Paul Ryan Is the Right VP Pick for the Ladies

paul ryan
Helloooo, Paul!
After what seems like years of speculation, Republicans finally have their ticket for the 2012 presidential race. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has all but officially landed the nomination, and on Saturday, he announced that Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI) will be joining him as the vice presidential nominee.

Later that day, I was hanging out with a friend, another suburban mom like myself, when I got a news buzz on my phone. “Ugh,” I said out loud, “Andrea Mitchell is shooting off about how Paul Ryan isn’t a good pick for women or suburban moms.”

“Who’s Andrea Mitchell?” she asked.

I snorted, because if Andrea Mitchell ever knew someone didn’t know who she was, she’d probably be offended. She’d probably also be offended by that last sentence, because some people just take themselves way too seriously. Anyway, I told my friend, “She’s a White House correspondent. Flaming lib. Probably burned her bra in the '60s. Now she’s saying that Paul Ryan isn’t a good pick for women.”

“Whatever,” my friend replied. “He’s hot and he wants to cut spending. This suburban housewife is all for Ryan.” And that is why I love her. 

All personal stories and poking fun at Andrea Mitchell aside, let’s take a look at the Republican Vice Presidential Nominee. Really, really take a look at him. Mmmmm ... sorry couldn’t help it. Man’s a stud. Aside from the exterior aesthetics, conservative girls go gaga for the fiscal hawk inside that P90X-toned bod.

Paul Ryan became an instant Tea Party rock star when he completely dismantled Obamacare in six minutes back when Congress was still debating whether or not to defund Medicare as we know it. He had the audacity to point out that the Congressional Budget Office didn’t have sufficient detail to score the health care bill, because the health care bill counted a lot of money twice. Newsflash to liberals: Taking five dollars from your left hand and placing it in your right doesn’t mean you have ten dollars. Unfortunately, that’s how the CBO was forced to count it. 

Paul Ryan is not afraid to go after Obama where it will hurt him the most -- the fiscal crisis our country is suffering right now. As the House Budget Committee Chairman, he has put forth numerous plans that the Democratic Senate has turned down. It’s been over three years since the Democrats have put forth a budget, and it’s time to get to work. 

When Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan get to work next January, the rest of America can too.


This post is part of a weekly conversation with our Moms Matter 2012 political bloggers. To see the original question and what the other writers have to say, see "Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP."

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Good going wamom. I agree with your comments. I also can't wait for the debates. Romney is by far more knowledgeable. It's going to be funny watching Obama squirm trying to read off his teleprompter.

Another thing I admired about Ryan last night on 60 minutes was when Bob Schieffer kept trying to bring up "social" issues Ryan put him right back on track about our economy. He said "I'm not going to let you distract us from the issues." I LOVED that. He's not a snot nosed pup! He's a very intelligent man and I can't wait to see the foreplay that's going to go on now. It's going to be awesome. 


tesscat tesscat

i love that one of your reasons to vote for him is because he's hot. GOOD JOB.

wamom223 wamom223

@Jen- Are you kidding?  I would love to outlaw the lobbyist, they represent everything that is wrong with this country with their backdoor deals and payoffs.  If you have the initiative and the drive to raise money separately for lobbyist then you should have it to fund your non-profit.  I am down to help people that can't help themselves but Planned Parenthood is all about killing not saving anyone.  Call your local Planned Parenthood and ask for a free mammogram and comment back on what you heard.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

Clearly this article was meant to be satirical take of all the stupid reasons the liberal bloggers give to support or to not support a candidate. Take a chill pill ladies, this is obviously not a serious article.

nonmember avatar Rocin

If all you libs have is 'men-will-control-our-bodies-if-we-elect-romney-and-ryan', yur gonna lose, big-time.

JenB317 JenB317

I know several women personally who got life saving cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood clinics. As to mammograms, PPH does breast exams and makes referrals, if necessary, just like my OB would. He doesn't have a radiologist on staff either. Is the funding in question (I'm guessing this refers to the Komen fiasco) going to provide free mammograms to low income women? Yes, it is.

JenB317 JenB317

Jen, no you dont believe you can make your own choices regarding your body. Because you believe the government needs to pay for your lifestyle and choices

Actually you know nothing about my life style and choices, or what government services I use. I do carry health insurance, and I do consider birth control basic health care. If it takes governement legislation to make sure I get it, I am OK with it. If my doctor perscribes it for me, I don't want my employer having a say in if it is covered.

and when given pushback, the first words out your mouth is "my body, my choice and we are going back to coat hangers".

Not really. I argue from practicallity. I have yet to see someone prove programs like Title X don't pay for themselves several times over. Making birth control as widely available as possible is practical. It doesn't make anyone take it, and other than helping making it available as widely as possible the government has nothing to do with it. It reduces public costs, abortions, and unintended pregnancies. All goals you say you support.

Our schools, roads and military are way more important than your reproductive rights.

So the right of half the population don't matter? Especially when it effects all of us? With that kind of attitude its a wonder civil rights for anyone. It is the reproductive rights of all of us.

You make an awful lot of ASSumptions. You might try listening to individuals instead of the straw liberals that are in your ahead.


JenB317 JenB317

Also, if we are broke, how come we can afford a military industrial complex, yet we cannot afford a program (title X) that costs the equivalent of one fighter plane and ultimately saves an estimated 3.4 billion dollars?

(figures on savings are from Guttmacher)

wamom223 wamom223

The government should pay for our defence not our social issues Jen.  There is no such thing as free contraceptives.  Let me explain to you how business works.  Those magical little pills are made by companies, the companies have employees and all sorts of other overhead to pay for, that's why they charge you for the pill.  Because you see people get into business to make money or why take the risk in starting a business.  So if you tell the Insurance companies they have to pay for that and the Insurance companies are in business to make money they are going to raise EVERY ONE'S RATES to pay for it.  So what I would like to know is where in the wold are you getting your bullshit information and numbers from.    

wamom223 wamom223

Oh and just one more question.  You don't think its any of your employers business about your birth control but you want them to pay for it?  Birth control is widely available as you referred to it but it should not be free.  What about the other half of the population?  Do you care about their bodies and their choices? 

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