Cops Use Jennifer Aniston to Wrangle Deadbeat Dad

jennifer anistonIt was the chance of a lifetime. Or so Joshua Garlathy thought.

After getting a call that he was up for a role in a Jennifer Aniston movie, the aspiring actor flew from Hawaii to Pennsylvania to audition. Problem was, it was cops, not a casting director waiting when he got there.

Police had set up a special sting operation to catch Garlathy, who has allegedly been dodging child support payments since fleeing the state 19 years ago. Lucky for cops the deadbeat dad forgot all about that $43,000 he owed when he thought he had a chance to share the big screen with Aniston.

Garlathy, an out of work musician who played a small part in a movie called Banished in Brooklyn, has the distinction of being the first person in the state to be charged criminally for failing to pay child support.

Since his arrest in May, Garlathy has already started making a dent in his debt, paying $10,000 to his ex and mother of his daughter, Beth Ann Holderman. "He always wanted to be famous," she said. "Now he's famous."

He sure is, but not like he dreamed. He must be kicking himself for getting caught after all these years and by such a silly, unbelievable scam. Though, I am impressed by the creative ways police are nabbing criminals these days. Not along ago, a notorious pedophile was arrested after being lured back to the states with an invite to a kiddie party.

I bet Garlathy will be leery of just about every single offer that comes his way in the future. If it sounds too good to be true, it obviously is. Now he knows better than anyone there are few, if any, exceptions to that rule.

Do you think it was fair to lure this guy back with a fake acting role?


Image via PacificCoastNews



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paren... parentalrights1

I don't know if it's fair. All I know is he didn't care about fairness when he didn't provide his share of care for the child he helped make.

Todd Vrancic

Absolutely fair.  Nobody forced him to come back.

kisse... kisses5050

 saw one where they lured about 15 dead beat dads into a win a truck radio contest they had to keep their hands on the truck the longest and the last one would win the truck.. they all showed up and put their hand on the truck and boom up showed the cops with cuffs...

nonmember avatar tahoegeminii

I always wondered who makes up Anustain's fan base-dead beat wanna be hollywood fame droolers would make since

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