Governor Chris Christie Goes 'Jersey Shore' Psycho on the Jersey Shore (VIDEO)

Chris ChristieFreakin' New Jersey. There is no end to the reems of people who make national news by going some form of batshit in that state. Reality shows, suburban neighborhoods, doesn't matter where or who. No one seems to be immune to whateverthehell is in the water that people are drinking there, and Governor Chris Christie must have been siphoning bucket loads when he practically went postal on some guy who approached him about his education policy while vacationing at the shore. And he was even carrying an ice cream cone at the time and not a bottle of beer. See, the details never really matter.


TMZ has the exclusive cringeworthy video of Chris Christie virtually re-enacting a scene from Jersey Shore. Seriously, though, New Jersey is a great state with plenty of lovely people. I was there Wednesday for a party and no one had to call the police or anything. I just don't understand how stuff like this always seems to happen there. Plus Christie is actually one of Mitt Romney's possible vice presidential candidate picks (um, the Veep is supposed to have good mediator skills to help bridge both parties in Congress, right?). Well, if this video is any indication, Christie might not be the best man for that job.

The man who approached him was all, "take care of the teachers" and such. Likely a criticism of Christie's recent legislation for more money into charter schools as opposed to struggling public schools.

Marching toward a constituent while saying, "Keep walkin' away ... really good ... keep walkin'" while looking like he would have actually popped the guy if someone from his group hadn't put his arm around him and escorted him in the other direction isn't exactly a good move at this juncture for the John Candyesque looking governor. But, really, neither is that ice cream cone.

In case you've never seen him, here's a look at Christie in a more sane, less threatening moment:

Does Christie get your vote?


Image via Bob Jagendorf/Flickr

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