Woman Blogs Her Abortion So the World Can See the Truth

pro choiceIt's finally happened. A woman has blogged her abortion. Some will call it crazy. Some will call it pathetic. Some will call it ... wait, I don't care what they'll call it. Because I'm going to call it brave. I'm going to call it important.

The anonymous woman behind This Is My Abortion has just four simple photographs atop the sole post on her site. They're the only photos she needs. Because not one looks like the photos of fully formed babies with fingers, legs, eyelashes that you'll see held high by anti-choicers outside of any abortion clinic.

These photos are shocking and even a little gross, but they have on their side what the anti-choice crowd does not.


The glass beakers with frothy red liquid at the base show what really comes out of a woman when she's 6 weeks pregnant and decides she does not wish to remain that way.

This woman, who tells us in an op-ed about the abortion blog for The Guardian that she is a photographer by trade, did nothing more than share what was. It's not what the anti-choice crowd wants to see. But it is what is.

I drive by a billboard often that features a drawing that looks like my daughter did when she came out of me. It's not a beaker of blood. It's a fully formed fetus.

It tells me I should be "glad" that my mother chose "life." Ironic. She also chose to "get pregnant." Abortion was never on the table for her to begin with. But the billboards don't make that distinction, do they? It's standard practice for the anti-choicers to peddle in half-truths.

A woman can choose "life," they say. A woman who gets an abortion "kills" a baby. And yet, look inside the glass beakers on This Is My Abortion. There's no baby there. You do not see anything like that fully formed fetus on that billboard. In fact, what is in those beakers is less than what comes out of the uterus on the standard day for a lady who tends to have heavy periods.

This Is My Abortion is important because it's the truth. It's not a big, flashy billboard. It doesn't have a pithy saying. It doesn't stand outside a clinic screaming and making women feel guilty for their choice.

It doesn't have to.

Because it's truth. The photos do as the cliche says -- speak a thousand words. Among them: Simple. Powerful. Brave.

Just take a look ...

What do you make of "Jane's" powerful blog?


Image via AlexandraLee/Flickr



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Kritika Kritika

I still think it's demeaning to human life. Yes, there is very little to see at the beginning of a pregnancy. But it's the beginning of something very big - a human life. I respect her decision but I find it sick how light hearted she is about it. I pray to God she didn't purposely get pregnant to do this.

CPN322 CPN322

I think she is very brave. I pray that she does not get too many hateful comments submitted to her blog. 

Nichole Hare

I agree that pro-lifers will use images that show an older fetus to make more of an impact, even though it may not be completely accurate. I am a pro-lifer myself, but I do understand that the vast majority of women get abortions very early into the pregnancy. I also understand that in SOME cases, it might be best for that woman to not be a mother at that given time in her life. And hey, I don't want a woman to end up abusing a child because she's not fit to be a parent but feels forced... (which is why I'm a supporter of adoption/safe haven laws, etc. but I'm going off on a tangent!) However, my only fear is that people will dismiss the magnitude of such a decision based upon "Oh, it's just blood that comes out? Sign me up!" This blogger showed it as it is, which is important, but I worry about some women's reactions to it.  Even though it may only appear to be blood, cells, etc. that it is STILL a potential human life. Sure it's not a fully developed fetus, but that doesn't make what's happening any less serious. Sadly there are some women who have multiple abortions and act like it's nothing. It just makes me wonder why they're not being more responsible with their sex life, and why getting so many doesn't seem to affect their future decisions? I know not every woman is like that though.

Homeb... HomebirthFTW

This is a very powerful blog. I respect her choice to do what's best for her life and wish her well.

MeowLove MeowLove

i think thats wonderful. we have a choice to do whats right for every womans own personal situation. and we have the right to do it safe with proffesional medical care. welcome to the modern world women, where we have a choice.

Jespren Jespren

Put an adult human through a wood chipper and what comes out the other end doesn't look 'human' either. What these 'true' pictures lack is the medical professional straining that blood and reassembling the tiny body to make sure nothing was left. Tiny little hands, feet, head, torso, are all currently hidden from view by the violent act of tearing it apart, only later could one fish a tiny hand from the strainer, but mom doesn't stick around and have to see that.

Shirley de la Fuente

Just because it doesnt LOOK like a baby doesnt mean it IS. This isnt brave, this makes me SICK I can't even.....the truth in what?? shes not proving anything. Anyone with brains knows a 6 week embryo isnt a nine month gestation baby so I mean what is she trying to prove???

nonmember avatar Guest

I absolutely do not regret my abortion. It was 1983 and I had just graduated from college. I had no job, I was struggling to make ends meet by doing temp work. I was too broke to take care of my self and my cat, let alone a baby. The father was someone I absolutely did not want to raise a child with. Adoption was out of the question. At 6 weeks I had my abortion. I did not have to face any RTL protesters, when I entered the building. I had to wait an hour in the waiting room. My resolve to have an abortion only strengthened as I waited.

The abortion took about 30 minutes, which included time to let the the injected Novocain work. The doctor was a soft spoken, gentle black man in his 40′s. The only feelings I felt after the abortion was relief and gratitude. When I found out I was pregnant, I tried self-aborting with herbs, it didn’t work.

If I had not had my abortion, I would not have the wonderful 14 yr old daughter that I have today. I am a spiritual person, I firmly believe in the never ending continuance of the soul after the body dies. When I found out I was pregnant. I had a heart to heart talk to the soul that had decided to be my child. I explained that this was the wrong time and circumstances. I wasn’t ready to be a mom and I wanted her to have a father that I loved and wanted to be with. She just had to be patient and wait. And patient she was…. she waited 14 years for me to be ready.

Shirley de la Fuente

shes annoymonous...but shes brave?? theres a reason she would get hate mail man this makes me so mad

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