Ann Romney's 'You People' Remark Makes Americans Angry as Hell (VIDEO)

ann romney on good morning americaToday's poll numbers may show presumptive GOP nominee Mitt Romney and President Obama in a dead heat, but an unnerving new remark from Camp Romney -- courtesy of none other than Ann Romney -- could tip the scale in the POTUS's favor. Sitting down to chat with ABC's Robin Roberts on Good Morning America in an interview airing today, Mrs. Romney addressed concerns surrounding the tax returns her husband has refused to release. Although President Obama released his for the past seven years, while the Bushes offered up ten to twelve years' worth, the Romneys contend that two years is adequate. 

Ann defended the move, curtly noting, "We've given all you people need to know and understand about our financial situation and about how -- you know, how we live our life." Wow, condescending much, Mrs. Romney?

These few poorly chosen words strung together equal one HUGE red flag. A major indicator of how out of touch the Romneys are and how they see us, the American people. Sure she could have been referring specifically to the media since she was speaking directly to a newswoman, but what is the media other than a messenger of information for us the American people? Ultimately, it's the VOTERS who want to see these tax returns.

And judging from Ann Romney's remark, it sounds like the Romneys' attitude is basically, "We're above this demand. We don't want to share anymore about how insanely rich we are. Now back off, you little pee-on trolls!" What's truly terrifying: If Mitt's acting like he should be exempt from taking action the public is asking for, how can we expect him to have our best interests at heart as President? I shudder at the thought.

Romney had explained (very poorly) that the real reason she and Mitt aren't releasing more tax returns has to do with guarding themselves against "more attack." Her exact quote:

There are so many things that will be open again for more attack. And you just want to give more material for more attack. And that’s really -- that’s just the answer.

So ... wait -- let's get this straight -- their unreleased tax returns are entirely honorable, yet releasing them to the public will set them up for further attacks? Oookay. So not only are the Romneys condescending, they're uber-defensive! Grrreat. Because those are precisely the qualities we want in our President and his family.

Here's the clip of Ann's interview if you missed it ...


Are you turned off by Ann Romney's remarks?


Image via ABC

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nonmember avatar American 1st

I think Mr. Romney should release his tax records just as soon as Obama releases his college records & applications that we've been asking for....for 4 years.

Why did he have these records sealed? Is it because his place of birth is on the applications? Or is it because he got foreign student grants or loans?

If there's nothing to hide, let us see it.....

nonmember avatar John T Honea

This is absolute stupidity at its pinnacle. Find something real to get mad about. Maybe where 600 million dollars came from for oblamas campaign. where are HIS tax records, school records, citizenship records?

nonmember avatar Loren Lewis

How about Obama's birth certificate? Maybe he should provide a valid one? The one he "finally" provided has been shown to be a forgery, modified on a computer and printed on a modern printer (that incidentally did not exist when he was born). Maybe Maressa should attack that with the same veracity?

Carrie BIggs Schnepf

I say it's obvious "you people" is referring to dang press that has to keep asking the question over and over and over. Move on, Ok he's built a successful business and he is rich, I'm sure there are plenty of democrats who support Obama (Sam Walton) who have also taken advantage of the lower taxes, also finding tax shelters. Why don't "you people" start reporting on real facts and not keep regurgitating issues that don't matter. And another thing, why don't "you people" report fairly vboth democrat and republican strength's and weaknesses. Obama have almost four years of lies and deciet.

Toni R. Owens

No, I'm not turned off. What has Obama shown us other than tax returns? His real birth certificate? No!! His college records? No!! Maybe the media should worry about who's a@@ they are kissing instead of Romney's tax returns. I don't care what they are and don't blame her at all for what she said. Quit trying to turn this around. At least we know he's an American!!

Bamboo Bond

Hey she's kind of a Leona... you know, "only the little people pay taxes."

nonmember avatar Nonny

Why are "you people" so worried about the mans tax returns. But "you people" aren't to worried about the sealed documents of the President. What does Obama have to hide? The phrase "you people" referrs to any news reporters.I wish "you people" would quit campaigning for Obama.

nonmember avatar Ms M

Nope, not a problem with me. It's very obvious she was talking 'to' the media folks who seem to give the Obamas a free pass over and over... I don't have a problem with the Romney's being rich, I have a problem with people who think that this country should be like Europe or Australia (like paying those taxrates, move there! - oh, you just want THEM to pay, but not you?) But here in USA, you too can pay lots of taxes if you work hard, don't waste time on the internet or watching tv, have a good idea or work ethic, take business and personal risks and make anything out of yourself, like Romney's family did. I am sure he paid his taxes for all those years since I'm also sure the IRS would have been ALL over him if he hadn't paid all that was required (you think that's not enough?, well, next time you go to the store, and see that soup costs $1.59, just pay them extra for it even if you don't have to - that's like what you're upset at the Romneys for. CHANGE THE TAX LAWS, don't blame the people who don't pay more than they are required to under those laws. I'd like to see the Fair Tax put in force, but then where would all those IRS employees work?

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