Woman Hugs a Cop at a Party & It Kills Her

This story really is bizarre and horrific. Reportedly a woman celebrating her 25th birthday at a party hugged the wrong guy -- I mean maybe he was a nice guy and all, but definitely the wrong dude to embrace. Adaisha Miller came up to a fellow partygoer and hugged him from behind, triggering the gun he had in his holster. The whole scenario is made even more tragic because the gun wearer was an off-duty police officer. The woman died.


Word has it that the police officer, who has been placed on desk duty while the incident is investigated, was wearing a waist holster made of lightweight material that would make it possible to squeeze the trigger right through the holster.

Now, I'm no gun expert, but what the hell? Aren't there locks on guns? And do officers carry their guns everywhere -- even to the birthday parties of friends? Seems like there should have been some precautions here. Additionally, the woman reportedly hugged him from behind -- so how she managed to pull the trigger on a gun is beyond me.

Wouldn't a gun that could go off at a moment's (or hugger's) notice be dangerous for the man to wear? And what if a child had come up and tugged at his shirt or something? I'm just baffled. Maybe some police officers or family members of police officers can tell me what happened here, because I'm not getting it.

Perhaps it is just common sense never to touch a police officer -- ever. But he was at a party. Presumably he didn't have his uniform on. This just seems like a tragedy that could have been avoided with more common sense and precaution.

Could this tragedy have been prevented?


Image via Michael Melchiorre/Flickr

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