10-Year-Old Girl Fights Off Kidnapper & It's Caught on Tape (VIDEO)

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city streetFor one 10-year-old girl, a trip to the corner store almost turned tragic. While walking down the street with her 2-year-old brother, a man tried to kidnap her off a street in South Philadelphia. Amazingly, the whole horrifying crime was caught on surveillance cameras.

The video shows the man pull his car to the side of the road, wait for the kids walking hand-in-hand to pass by, then jump out of the car to sneak up behind them. He grabs the little girl, muzzles her mouth with his hand, and tries to run off with her, but she bit and kicked him, defensive moves her father says she learned from watching Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Police say he was also scared off by her brother's startled reaction. "Ultimately, with the screams from this little boy and by her account [the victim] says the child literally screams louder than anything she's ever heard before, he literally interrupts this assault," said Captain John Darby. The suspect is still on the run, but thanks to the cameras, they have a good description of the man and his car.

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We hear about children being snatched all the time. Usually, as we listen to the police describe what they think happened, we may try to piece together a picture of the crime in our mind. But to see it actually unfold right before your eyes is truly terrifying.

See the young girl's scary ordeal here:


What's your reaction to seeing an attempted abduction play out before your eyes? 

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nonmember avatar Emily

I am so glad this little girl is safe and that her brother was not hurt. But - why in the world was she walking alone with a two year old? I have kids my oldest is nearly nine ( so same kinda age range) and my youngest boy is two and a half. I would never let my daughter walk alone anywhere with him. Not to the corner of our street, and not to a corner store! Not because I don't trust her, but because that's a lot of responsibility for a young girl and two year olds a squirly

Venae Venae

And that's why you can't let your kids out of your sight.  Pervs are everywhere.

banan... banana-bear

When will parents learn to NOT let their kids be outside alone at such a young age??? The parents are just asking for it....

I don't give a crap where you live or how "small of a town" you live in, your kids are significantly LESS safe when you are not in their presence while outside. I always see little kids running around the neighborhood; 3, 4, 5 and 6 year olds. It's insane!

Caryn Rix

MAKES ME SO SICK TO SEE THIS!!! Scares me  to death!  makes me want to keep my kids tehered to me at all times. Just goes to show you cant trust anyone anywhere.

And my question, why were those kids outside without their parents? I still say 10 is still to young to be outside alone and for sure a two year old! Come on parents wake up and pay attention !!!!!

nonmember avatar Sarah K

I'm so glad the kids got away, but watching Law & Order SVU?! That's not appropriate TV for a 10 year old.

nonmember avatar Kim

I am a mom of 3 & live in this area and that is terrifying to see! This is exactly why I wont let my kids walk home from school even though we only live 4 blocks away. These predators are EVERYWHERE and it only takes seconds for them to act on vulernable children. I do everything in my power to make sure my kids are not in that situation. I'm so glad that girl had her wits about her to fight back and her little brother made such a scene with his screams.

nonmember avatar Shocked

There is so much wrong with this situation IMO!!!!! The first is that the parents felt it was ok for their very young daughter to take their toddler to a store alone! Like others said, it doesn't matter how "safe" a neighborhood you think you live in, creeps are everywhere and accidents can happen that require maturity to deal with them! I'm so happy this held a happy ending.

Another thing, why was she allowed to watch SVU???? I watch that show and know that it is an incredibly inappropriate show for a 10 year old!!

Sorry to sound so judgmental, but this is just crazy to me!

Brenetta Taylor Butts

Too the hear the mayor comment about never seeing a video like that is almost funny. Kidnappings aren't meant to be seen. We should all be thankful for what TV DOES teach our children because for those children it saved their lives. The parents should be thankful for having such intelligent children; however, as a CPS worker, no child should be allowed to go to the store by themselves. What we saw is the result and "Human Trafficking" is on the rise.

nonmember avatar Ashley

This is horrific... thank God she and her brother are safe. As far as why they were out, a lot of folks grew up with that being the norm. I understand they should still be more cautious but every one was raised a bit different.

dreamsky dreamsky

It shouldn't happen. What if they we're just playing outside. This sh** should not happen. I will let my child watch a show that could potentially save their lives. I let my kids know that these monsters will hurt them and kill them. Whatever it takes to have my kids safe and warm in their beds. No matter what age.

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