'Dark Knight Rises' Massacre Should Inspire an Assault Weapon Ban Even in an Election Year (VIDEO)

Dianne FeinsteinTwenty years ago -- two decades before the mass killing in Colorado that took the lives of 12 people trying to watch Dark Knight Rises -- Senator Dianne Feinstein of California called for a ban on military assault weapons. On Sunday night, she brought it up again.

"Weapons of war don't belong on the streets," she said on Fox News. This came on the heels of Jay Carney, the White House Press Secretary, announcing that no new policy would come up as the result of these shootings. Feinstein then acknowledged this debate will not take place during an election year for obvious reason.

Does this strike anyone else as insane? Just because people are trying to get votes, we can't have a sane and civil discussion about the proliferation of "weapons of war" on our streets? Wow. I suddenly feel so safe. See her comments below:

This is one of the most difficult parts of politics. When push comes to shove, in an election year, nothing that matters can get done. Even if a politician believes in something, they are too busy sucking up to people to actually take a stand.

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It seems fairly obvious that assault weapons should be banned. These are weapons of war that are used to kill, period. Why does anyone need these? And why is Feinstein the only person with enough courage to say anything about it.

Say what you will about Obama, but there is no doubt that he is a brilliant man. So why can't he see that certain issues matter more than winning an election and protecting the people is one of them?

Twelve young people are dead because one madman was able to legally obtain weapons of war. Sure, it might not stop madmen. They will be able to get guns one way or another. But at least then it's on the black market where, believe it or not, there might be more of a watchful eye. He was able to buy it all, free and unrestricted thanks to our laws (or lack thereof).

I realize I am in the minority and I feel very lucky to live in a state where guns are tightly regulated and very few homes have guns. But this isn't the culture I want to raise my kids in. I don't want these massacres to be the price we pay for people's "constitutional right" to "bear arms," which, by the way, is much more complicated than most gun nuts will have us all believe.

So we will keep on keeping on because it's an election year. In two years maybe no one will remember the pain of these past few days and all the senseless violence. It will be just another gun massacre. There have been so many, after all.  And since no one has the sense to make any changes, we can fully expect it to happen again.

After all, it's an election year.

Does this disgust anyone else?


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nonmember avatar HappyDad

I am disgusted by this horrible act of senseless violence but I think your argument is based too much on emotion and not enough on logic. To ask why would anyone need these guns is as nonlogical as asking why someone needs a 100 inch tv or a Rolls Royce. And if you try to say those don't kill people I will call your attention to the Kentucky truck crash that killed 11 and injured 12. Should we now ban trucks because they kill far more people every year than guns? What about cigarettes? Alcohol? Prescription pain need? These kill in so much higher numbers than guns (and not just the users) so I have to ask, is your desire to ban them based solely on fear of guns?

cmjaz cmjaz

As a Conservative, I want to be able to buy guns however, I don't understand why semi automatic assault rifles aren't banned.

Misty... Misty.Dawn

if people cant buy them legally, they will buy them illegally. Yeah there might be more of a watchful eye, but is that watchful eye keeping illegal drugs away from people?

nonmember avatar LJ

You know, it would be great if there was no such things as guns. However, there are. They are attained legally and illegally. MOST gun abiding citizens don't do this. We want the ability to defend our family and livelihood with deadly force. This guy was a NUT. Ok, say he didn't get them legally. He also seemed to have some knowledge of explosives. If he wanted to carry out something this awful, he could've blown everyone up just like he was planning at his apartment. It is commonly known that most gun crime is illegal gun crime done by felons. To get guns out of my hands is a big mistake. CA, DC, IL and other states like that have the strictest gun crime in the country. Fat lot of good that does with the amount of gun crime in them! We lived in AK with one of the loosest gun crime stats and the rate is one of the lowest in the country. This may sound cliche, but when you outlaw guns, only the outlaws will have them.

nonmember avatar Adam

"...the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." 2nd Ammendment Us Constitution. Seems pretty cut and dry to me. A gun is no more to blame for the taking of a life than a car can be. Lets ban cars while we're at it, because you know, there are way too many deadly car accidents. Let's ban violence on TV and in video games. Let's ban "extreme lyrical content" in music. Let's ban EVERYTHING we don't like because that's easier than expecting people to be personably responsible. Sounds like a great plan. /sarcastic rant.

nonmember avatar Ellen

Not all the victims were young. I believe one man was in his 50s.

MomIWant MomIWant

Chicago has one of the strictest gun laws in the country and yet, they have an enormous homicide rate from gun shootings.  The use of 'Assault" weapon and  "weapons of war" is a fear tactic and ridiculous.  All guns held by a madman will assault.  YOU CANNOT LEGISLATE CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nonmember avatar Amy

Yes, if assault weapons were banned perhaps people who want access to these guns can find a way to obtain them illegally. But if there is even a CHANCE that a life could be spared isn't it worth it? Automobiles kill more people but they can be used responsibly, alcohol and tobacco kill people but they can be used in moderation, assault weapons CANNOT be used responsibly! They are purely designed to kill- they have no other function. No civilian should have legal access to weapons like this - it is irresponsible to have them so accessible.

cabab... cababylon

I agree with HappyDad. It's no good for anyone when people start telling us what we are and are not allowed to have. It's a pretty scary thought if you actually think about it. Pushing your own personal fear about guns on other people is not a good argument...and frm what I've noticed it's really th only argument that gun control enthusiasts have.

PonyC... PonyChaser

The 2nd Amendment - the right to bear arms, and reference to a "well armed militia" - was not put in place to keep the police and the army flush with firearms. It was put in place to give the people, regular citizens like you and me, redress in the horrific event that the government goes completely rogue. If the government becomes completely out of control and starts being oppressive - like it was in our Founding Father's day, levying taxes on everything, removing rights willy-nilly - it is in place so that the people can rise up and defend themselves against that repressive government.

Now, am I saying that we all need to arm ourselves and march on D.C? No. I AM saying that, before we talk about banning guns of any kind based on a knee-jerk reaction to some lunatic whack-job, we ARM ourselves with knowledge of the Constitution and why each of those provisions it contains were put into place.

As others have stated - outlaw any kind of guns, and you only disarm the law-abiding citizens. See Chicago Gang Violence.

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