Romney Picks Paul Ryan as VP

Paul Ryan and Mitt RomneyAfter months of anticipation, Mitt Romney has announced his running mate. His choice:

Congressman Paul Ryan.

Romney made his selection known via a mobile app created just for the announcement. He'll spend the next four days making campaign stops in key battleground states along with his new running mate.

Our political bloggers will be talking about Romney's selection throughout next week- In the meantime, we'd like to know what you think of Mitt Romney's selection.

Tell us in the comments -- and read more about Romney's new VP pick -- after the jump!

42-year-old Paul Ryan is a Wisconsin Republican and House Budget Committee Chairman who's made a name for himself as a rising star in Washington. He's best known for submitting two popular alternative budget plans in 2009 and 2010 to counter Obama's proposed budget. Both plans centered around defecit reduction. Rep. Ryan is also a husband and father of two sons and a daughter.

He's known for his conservativism and his intellect. He also seems to have a tight personal friendship with Mitt Romney. But perhaps the best way to get a sense for Paul Ryan is to read his own words.

In remarks Ryan delivered this morning in Norfolk, VA, he had this to say:

My dad died when I was young. He was a good and decent man. I still remember a couple of things he would say that have really stuck with me.  "Son you are either part of the problem or part of the solution."  
Regrettably, President Obama has become part of the problem,...and Mitt Romney is the solution.
The other thing my dad would say is that every generation of Americans leaves their children better off. That's the American legacy.
Sadly, for the first time in our history, we are on a path which will undo that legacy. That is why we need new leadership to become part of the solution – new leadership to restore prosperity, economic growth, and jobs.
It is our duty to save the American Dream for our children, and theirs.
 He followed with these comments:

I represent a part of America that includes inner cities, rural areas, suburbs and factory towns.  Over the years I have seen and heard from a lot from families, from those running small businesses, and from people who are in need.  But what I have heard lately troubles me the most.  There is something different in their voice and in their words. What I hear from them are diminished dreams, lowered expectations, uncertain futures.
I hear some people say that this is just "the new normal." High unemployment, declining incomes and crushing debt is not a new normal.  It's the result of misguided policies.  And next January, our economy will begin a comeback with the Romney Plan for a Stronger Middle Class that will lead to more jobs and more take home pay for working Americans.
America is on the wrong track; but Mitt Romney and I will take the right steps, in the right time, to get us back on the right track!

Meanwhile, in response to Romney's announcement, Obama campaign advisor Jim Messina had this to say:

Congressman Paul Ryan is best known as the author of a budget so radical The New York Times called it "the most extreme budget plan passed by a House of Congress in modern times." With Mitt Romney's support, Ryan would end Medicare as we know it and slash the investments we need to keep our economy growing -- all while cutting taxes for those at the very top.

Paul Ryan is young and charismatic. He may be just what Mitt Romney needs to make the emotional connection with voters that Romney's supporters have been telling me for months that they worry their candidate lacks.

Ryan also is likely to help Romney add concrete details to his budget plan -- details that until now have been noticeably missing.


Here's what our political bloggers have to say about Paul Ryan. (Check back daily for a new opinion.)

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right... rightside

Sadly, for the first time in our history, we are on a path which will undo that legacy. That is why we need new leadership to become part of the solution – new leadership to restore prosperity, economic growth, and jobs.

Right there - it's like he's in my head.  I have such fear for my kids' future, thanks to Obama.  Never before have I felt a president is actually dangerous for the country, and I think another four years of his ideals will bring about irreversible destruction of Americans ability to prosper.  I don't know how any mother can support Obama - in my opinion, his disregard for even innocent infants who survive abortions and then are left to suffer and die speaks such volumes about his character and values.  I reject Obama so completely that the VP pick doesn't matter to me, but I'm satisfied with Rylan - he's smart, capable, and driven.  Romney/Ryan 2012!

AliNo... AliNoelle

Obama had this in the bag. Great pick Mitt....

nonmember avatar Bee

Wow, rightside, Obama was the first president you felt was dangerous? What about Bush, who started a war knowingly based on false information? Isn't that dangerous? Like, getting people killed dangerous?


I'm just thrilled with this. I didn't see it coming but I'm a Paul Ryan fan. It's no fun to tighten our budgets any more than it's fun to diet. But it's got to be done and I think he's the guy who'll be able to do it.

AliNo... AliNoelle

First we can cut defense spending.


A lot of presidents have engaged in wars Bee. How about we leave Bush out of things? He's been gone almost 4 years. The blame is really so futile now. Do you find blaming him now is somehow useful? Good heavens.

fleur... fleurdelys3110

I already stated my opinion on Sheri Reed's baseless article. However, I'm commenting because I want to congratulate you, Lindsay. You've managed to write an article about this that considers the pros and cons of the candidate from both sides of the aisle, without interjecting with your opinion. That is good reporting.

dreab... dreabug23

So according to your logic JAFE, we should go ahead and forget the man who started a war under false pretences? A war that so far has cost US taxpayers nearly $4 trillion dollars, most of which was borrowed? Not to mention the extra $1 trillion it will cost to treat out service people suffering from debilitating physical injuries and PTSD? It was over 4 years ago. We should just let that one go.

Cristina Lynch Pierce

Do you know what Paul Ryan does to stay fit?

Autum... Autumnleaves87

Thank you, Mr. Romney.

I'm so glad you have come to your senses, and decided to expedite the political "kiss of death" by selecting a visionless pioneer who has constructed a plan of changing Medicare to a voucher system, as your Vice Presidential candidate.

As the architect of a Budget bringing more radical expenses to the middle class, and poor who already paid into FICA their entire working careers. Mr. Ryan intends on bringing the brunt of economic pain, and economic suffering onto those in middle class after already paying the highest economic price from the 2008 Wall Street crash to fund greater tax cuts for millionaires/billionaires.

What a guy......and what a recipe for political failure at the ballot box. It's sure to be a "miss" with seniors living on a fixed income. Remember, there are more of us in the middle class than there are of you Coporate Raiders......

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