Scott Peterson Appeals Death Sentence: Does He Deserve a Second Chance? (VIDEO)

scott petersonIt's been eight years since Scott Peterson was convicted of murdering his pregnant wife, Laci in cold blood and slammed with the death sentence. But now Peterson's baaaack and wants to get his conviction overturned. His lawyers have now filed an 480-page appeal alleging the philadering fertilizer salesman did not receive a fair trial. They claim "there were no eyewitnesses, no confessions, no admissions, and scant physical evidence connect[ing] him to the crime" -- and a "mob mentality" led to his murder conviction. Wah wah wah!

Yet just about anyone who paid attention to this trial back in 2004 came away with the feeling that Peterson is a megalomaniac sociopath who is very much guilty. So now do we actually have to worry that he has a real shot at a new trial?

Thankfully, experts are saying no. Former FBI profiler and ABC News analyst Brad Garrett said:

If you look at the case as a whole, I just don't see any glaring holes ... that are sufficient enough to cause a new trial.

ABC News' experts go on to say that any death row appeal is always a "huge uphill battle and in this case, there was a fair amount of evidence, and it would take a Herculean effort to win this one." It seems like there's a slim chance he could get a new trial, but the California Supreme Court is so backed up, who knows when that would be ...

And no matter what his lawyers are saying, jurors from the original trial contend that they did the right thing. One juror named Mike Belmessieri told the Modesto Bee:

We were right to put Scott where he is now. I've never felt any different about that, never. Here's the bottom line: He did it. God knows each one of us (jurors) has thought about it thousands of times since the trial. He did it, he's guilty, he's where he should be right now and he belongs in the death chamber. It's that simple.

That said, let's hope Peterson's appeal never gets off the ground. I would think there's never been a time when it was more pertinent to just let sleeping dogs (and oh what a dog Scott Peterson has always seemed to be!) lie.

Here's the ABC News video with more details on the appeal ...

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How do you feel about Scott Peterson's lawyers claiming the trial was unfair? Should he get a second chance?

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bills... billsfan1104

I believe he did it, but I do not believe he had a fair trial. I believe he was convicted on emotion. His lawyers are right. We cannot live in a society, where we can put someone to death based on circumstantial evidence.

bobek bobek

Actually all death sentences are automatically appealed, so he is just doing what he has every right to do.

bobek bobek

The fact that they are still executing people in this country is beyond my comprehension. Death sentence is such an ancient form of punishment that no civilized country allows anymore. I'm in no way saying Scott Peterson is innocent, but this poor guy is:

At least Andre Davis was lucky enough he wasn't sentenced to death. Even though he spent over 30 years in prison he can walk a free man. It just makes me sick to my stomach to think how many weren't as lucky.

nonmember avatar angie

i dont think he deserves a new trial. i think that 8 years on death row is insane. they shoyld get rid of death row all together and take the people that are sentenced to die snd kill them right away. there should be a seoerate room off the court room where they sre taken abd shot in the head and then be donated to science. thst way we save all that tax money we are spending keeping these people comfy while they wait years to finally be killed.

Torra... TorranceMom

Let's not forget that there were TWO victims in this case, Laci and Connor. Regardless of what happens to Scott in this life, he will be judged in the next. Good luck, Scott!

Lebea... Lebeaglemom

I don't think he got a fair trial. I was shocked he was convicted. I do believe he did it they just need more/better evidence. 

Allis... AllisonWD

Ah! I knew when I clicked this billsfan would be the first to say he deserves a new trial.

bills... billsfan1104

Allison, what is that suppose to mean? Did you read my whole comment? I said, I believed he did it, but he wasnt given a fair trial.

queen... queentroll117

I am shocked he was convicted, let alone sent to Death Row. I feel he is guilty but the evidence is just not there

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