Scott Peterson Thinks He Has the Ticket Off Death Row

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Scott PetersonHow's this for a name you haven't heard in awhile and probably never wanted to again? Scott Peterson is appealing the death sentence he received in 2005 after being convicted of murdering wife Laci Peterson. According to his blog (yes, a man on death row has a blog -- ain't America grand?), this is a "big part" of trying to get Peterson's conviction overturned.

Wow, Scott Peterson claims he's innocent and he doesn't want to die. He sounds ... just like every other person sitting on death row in America! Think he'll find much more sympathy over his plight now than he did during his 2004 trial? 

It would probably be a lot easier to feel for Peterson and his fear of eventually being put to death if a jury of his peers hadn't convicted him of murdering his own pregnant wife in cold blood. Laci Peterson didn't get a second chance, and the blog post announcing the appeal says nothing about her ... justice for her, the "real" killer, nada. Not to mention claiming you're innocent is so common on death row that the Supreme Court had to actually issue a decision in 1993 that simple claims aren't enough to justify a federal constitutional review!

Now his whole appeal sounds as much like a plea for attention as it does to actually get out of jail and off the hook for his wife's murder.

Consider this: in the brief filed with the California Supreme Court, Peterson's lawyers are claiming the fertilizer salesman didn't get a fair trial. One of their big complaints centers around the fact that the trial didn't get moved out of San Mateo County despite the news frenzy that they allege biased the jurors.

News flash: it was a NATIONAL media frenzy ... wherever you moved it, people heard the name Scott Peterson. And Scott Peterson has never done much to make himself look good -- in the media, in the courts, by maintaining a blog from prison (to be fair, his family runs it -- he has to type any of his posts on a typewriter and send them out to be posted) ...

I'm going to lay it on the line: Scott Peterson skeeved me out in 2004 with his mistresses and his claims that it was total coincidence that he was fishing in the same place where his dead wife's body was found. And he skeeves me out now. This appeal is coming off as typical self-serving Scott Peterson. It feels like he just wants out, to heck with the fact that his wife is dead.

What do you think of Scott Peterson: guilty, innocent, who cares? Think he'll get off death row?


Image via San Quentin State Prison

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Alexis Eggleton

What a scumbag. I hope he rots...

4cadi... 4cadillac

He probably wont knowing 2days laws. But i hope he fries also & hopefully soon!

Craft... CraftyJenna

Once you are sentanced to death, should'nt your sentance get carried out? How are we 7 years later and he is still in prison, making blog posts? He's a heartless killer and he dererves his sentance.

mommy... mommy2annaliese

No way in hell he will ever get off on that, Everyone and their mother thinks that he is guilty, because he totally and obviously is. I love how smug he looks up there in his mug shot. Clearly not aching over his murdered wife or unborn child. I hope he rots, him and his crazy ass family.

Jscot... Jscott1216

They should do to him what he did to laci. He is a scumbag loser that's just looking for attention and unfortunately with articles like this he's getting it. No offense to the author.

nonmember avatar Kristy

He's such a pompous, wife and child killing windbag!!! I say let him out. We'll save money because we won't have to pay for his sorry a** to sit in jail until they decide to put him to death. The general public would take care of that in a matter of days (probably hours) and no one would ever say a word.... The end!

nonmember avatar American Expat

@ CraftyJenna - our justice system allows death row inmates to file unlimited appeals. I've seen in recent news where convicts got executed after being on death row for as long as 37 years. I think that's ridiculous! Appeals should only be permitted if the defending attorney has new evidence that may alter the outcome.

It's also an outrage that prisoners have so many damned ammenities; free health care, free TV & internet, free education, etc., while many hardworking and taxpaying citizens struggle with their bills.

nonmember avatar RealMan

In some countries, they carry the death penalty within a day of the court's decision. There should be an ultimatum and this guy does not deserve to live another day after chopping the head of this pregnant wife. How dare he appeal?

nonmember avatar jL68

Give me a break!!!! You got more than you gave your wife and unborn son!!! Burn in hell Scott!!!

MySpa... MySpaceMomof3

This makes me completely sick. He NEVER showed any feeling over the deaths of Laci & Connor. There is no way he will ever see the light of day..I hope he burns in eternal hellfire.

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