little girl.

MayUb... MayUbEhappY

That POS 26 year old "father" is completely at fault for, first of all, not watching his daughter. Did he allow the 18 year old cousin to watch after the girl while he was in the restaurant? He should be mad at himself for allowing this tragic accident to happen in the first place. Ugh, disgusting turn of events. I hear lawsuits looming. Roll eyes. Imagine already hurt from the accident and then having 2 adult men beating you as you're on the ground. Uh, yeah... I would shoot and protect myself. Hopefully the cop, his bike and the little girl will be ok.


kisse... kisses5050

  MayUbhappY-26 father of three... he also had a six year old and one on the way.

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