Ask Mitt & Ann Romney Your Questions: Submit Them Here!

ann mitt romneyThe 2012 Election is heating up with both President Obama and Mitt Romney hitting the country to shake hands with people and answer all their burning questions. But if Mitt's tour bus isn't stopping in your town, here's your chance to ask him and his wife Ann some questions that could help you make your voting decision come this November.

Lynn Sherr of Parade magazine is going to be sitting down with the Romneys this Friday and she wants CafeMom members to help her with the interview. If your question gets selected, she'll not only pose them to the presidential candidate and his wife, but you'll see it in print in Parade magazine. Pretty cool stuff!

What question would you ask Mitt Romney? What question would you ask his wife Ann? Leave your question in the comments section below - we'll select several to ask the Romneys.


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itsrt... itsrtimedownher

do you feel it's time for a rEVOLution?

kitty... kittysangel

Are you willing to ensure that the constitution is upheld rather than pushed aside? Would you be willing to give the States the right to decide their own laws and remove this "drug war" from the federal budget effectively removing 15 billion dollars (approximately) from the deficit and will you Allow the states to Decide their stance on Abortion, Euthanasia, Polygamy? Would you be willing to take responsibility for drugs approved by the FDA  ie Neurontin

MomTe... MomTeacher621

Explain your views on No Child Left Behind. Do you support it as is? If not, what changes do you plan to implement? How will you involve teachers (everyday classroom teachers, not "former teachers, college professors who teach teacher candidates, etc.). What are your feelings about a "growth" model of assessing student achievement vs. a "reaching a common goal" model?

MomTe... MomTeacher621 should say "How will you involve teachers (everyday....) in any decisions regarding changes to NCLB."  Sorry for the error!


MomTe... MomTeacher621

Hmmm...not really my business, but I think the point here was to ASK QUESTIONS, not bash others' questions. People have the freedom to ask what they want. This isn't really a request for your personal beliefs, just questions you would like answered. You can waste a post bashing someone, or you can ask a coherent, relevant question that would help all of us in the long run. Just sayin'....

bowli... bowlingmom06

What truly areyour views? Every time you are captured on media, you are either flip-flopping or just repeating the talking points of the Republican agenda.

Why are you swearing to get rid of the Affordable Health Care Act when it was modeled after your own version when you were governor?

Why do you not care about the "very poor" just because they have a safety net, when the house and senate are trying to cut funding to the "safety net" programs?

Have you ever tried to "walk a mile" in the lower class' shoes? Have you tried to run your household on the average amount of money and food stamps the lower class famlies have to live off of for a month, couple months, a year?

Why do you feel that the whole country should follow your belief system when it comes to abortion? Why should women, and couples be force to have a child when they cannot afford it, a product of rape, or could harm the mother or baby? Would you be willing to spend your money on helping raise that child? Because it seems like you want to give unborns so many "freedoms" then give them the shaft once they are born.

rebec... rebecca_tal4

i'm sure this has already been asked BUT i would like to know if he "gets rid" of obamacare, what is his plan for the 17 million children who have PRE-EXSISTING conditions???? and their parents who want to make sure they are insured and not in the medicaid system????

april545 april545

Is it true what I have been reading that you basically wish people such as my self with pre existing medical conditions to " die off"?  How do you plan to help working tax payers like me with no insurance, and a pre exsisting medical condition.  I believe that to exclude people from receiving viable health insurance because they have a health issue, is discrimination.  I am able to pay for my insurance but because I have Diabetes Type 1 that was cause from a pill prescribed by my doctor, I receive denial letters from insurance companies because of my diabetes.  Due you plan on attacking the "insurance giant" for hard working tax payers? 

bayri... bayridgemama

I agree with a previous poster-- could you please ask for Obama's records in return for your tax records? For instance, proof of his Ivy League school education and VALID birth certificate. Will you ensure that Planned Parenthood is not run by taxpayers dollars? Will you allow more states to enforce the drug testing in order to receive welfare? Will you make sure those who signed up to take out student loans actually pay it back instead of expecting someone else to foot the bill? How do you plan on downsizing the federal government while putting more power into the state governments?

Madam... Madameileen

Stop the Obama bashing.  Can you tell us that you are a died in the Blue American, respectful of the christian faith that built and started this nation?  Will you keep the constitution.  Will you rebuild the pride in being American?

Can you reform Public Education?  Good Education is being reserved for those who can pay for it.  The taxes going into effect will stop many middle class and low income citizens from being educated.  Employers seek people from other countries because they have the degrees that Americans can't afford.  We need to restructure Public Education.  Many are switching to Charter & Online schools because many of their children like mine have Aspergers (is on the Autism spectrum) and can not learn traditionally.  Or their children are kept back from learning at a faster pace because the class keeps together and the child gets bored.

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