Woman Keeps Dead Boyfriend's Corpse for 2 Years Because She's Lonely (VIDEO)

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Hey, remember the movie Psycho? The one with Anthony Perkins, not Vince Vaughn! Remember how Anthony's character, creepy hotel owner Norman Bates (spoiler here!), kept his mother's corpse in a chair in an upstairs bedroom, dressed her, and talked to her in HER voice? 'Memba that?! Well, a 72-year-old woman in Michigan, Linda Chase, must have seen that movie a bunch of times, because she decided to keep her boyfriend's dead body in a chair in her house. For, um, two years.

Police think Charles Zigler, 67, passed away from natural causes back in 2010. But Linda just went ahead and kept him in his favorite living room chair, chatted with him (in his voice too?!), and watched NASCAR with him. She reportedly did this because she was "lonely" and Zigler was the "only guy who was ever nice" to her. Oh, ladies, you know it's tough out there when a corpse is the best boyfriend you can find.

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Linda claims that her boyfriend's body didn't smell (hmm ... ) and she just didn't want to be alone. Gals, sometimes a relationship is just over, you know? Linda hasn't been charged with anything, but she is being investigated for financial fraud because, along with all of that "I see dead people" chatting and TV watching, Linda was apparently also cashing her boyfriend's benefit checks. Noooorrrmaaannnn!

Well, I feel for Linda. It is difficult to find a good man, and once you find one, it can hard to let him go -- even if it's to a funeral home. But at least Charles was loved. Maybe a little too much -- but loved.

Would you keep your man's corpse around?

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right... rightside

LOL@ your spoiler alert.  But, I don't find the actual story as humorous - it's really quite sad.

navyw... navywife0204

she may possibly be suffering from some form of dimentia...otherwise, EW!! NO!!  Ashes in an urn, I could understand, but a coprse in a chair?? ACK!

Allic... AlliceNWnderLnd

The woman clearly has mental issues.. Im sure he didnt smell bad to her.

BeckyP. BeckyP.

Suprise, surprise she continued to receive and cash his checks. Lonely my ass.

nonmember avatar kevobx

Mental issues, what ever happened, to the saying that's the devil in them. John the Baptist, is the devil, who baptized the world. Remember his head was cut off (Isaiah 9:13). Read out loud *Matthew 14:2 And said unto his servants, This is John the Baptist; he is risen from the dead; and therefore mighty works do shew forth themselves in him. (Hebrews 6:1-2 see the dead works of the devil). Culture is evil, it makes one forget God. Find your heritage, who cultivated the land of the free?

Donna Lynn Golladay

I find this article tasteless, and not at all funny or cute. This woman is elderly, and obviously is troubled. To compare this to "Psycho" is ridiculous, and the statement "Oh, ladies, you know it's tough out there when a corpse is the best boyfriend you can find". is not only repugnant, but juvenile. I hope the author, and those snickering over this woman's dementia, never find themselves in a bad situation someday. Shame!

Alycia Eggers

I agree this is really sad, and that this woman clearly has some mental disturbance, but it sounds entirely psychological, not physiological. Please look up the signs, symptoms, and pathology of dementia before just generalizing every elderly person who acts abnormal as demented. 

tuffy... tuffymama

I will never stop shuddering. Desecration of a corpse is serious shizz. Ugh. I cannot even imagine!

vanci... vancitymom

That's really sad :-(

vanci... vancitymom

And true we think the dating scene in our 20s can have slim pickings..in your 70s it's probably much worse!

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