Couple Allegedly Rape 4-Year-Old & Leave Horrifying Evidence in Walmart

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Every once in awhile you read a story so horrific and sickening that you just want to vomit all over humanity. Or at least vomit all over the so-called humans allegedly involved in this incident. After a Walmart shopper found a cellphone left behind in a cart in Florida, the good samaritan turned it in to police. And thank goodness the person didn't just call the owners and return it to them, because police, recognizing the number as that of a registered sex offender, Alan Johnson, decided to take a look at what was stored in the cellphone's pictures. What they found will give you nightmares.

There were pics of the phone's owner and his girlfriend, Jennifer Sparks, allegedly raping and abusing a 4-year-old girl. Cops said the couple were abusing the girl "in every way imaginable" and that it was the "worst" case of abuse they'd ever seen. But what is even worse is that police are investigating whether the girl's own mother handed her over to this pair of devils on purpose.

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I say if it is definitively proven that the mother handed over her daughter to be raped by this couple, and knew this is what would happen to her, she should be sterilized. Not just prison. Sterilized. She has forfeited her right to have children.

You can't really get much more solid evidence than videotape of the couple committing these acts, so hopefully they will spend the rest of their lives in prison. At least this new trend of people wanting to videotape their own deviant behavior means a better chance of conviction.

The little girl has been found and turned over to child services. I only hope she can't remember any of this when she gets older. And thank goodness these two were stupid enough to leave the phone in a shopping cart. Perhaps on some subconscious level, they wanted to get caught.

Said a cop about the couple: "Two animals are off the streets." I think this is an insult to animals.

Do you think a mother who willingly hands over her child to be raped should be sterilized?

Image via Lee County Sheriff's Office

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Jan Hodge

YES she or he should be sterilized and while the operation of sterilization is being done lets cauterize the genitals of the person may they be male or female.

nonmember avatar sharon mccrory

this year, in a town in michigan , a father raped and committed various acts upon his infant daughter while his wife, the mother, took pictures. i think these things should be known so iam commenting but i am not going to read the comments here, it seem that sexual "offenses" and TORTURE of children is common in this country these days. remember dominic? there was more to that than beating, much more. among other things his gential area was kicked to a pulp. innocent children

Steven McMahon

Actually, all indigents and felons should be sterilized. With too many people on the planet, we must enforce mandatory sterilization for any that can't feed, care for, provide health care and shelter to their offspring. And of course any welfare recipients, criminals etc should be sterilized. It amazes me that people will sit on their obese asses in a free apt provided by the taxpayers, eating food and enjoying heat provided by the taxpayers and still think its ok to further burden the taxpayers with a bunch of future prison inmates.

Blocking these losers from breeding would solve 99 percent of violent crime within 1 generation

nonmember avatar ds

Sterilize her? She should be executed, and so should the abusers. Nobody who does something like this to anybody, let alone a four-year-old, deserves to live.

nonmember avatar Frances

I cant believe a mother would let this happen to her baby. I'm speechless...sick to my stomach!

nonmember avatar cb

Hurts my heart for this little girl and for all abused children. This child is going to need a lot of help thanks to these two monsters. With CPS loaded down with cases I just hope she gets the help she needs.

Sue Childers Lowe

everyone involved should be handed over to the inmates in prison thats what should happen im so mad right now i have a 4 year old grand baby and GOD help anyone touching her

Corey Koellein

No, she should no be sterilized... she should be put to death. Period. You weenies who can't even agree that sickos like these THREE are fit only for a fast and inhumane snuffing deserve to live in this sick society that you have created. The REST of us are crying out for relief! Any other time in humanity's 20,000 year history these reprobates would have been stoned or ripped to shreds... it is OK to kill people this sick.

nonmember avatar YOLO

Now this couple knows the meaning of YOLO. Good for them. and for the kid.......shit happens

Eileen Violet

Sounds "not politically correct" but I would LOVE to see death penalties for these people, and the mother involved.  And Yes mothers do han over their kids, often for money.  I had a friend who worked in a court house, and dealt with a case of a young boy with AIDS, the mother had been selling him for drug money.  There are some f'd up people out there, and I pray for the children who cross their paths.

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