It's Official: Women Are Smarter Than Men

women smarterYo, look out men: Women are scoring higher on IQ tests than men are. We've been lagging a hair behind men on those tests for the past 100 years. But no longer! For the first time, women beat men in IQ tests in overall scores. We've caught up -- and we're pulling ahead now.

So. We can haz world domination now?

Seriously, we should be running everything. Now that we all know that we're smarter, that's one fewer excuse to leave the guys in most positions of power. Hey, even Yahoo seems to know what's what. They just put Marissa Mayer in charge of their company. When are we putting a woman in charge of our country? Or are we still missing one essential ingredient?

(For the record, yes, I feel all sorts of ick about Marissa Mayer's maternity non-leave but hey, it's her choice.)

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James Flynn, the New Zealand researcher who ran the IQ tests and who will be publishing the results in September, thinks women may be pulling ahead because we have to juggle more -- family and career. (And the men don't?!?) He also points out that women have more educational opportunities than ever before. That's the gift of feminism: It's literally making us smarter.

But we can be all sorts of brainy and men still have one up on us: They're loaded to the gills with testosterone. That makes them aggressive and bossy. It's the take-charge, no-apologies hormone. We make testosterone, too, but usually not nearly as much.

Will brains eventually win over brawny hormones? Testosterone also makes guys do stupid, self-destructive things, after all. If we keep getting smarter maybe eventually all we'll have to do is watch men fight and skateboard-paraglide their way into a subordinate position. Maybe someday we'll have a Fifty Shades of Mauve book on the best-seller list! (I'm buying my own whip and stilettos in case that gets big soon.)

But hey, we don't even have to be in charge of everything. I'd be thrilled if women were just EQUAL in earning power and leadership. That would be enough for me. I mean, you'd almost have to be stupid to want to be a politician.

Oh geez, look how accommodating I'm being. Gah, that's so female of me. "Oh no, men, don't feel threatened! We're not out to usurp your power -- we just want you to share a little bit more." Whatever, women are getting smarter than men. That's the good news for us. Will we be able to resist apologizing for it?

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Why do you think women are performing better on IQ tests now?


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Shandi80 Shandi80

Yeah, Girl power and stuff...but do we really need to be such jerks about it? Is this not dividing us more?

the4m... the4mutts

You lost me at "feminism".

Feminism & women's rights are not one and the same. While both may meet on comon ground at times, that doesn't mean they're not one-n-the-same

alisa... alisabethjaimes

I'd like to see more women in charge of women's health...

nonmember avatar American Expat

WOW the4mutts that was awesome! I'd give you a hug if I was sure your SO wouldn't smack me lol. My stepdaughter totally agrees. She calls feminism a highly destructive force for a country and she says her country has equal rights women, they have no use for feminism.

the4m... the4mutts

AmericanExpat- LoL *insert virtual hug here*

And your step daughter sounds intelligent. Idk how old she is, but good for her for figuring it out!

I've never felt the need to feel superior, or genetically equal to a man. We're different, and that's kind of the point. What a man wasn't made to do, a woman was, and vice-versa. But I want to be treated with equal oportunity, and respect by my partner, my boss, and society in general.

The IDEA of "feminism" was probably a good one in the beginning though. I'll give it that.

John Alastair

Okay, so women outscoring men by just 5 points means, "Let's openly declare that women are smarter than men!"  What about Whites outscoring Blacks and Latinos by 10 - 20 points? Bold enough to make any declarations there?


5 points? woopie. When we start beating them by 50 -100 I might get excited.

nonmember avatar American Expat

Aw, thanks the4mutts! She's 15, but honestly she really didn't figure it out, it's that yin and yang are core to oriental values, both genders must be in equality to form the perfect circle. Feminism would disrupt that.

nonmember avatar Karma

Where are those men are smarter than women articles? You should have at least 100 of them.

nonmember avatar Dylan

The fact that even women are trying to push IQ into the realm of gender just proves that both women and men are equally intelligent and stupid. On one side you have Insanely intelligent women writing books and theory's of relativity and on the the other you have a Disney star "Twerking" on stage. (not even a fucking word). With men you have a guy who is in a fucking wheel chair and start math equations that make my IQ of 160 feel like -6000, then we got guys who think rape is a impossibility. No matter your race, creed, gender or roles in life.....there's always a dumbass around the corner.

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