Nasty Pro-Obama Ad Accuses Mitt Romney of Killing Someone's Wife

joe sopticDid you hear about that time Mitt Romney killed someone’s wife? If you’ve seen pro-Obama super PAC Priorities USA’s latest ad, then you’ve heard all about it. The ad features Joe Soptic, a man who laments losing his job after Bain Capital bought the company he worked for and reorganized it.

Joe lost his job and his health insurance, and then his wife was diagnosed with stage four cancer and died a few days later and it’s all Mitt Romney’s fault because Bain is evil and Mormons probably are too!


This is the most ludicrous attack since John Kerry betrayed the Swiftboat Veterans. Or maybe since Paul Ryan wanted to push Grandma off a cliff. No, it’s vile distortion has to rival Daisy Girl, the 1964 pro-Lyndon Johnson ad insinuating that Republican challenger Barry Goldwater would kill adorable little girls ... with thermo-nuclear weapons.

Lies, damn lies. Let’s take a look at Joe Soptic’s timeline, shall we? Romney hasn’t run Bain Capital since 1999, when he left to take over the 2002 Salt Lake City Olympics (where he did a great job, by the way). Joe was offered a buy out, but he declined to take it. In 2001, the plant went under and Joe lost his job. Five years later, in 2006, his wife died from cancer. Sad? Yes. Mitt Romney’s fault? No.

Because this ad was put out by a super PAC, Team Obama claimed ignorance of the man and his story. Of course they wouldn’t denounce it, because hey, that’s a super PAC, and we don’t coordinate with super PACs because that’s illegal. Obama Deputy Campaign Manager Stephanie Cutter went on CNN Wednesday to explicitly state that they don’t coordinate with Priorities USA, and that she didn’t know “the facts of when Joe Soptic’s wife got sick, or when she died.” 

Cut to audio from an Obama campaign conference call from this past May, and we clearly hear the voices of Joe and Stephanie, and she thanks him for sharing his story. She is clearly a liar liar pants on fire. This is a coordinated effort to make Mitt Romney look like a monster that will kill people for profit.

While we’re on the subject of killing people, can we talk about all the babies that Barack Obama would leave to die after botched abortions by being the only Illinois state senator to vote against the Born-Alive Infant Protection Act? Or what about border patrol agent Brian Terry, who was shot and killed with guns purchased by the U.S. government and handed over to Mexican drug cartels during Obama’s presidency? 

Or even the poor pooch Barack Obama once had for breakfast? Dogs are people too, right? 

Dog-eating jokes aside, the Obama camp would do well to remember that as nasty as their ads against Romney get, Team Romney can get just as nasty back, with one major advantage: They have the truth on their side.


Image via prioritiesUSAction/YouTube

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