248 Human Fetuses Discovered by Fisherman Looking for Firewood

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barrelIt's hard to imagine what the Russian fisherman was thinking when he stumbled on some strange plastic barrels in the middle of the forest in the Ural Mountains recently. Inside the barrels? Human fetuses, 248 of them all tagged with family names.

It almost sounds too sick and twisted to be true, but sadly, that is exactly what happened. The poor man went to the woods to get some firewood, and instead he found hundreds of fetuses. And now for the part of this horror story that will make you forever fear going to a hospital.

Investigators say they think these fetuses actually came FROM medical facilities. No doubt with the help of those family names, the fetuses have been tied to hospitals in Yekaterinburg. And they're putting the blame on a bio-medical waste company for falling down on the job.

Now let's just think about this for a moment, people. You go into the hospital, and you're at their mercy. We all just take it on blind faith that whatever happens after we leave, they'll treat whatever came out of us with the utmost respect.

Hospitals and bio-medical waste companies have to be held to a higher standard precisely because of what they deal with: humans.

We aren't talking someone's old refrigerator that wasn't dumped on the roadside instead of being taken to the proper landfill. Heck, we aren't talking just any medical "waste." This isn't a used syringe. These were human fetuses. Nearly 250 of them!

If they could screw up something his important that badly, it makes me wonder what else is being screwed up. And heads had better roll.

What do you think should happen to the people at this company? Are you uneasy about medical "waste" and what happens to it?


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banan... banana-bear

Maybe if women didn't kill (abort) their babies, this would have never happened.


That made me throw up a little.

banana-bear- Don't be a troll.throwing up

MeowLove MeowLove

it very well could have been miscarraged babies too banana.

nonmember avatar MJ

I am so thankful that the hospital I work for will give babies that are stillborn or miscarried a proper burial at a cemetery if the family is unable to do so.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Those babies deserved to be respected more than that, even after death. I hope they all rest in peace and find their way home inspite of their treatment.

LandD... LandDCait

Where I work if the baby is greater than 20 weeks gestation the parents must go through a funeral home (state law), but less than 20 weeks the parents can either use a funeral home, take the baby home (the Amish usually elect this), or have the hospital bury the remains in a marked grave for unborn babies. However, this is a Catholic institution so life seems to be treated with more respect than at a secular institution. Other hospitals I have worked with just dispose of them with medical waste (horrible). In Ohio, any baby born with any sign of life, despite gestational age (I've seen a 16 seeker hang on for awhile) gets a birth certificate. Fetal death certificates are issued for stillbirths.

Sirena Robinson

Remember people, we're talking about Russia. As in, not the U.S. There's a reason stuff like this doesn't happen here. Fetal death rates, even at birth, are still high, and their prenatal care is archaic.

Torra... TorranceMom

Jeanne, that would be 248 human BABIES.

Bugsm... Bugsmom0307

That is horrible! I certainly hope things like that don't happen around here.

nonmember avatar kaerae

Didn;t expect it would take longer than the first commenter to turn this to an anti-abortion rights rant...big surprise!

@TorranceMom - Can't you read? These were fetuses, not babies. Smarten up.

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