Casey Anthony's Lawyer Reveals Disturbing New Evidence (VIDEO)

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presumed guilty jose baez book coverCasey Anthony is back in the news, thanks to the release of her lawyer, Jose Baez's book, Presumed Guilty, Casey Anthony: The Inside Story. And although it's been a year since Casey was acquitted of murdering her 2-year-old Caylee, questions still remain. Clearly, Baez is hoping to capitalize on the public's remaining curiosity and pique our interest with the idea that his book reveals new clues about who killed Caylee.

There are some incredibly sick details coming out of Baez's promotional sitdowns with various news outlets. According to Baez, Anthony suspected that Casey's father, George Anthony (accused in the trial of sexually abusing Casey), was also the father of Caylee ... And apparently, Anthony also wondered if her father George killed the toddler in order to hide evidence of the abuse, Jose Baez said. Ugh -- do you believe this?!

George Anthony denied the accusations of abuse in court, but Baez is now saying that it was a different story behind closed doors. Baez asserts:

When we sat him down and we talked to him he didn't deny it. He just sat there and wanted to know what more [Casey] had to say. [HE] sat for perhaps 40 seconds with his head bowed. He didn't say a word. We certainly noted that he didn't deny it.

If Baez is just spinning these tales to sell his book, he's more of a  famewhore than we thought. But I'm not sure that's all there is to it. If only because he also sat down with CBS News and discussed compelling evidence that didn't make its way into the trial ...

Baez claims that there were web searches done that hinted at someone on the Anthonys' family computer researching suicide methods on the same day as Caylee's death. Other records show that Casey was out of the house and on the phone at the very same time as these web searches. So it seems like Baez hoping the public will conclude that George was the one trying to figure out how to off himself ... and question what would have driven him to that?

As much of a bombshell as this is, there's one big glaring problem here: DNA testing revealed George was not Caylee's father. So that's one motive that seems dashed ... And yet, given all this upsetting dirt Baez is revealing, we could think of many twisted, terrifying scenarios in which George could have still been responsible for the death of Caylee.

In the end, though, I'm not sure what good Baez's bold assertions will do. Could they possibly trigger a new trial? Make people question Casey Anthony's "presumed guilt"? I doubt it. And it's a shame ... because all this jibber-jabbering aside, justice has yet to be served for the death of a little girl. 

Here's Baez speaking with CBS News about the web search evidence ...


What do you make of Baez's new evidence? Does it make you question what you believed about Casey Anthony?

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PinkB... PinkButterfly66

I think Baez is an accomplished media manipulator and attorney.  He did his job defending Casey extremely well.  I also think he realizes that Casey was not truthful and is probably a pathological liar and a deeply troubled young woman.  She was willing to throw her father to the lions in order to save herself.  

Alway... AlwaysExpecting

I am probably one of the few peope who never formed an opinion on this trial, and of this woman.  I still have not, and find it extremely unfair that the media tends to throw people to the wolves regardless if they know the whole truth.  

The only conclusive thing we actually KNOW for a fact about this case is that a little girl is dead and someone (no one knows for sure who) did it.  

Apparently people need to hate whoever did this (understandably), but why play armchair detective and spew so much hate for a person we aren't even at all sure actually commited the crime? 

Refur... Refurbished

If George sat there and didn't deny it, perhaps it was because he was stunned by it?  Casey fabricated a lot of bizarre stories, and I believe the stories about her dad are one of them. 

the4m... the4mutts

AlwaysExpecting- whether or not casey killed her daughter, she is still 100% guilty of not reporting her missing, lieing to the authorities about some pretend nanny, and leading search teams on wild goose chases. She told stories, took them back, and invented new ones. A cadaver dog alerted at the trunk of her car more than once.

She may have killed her daughter, or may have been covering for someone who did. It doesn't matter. She KNEW her daughter was gone, and instead of helping authorities, she completely ruined any chance they had of finding out for sure who did it.

lizma... lizmartinez

You'd think of a mother was accused of killing her only child and was truly innocent, she'd need the support of her parents-the last people she has. She's thrown her dad under the bus and accused him of unthinkable things. I don't know if she killed her daughter. I do know she needs mental help and has serious problems. I hope at some point that little girl's killer is found and brought to justice.

jessi... jessicasmom1

I don't know who killed that little girl but someone sure should pay the price .

navyw... navywife0204

Perhaps if we stop giving these sick people attention, they might just go away...


Refur... Refurbished

PRIMA487 - I completely agree.  She is a sociopath but she found a lawyer who is just like her.  They only difference between the two is that he's better at lying and shifting the blame.

Missy... MissyKP610

I wish Casey would just kill herself. And how can a person represent such a monster? Jose is just as bad. 

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